3 Major Mistakes I Made in My Weight Loss Blog and How You Can Avoid Them


Your blog is only going to be as effective as how you manage it. Many bloggers start their careers making major mistakes that hold them back from the success that they could be experiencing. By taking note of these flaws in your own work you can fix them—or preferably, avoid them all together.


formal 300x226 3 Major Mistakes I Made in My Weight Loss Blog and How You Can Avoid Them

Mistake #1: Being Too Formal

A lot of beginner bloggers feel that they need to follow a rigid structure and write formally and even academically in order to seem “respectable” or “legitimate”. This is a serious mistake.

Your readers do not want to feel as if you are lecturing them. Especially when writing about something as personal as weight loss, you want your readers to feel comfortable and want to interact with you through the comments. If you do not find a natural, conversational writing style you will alienate potential readers.

Remember that your blog is a direct expression of yourself. Every aspect that you choose for your blog—from the weight loss topics that you choose to cover to the style that you use—create the image of “you” that your readers will get to know. Make sure that you are expressing your unique voice and personality. Make your readers feel like friends and they will consistently keep coming back.


headline 3 Major Mistakes I Made in My Weight Loss Blog and How You Can Avoid Them

Mistake #2: Not Paying Attention to Headlines

The headline that you choose for your blog posts are going to be the first thing that your readers see—so make sure that they catch their attention! You don’t want your headlines reading like they are part of a diet textbook, or be so generic that your readers don’t feel like they need to read your content.

Search engines love interesting headlines, and so do the people looking for the next great weight loss article, so pay just as much attention to the way that you present your headline as you do to the content that you produce.


analytical 300x225 3 Major Mistakes I Made in My Weight Loss Blog and How You Can Avoid Them

Mistake #3: Wasting Your Time being Over-Analytical

I know that you want your weight loss blog to be fantastic, but that doesn’t mean that you should brood over every post and waste precious time that you could be spending creating other content or promoting yourself. You want to do your best and create a blog that is professional and well-crafted, but you can’t let yourself fall into the trap of over-analyzing.

Over-analyzing your blog includes:

  • Blog posts do not need to be extremely long, nor do they need to have a reference every other line. Even if you feel like your post is a bit limited, resist the urge to fill it with fluff and unrelated information. This will only cloud your post and make you seem confused or like you don’t know what you are talking about. Do some research and use the new information to create a follow up post later.


  • You will find that natural backlinks are important to your weight loss blog. This means that you need to offer valuable, informational, and reader-friendly work. Make sure that you run your ideas by another blogger or someone familiar with the diet and weight loss industry before you post about it.


  • Don’t stress yourself over a post that doesn’t get a tremendous response. Everyone writes less than great posts throughout their career. See it as a learning experience and move on.
pixel 3 Major Mistakes I Made in My Weight Loss Blog and How You Can Avoid Them
 3 Major Mistakes I Made in My Weight Loss Blog and How You Can Avoid Them

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  1. Becca says:

    I have learned so much by reading your blog. It always amazes me how much there is to learn. It is also mind boggling how fast things change. For a newbie like me having a resource like you is a God send.
    Becca recently posted..Conveyancing WilliamstownMy Profile

  2. Lana says:

    Hi Michael,

    This is new to me and I thank you for this. I am on my way learning about blog, eventhough now I start in free platform. The three points you gave us are clear and simple. I should give it a try.

    I am also noticed that many blogs have long (sometime extremely long) post. Many believe that’s good for SEO. Glad you said a post not always has to be long. Value is more important than lenght. Cheers.
    Lana recently posted..More Sex Good for Fertility?My Profile

  3. LouisC says:

    When I have writers block I find fiverr is great as there are plenty of writers on there that can produce unique copyscape approved articles. Then I just tweak them to meet my needs including headlines etc…
    LouisC recently posted..Alternative Treatments for Back PainMy Profile

  4. Hi Michael

    We all make mistakes but the thing is how soon we realize them and work towards improving them. Thanks for throwing light on these very common mistakes.
    richa recently posted..Goldburd McCone LLP at the Nasdaq Opening BellMy Profile

  5. Abhishek from corporate social network says:

    Hi Michael,

    I completely agree with you – choosing a appropriate headline is very important and one must ensure to make the headline impactful.

    And yes, at times being too formal can prove to be costly…

  6. Aayna from cash for diamonds says:

    Hey Michael,
    This is a very nice share. In my opinion finding one’s own mistakes and learning from them is a characteristic of a very thoughtful person. Being too formal, that too on a blog is a way of restricting the readers from becoming a loyal reader. Thanks for extending these words of caution for the newbies.
    Aayna recently posted..Avoid Gold for cash scams now!My Profile

  7. Joy from portable buildings says:

    All readers want is to go through an article that is easy to understand and apply. You are absolutely on it when you said that bloggers should be all that highfalutin. This article may be simple but it is genius! Thanks so much for this awesome share!

  8. Kristine from gold value calculator says:

    This is so true! A blogger should make the treatment and the tone of articles very conversational especially because the topic is something personal like weight loss. Picked up so many great tips here! Thanks very much for the enlightenment! :)
    Kristine recently posted..Avoid Gold for cash scams now!My Profile

  9. When I have writers-block I discover fiverr is excellent as there are a lot of authors on there that can generate exclusive copyscape accepted content. Then I just modify them to satisfy my needs such as statements etc…

  10. Lee says:

    Hi I am just setting up my blog and will admit have been a bit stuck on what writing style I was going to use. Your post has been very helpful still not totally sure best way to play it. But reading your post has definately given me food for thought

    Thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Sweat Suits for WomenMy Profile

  11. SharonJJones from water aerobics equipment says:

    Your sharing tips will truly help me a lot when I build my own water aerobics equipment blog.

  12. Emilia from Printing management software says:

    Rightly said–somewhere along the way, we are bound to make the same mistakes so I highly appreciate the heads up. it really pays to evaluate our performance every now and then to check if we are right on track.

  13. Hi

    I stumbled across this blog from (“drop my link”) another site? :) and even though my intension was writing something after a quick scan of the article, i find myself staying here and reading more than this post…. i should probably read an article on how use your time the best way.

    The 3 things in the article is actually useful to me, because it seems you hitted the nail on some of my issues as a new blogger in the health niche (which i actually like from personally experience).

  14. Paduka says:

    Hi Lee, thanks for sharing this tips… somehow I just keep confuse did I do right or wrong when write an article or review.. You give me a real help me here to start doing right with this… thanks again.. :)
    Paduka recently posted..Sole F80 – Best Running Machine Under $1000My Profile

  15. jishnu from Security says:

    Every blogger can learn from this post.I have made those mistakes and I think a majority of us will make these mistakes. So new bloggers please check this out .

    Thank you
    jishnu recently posted..Best Free Internet Security Suite For 2013My Profile

  16. Thank you so much Mike. I have found that its easier to write as me and not try to sound too “knowledgeable” I write about weight loss also. I am a massage and weight loss therapist. Your post will be helpful for start-ups if they’ll locate it on time before making the mistakes you outlined. Great post

  17. Yes, my blog was too formal too. I have learned that it is more effective to have a casual blog. Not to formal not too casual. Its good to have conversation also.

  18. After reading this article I have learned one thing that MISTAKES are just LESSONS. Without doing mistakes we cannot learn & cannot do jobs more attractive & Fabulous. And I’ sure in place of these 3 mistakes you have learned 30 new things.
    Sanjeev SIngh

  19. short sales says:

    What’s important is you’re aware of that mistake and you know how to fix it.
    short sales recently posted..Susan Boyle’s $128 a week toenail habitMy Profile

  20. Lee says:

    Just came back across this post I enjoyed reading it again when I first read it it got me to loosen up my writing and to be myself and not to worry so much.

    So for that thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Sweat Suits for WomenMy Profile

  21. Anne Lim says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this. I have learned so much from your post. Bloggers like me can learn from this post.
    Anne Lim recently posted..The Butterball Turkey FryerMy Profile

  22. Nikki Tan says:

    Thank you for sharing. New bloggers must check this out. I believe that every blogger can learn from this post. I have made mistakes and I think a majority of us will make these mistakes.
    Nikki Tan recently posted..Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer ReviewMy Profile

  23. Ronald says:

    These are some great tips, which I of course have to admit, I have made these mistakes in the past and hope that through my experience I never make them again. in fact there is another website, which has given me a lot of guidance on my own weight loss blog and more.

  24. NO matter what you say… even if you think you made those mistakes you have been awesome nonetheless…. i have learned a great deal from your blog. I am a health blogger myself and I really like your writing style.
    Anthony Kleinsmith recently posted..Laser Teeth WhitenningMy Profile

  25. Richard Thompson from Dr. Alfonso Preciado says:

    Being over-analytical can be one of the worst things for your blog. It can take up valuable time, and prevent you from creating and releasing content regularly. Consistent content creation should be your number one goal for your blog. It goes without saying that this content should also be high quality and helpful to your readers.

  26. Ajay Sharma from weight loss says:

    Hi Michael
    Loved your post. Having a weight loss blog, and it doesn’t seem to running good.
    Will definitely used the advice given by you on title making and trying to be as friendly as possible.
    Ajay Sharma recently posted..Weight Loss : 10 Simple Tips To Lose Weight NaturallyMy Profile

  27. Sara Morgan says:

    Great article! Really informative and helpful.Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. :)
    Use a bullet-point list to incorporate short, straightforward ideas. When you’re using lists in sentences, the reader may lose interest.
    Sara Morgan recently posted..Everything you should know about Gacrcinia CambogiaMy Profile

  28. Apu says:

    great post Michael… as a blogger this tips would be very helpful for me .. thanks for sharing.. :)

  29. Monicai says:

    I am really agree with number 3. Its really wasting time to make other activities.
    Monicai recently posted..17 Brand Baju Korea Wanita dan Pria TerkenalMy Profile

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