3 Fun Features to Utilize on LinkedIn


linkedin chocolates 300x214 3 Fun Features to Utilize on LinkedInYou already know that LinkedIn is a popular social network aimed at professionals. Compared to other popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn seems like it has the least to offer, as most people only think they can use LinkedIn to see resumes of other connections and find jobs.

But LinkedIn offers so much more than people realize, making it a must-have tool to anyone looking to further their careers. The following are three fun features of LinkedIn.


1. Join Groups.

Many groups have been formed on LinkedIn, and it’s a great idea to join groups that interest you or are related to your field so that you can make new connections and learn new valuable information.

There is a Groups tab in the navigation, and clicking on this will allow you to see groups that LinkedIn thinks you’d be interested in as well as those that your connections are involved in. You can then choose which groups you want to join, or you can even create your own group if you’re so inclined to do so.


2. Locate Or Post Events.

LinkedIn has an Events section (found under the More drop down), allowing users to both locate and post events on the site for others to see. LinkedIn will look at the information provided in your profile as well as the groups you’re affiliated with to determine what events you may be interested in, and they will automatically provide these for you. You also have the option of searching for events using keywords.

All the events listed will be public, which means that you can attend one of the events without a personal invitation from the company.

If you want to promote your own event, you can do so on the Events main page. Simply click on the Create an Event button and follow the steps to create your own event to be shared with other LinkedIn users.


3. Create A Custom News Feed.

Yes, LinkedIn has a news feed. You can use this news feed to find information about your career and your industry.

LinkedIn also has LinkedIn Today, and this feature allows you to create your own custom news feed.

You can find LinkedIn Today under the News tab, and once on the LinkedIn Today home page, click on the sprocket located in the top right-hand corner. This will allow you to customize your news feed based on what interests you.

LinkedIn offers more than just connecting with other people you’ve worked with or allowing you to find a job. You can use it to join groups that allow you to learn information about topics that interest you or connect with others in your field.

You can also create your own event or search for events that you’d be interested in attending. You can even use LinkedIn Today to learn more about your industry and gain important information, and you can customize it so that you’re only receiving news that interests you.

When you learn about all the features that LinkedIn has to offer, you’ll be more inclined to use it.

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pixel 3 Fun Features to Utilize on LinkedIn
 3 Fun Features to Utilize on LinkedIn

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  1. Abhishek from seo firm says:

    linkedin is one of the most popular social networking platform for professionals….thanks for sharing these excellent tips. Joining groups is the best way to increase one’s network and posting events and creating custom news feed also helps a lot….

  2. richa from Leadership training Brisbane says:

    I have been using LinkedIn for quite a while now and it is pretty useful. I have used the first two features quite often, though I have never used LinkedIn today. I would surely like ot give it a try. Thanks for this useful share.

  3. Mena Jo says:

    I looove LinkedIn, although I haven’t been using it as much as I should in my IM life. I have a corporate background so LinkedIn has been my bread and butter for many many years.

    The group feature is great, but I especially like the fact with some groups you are actively encouraged to promote your goods and services.
    Mena Jo recently posted..Discover How to Create a Facebook Squeeze Page to Capture More Opt InsMy Profile

  4. Fatima from massage school CA says:

    I’m glad to have learnt about these useful features of LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing the information. Will surely make use of it.

  5. Aayna from timber floor melbourne says:

    Hey Robert,
    These days Linkedin is everywhere. I just love the event section, as it aids in disseminating large chunk of information about different events taking place at various places. The post aptly describes the various features. Thanks for sharing this valuable insight.

  6. I have been using LinkedIn for quite a while now and it is fairly useful. I have used the first two functions quite often, though I have never used LinkedIn these days. I would absolutely like ot provide it with a shot. Thanks for this useful discuss.

  7. Kristine from baby shower gift says:

    It’s good to know that these features are also available for our perusal, I’ve been on Linkedin for a few years now and it must say that it has worked to my full advantage, through this platform I was given the opportunity to connect with numerous clients who happen to be decision makers and my business has flourished since. Thanks Robert, I can’t wait to try out these suggestions. Enlightening read as usual :)

  8. I have had quite a lot of invites to LinkedIn but I didn’t really mind them since I have my hands full taking care of my facebook and twitter accounts. It’s not until recently that I joined LinkedIn.I still didn’t know much about it and I have been telling myself it will probably take some time before I get to maximize the potential of this social network. I just realized the promise of finding better careers or at least improvements on my current career using this platform, after reading this post! Thanks so much for the tips, Robert!

  9. Dipa from content writer jaipur says:

    A few times, in my job as a content writer, web research turns up useless info. AT such a point I always turn to groups on Linked in to help me out. Never has this platform disappointed me! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

    • Robert says:

      Over the last few month Google have been showing up some poor results. Yahoo is another good place to get decent search results

  10. Excellent! Thanks, Cindy! A great upgrade for sure. Grateful to see LinkedIn distributed the most beneficial kind of up-dates. :)

  11. linkedin is one of the most popular public media system for professionals….thanks for discussing these outstanding tips. Becoming a member of categories is the best way to increase someone’s system and publishing activities and developing customized information nourish also helps a lot….

  12. It’s good to know that these functions are also available for our search, I’ve been on Linkedin for a few decades now and it must say that it has proved helpful to my complete benefits, through this system I was given to be able to link with several customers who are actually choice creators and my business has prospered since. Thanks John, I cannot delay to try out these recommendations. Informative study as regular :)

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