3 Reasons Why SEO Is So Unpredictable



mixed media painting by dean russo  dumbo arts center art under the bridge festival 2009  2009092610d54881p1l1cc  sml 242x300 3 Reasons Why SEO Is So UnpredictableAhhhh!! SEO the Holy Grail, we have been told though the ages that if we posses it we can command high rankings from the Google god!

I must admit that this was true for a good few years.  Over these years there have been numerous products and websites surrounding SEO and how you can make thousands of dollars within a few weeks.

I think it is safe to say that those days are well and truly over and Google have turned SEO into an unpredictable, monster and in this article I will attempt to show you why.


1 Google

Oh how I love Google, well used to.  One of the main reasons why SEO has turned so unpredictable is because of all the Google updates that have been released over the last 18 months.

From the 3 or so “Panda updates” to “above the fold” update that targets Ad Sense focused websites and finishing with the “Penguin Update”…

I’m not saying that these updates are bad but they have just made website creation that much more harder because you have less of an idea of how to build a website that Google likes.


2 Matt Cutts

I think every Webmaster and blogger has heard of Matt Cutts (head of the Web spam team at Google)

Everyone knows that Matt Cutts hates spam and unethical SEO practices and he and his team have been trying to clean up the SERPS (search engine results page) for years.

But I must admit that they are getting there very very quickly.

A few months ago Matt Cutts lets slip that Google will be releasing a new update that will be levelling the playing field when it comes to SEO.

This new update (Penguin) is designed to penalised websites that are over optimised.

I say “It’s a New Google Update That Kills SEO.”

Anyway when the “Penguin” algorithm was released it devastated the internet and lot’s of website owners saw big drops in their website rankings.

Other web owners with online business lost $1000’s over night and some had to lay off staff…

Can you begin to see why SEO is becoming so unpredictable?

One day Google likes back links and H1 tag’s etc. the next day they don’t.


3 black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is when Webmasters use unethical methods to get their websites to rank high in Google.

Some of these unethical methods include anything that has the word “mass” for example

·         Mass bookmarking

·         Mass Back linking

·         Mass Direct submissions

·         Mass Profile creations

There was a time when these types of methods actually worked but those days are long gone because they have been abused to a point where Google has now shutdown these methods in an attempt control spam.



Let us get down to the crux of this article and what you need to. If you truly want to succeed online you cannot rely on Google because who knows what they are looking for.

Google used to like SEO but after all of these updates we just don’t know any more.

You need to start diversifying your traffic and using other strategies that don’t rely on Google.

The strategies include building e-mail lists and RSS subscribers so you can have traffic on tap.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter in the comments below


Robert Jones Sig 3 Reasons Why SEO Is So Unpredictable





pixel 3 Reasons Why SEO Is So Unpredictable
 3 Reasons Why SEO Is So Unpredictable

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31 Responses

  1. Perk says:

    SEO is really so unpredictable in these days. Sometimes without putting any effort on any post we get a tremendous number of traffic through search.
    Nice post thanks for sharing it…………………..
    Perk recently posted..Emma Watson Biography and MovieMy Profile

  2. Bhushan tank says:

    Hi Robert,
    Thank you for the gesture,I appreciate your tutorial. It sounds quite interesting what you wrote about feeds, very helpful. I agree with you.That was easily explained, great job. As similarly again these tips are really great. Headlines must be eye catching that attract readers to visit your website or blog. Write good quality and unique content. I also like your highlights.
    Bhushan tank recently posted..Affordable eCommerce Website ServicesMy Profile

  3. Darryl says:

    Robert, while I agree that Google has pretty much destroyed SEO, I think the SERP’s have been getting a little better that last few weeks. But I totally agree with you that we can no longer rely on Google for the majority of our traffic.

    Building a good email list, RSS, and other forms of traffic generation are starting to become the primary focus for bloggers and internet marketers. Personally, I haven’t really relied on Google for any of the traffic to my sites for the last couple of years.

    I get way more traffic from social media, blog commenting, forum posting, and other methods than I ever did directly from Google. Good post Robert. Thanks.
    Darryl recently posted..Your Words Have Power – Choose Them WiselyMy Profile

  4. Mena Jo says:

    Good article! Gosh I remember when I started in IM (it really wasn’t that long ago), I threw everything I had into SEO, and then some. After about 4 weeks of some serious backlinking, I started seeing some great results. However, after a little Panda and Penguin action, those results were short lived.

    I guess if anything, the state of play with SEO has pushed me beyond the limits of my comfort zone – which is a good thing. Now I’m experimenting with video marketing, social media and pro-actively building an email list.

    • Robert says:

      video marketing YES
      social media YES
      pro-actively building an email list YES YES YES

      These are the sorts of things that I am doing in a big way

  5. used tires says:

    Yes, alas SEO is now an unpredictable beast that is seemingly less dependable as a steady income source than it was. Like you said, I also am not saying these Google updates are a bad thing per se, but I have seen many sites including some of mine that conform to most or all of the new requirements of Google and have still dropped a lot in rankings.

    I agree with your conclusion that it is unwise to put all eggs in one basket that is Google and look at other options on the side too. Perhaps even a cut back on SEO and see if that actually helps!

    used tires recently posted..How to be proactive about used tire problemsMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Panda Killed some of my websites. they still have page 1 places in yahoo and bing BUT on Google they are no where to be seen

  6. TomW says:

    I think part of the unpredictability is a direct reflection of human nature and ingenuity. The latest updates have been heavily geared towards crushing spam links and attempting to eliminate keyword stuffing and all forms of low quality content. But this is happening just as Pinterest is exploding. Which will probably result in masses of black hatters crawling over the traffic generating giant.

    Basically people can adapt faster than google can change its algorithms. So there will always be wiggle room for black hatters to sneak by.
    TomW recently posted..SEO Infographic – Black Hat Monsters of SEOMy Profile

  7. Ferb says:

    After reading this, it’s truth that we don’t want to rely on Google but build a way that helps our readers.

    Thanks – Ferb
    Ferb recently posted..09 Popular WordPress Plugin for Related PostsMy Profile

  8. kolembo from poetry, short, fresh, new, says:

    Hi Kezanari,

    I found you while skipping through the internet and although what you do is totally different from what I do, I found your writing style interesting enough to keep reading and learned a lot in the process.

    So thank you!

    Your ‘backlinks’ post is closed for messages so I’m going to try something here. It’s tenuous connections, but hey, generosity builds connections!

    Could I get a backlink with the text “…It’s the best way to create a community of people…” from your post below, to this one of mine? http://kolembo.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/pregnant-in-dundee/

    Read more: http://kezanari.com/how-to-create-a-popular-blog.html/#ixzz1ya7wMp8V

    I’m interested to see what happens!
    Anyway, I enjoyed my time on your blog – and it’s well designed.

    P.S. I went to a school called St. Mary’s…!
    kolembo recently posted..We are leaving them behindMy Profile

  9. Becca says:

     SEO competitive analysis today is a bit different than you might have pulled together just a few short years ago. That’s the reason and frankly, we’ve only scratched the surface.
    Becca recently posted..House Demolition Williams LandingMy Profile

  10. Abhishek from seo firm says:

    Robert, I agree that one should not reply on search engines alone for traffic. Diversification is really required for long term success. In terms of SEO i believe nothing is unpredictable. If one follow the best practices – including guest posts, relevant directory submissions, blog commenting (and not spamming) and article submission in high quality directories like ezine along with creation of lenses on squidoo and hubs on hup pages the website surely gets good ranking. Generally I have seen that companies (or the vendor who is doing SEO for them) adopts practices which are not ethical (the practices work short term and once google penalizes there is a mass uproar). SEO is time consuming and lot of hard work – if its done correctly, one can shay at the top of search engines for sure without worrying about the penalties.

  11. Aayna from seo Sydney says:

    I truly agree that Google has completely changed the course of the entire SEO process and made it unpredictable. The team’s initiative to clean up the SERPS has greatly impacted the SEO process.

  12. Indeed , SEo is very unpredictable. The frequent changes made by Google makes it difficult for many to cope up. One should try to avoid keeping all their eggs in one basket and look for alternate ways of traffic. For long term success in SEO, one should go for ethical and right ways.
    richa recently posted..WB DownloadMy Profile

  13. Hi Robert!

    Nice Post. SEO is unpredictable now a days as everybody saying here….can their is any way to play safe with the SEO???

    Thanks for sharing the post…keep the good works going…
    kattey Spares recently posted..what is Google Double Dart Cookies Double Click DART cookies google adsenseMy Profile

  14. kattey Spares from adsense blog says:

    Robert i also recommend you that share a post about the playing safe with the SEO for new beginner blogger like me…

    Thanks in advance

  15. I agree!
    That depends on Search engines algorithm.
    Great article!
    Internet Marketing Training Course recently posted..Best Internet Marketing Seminars in Toronto, CanadaMy Profile

  16. SEO Agency says:

    In a way I think SEO being completely unpredictable is a good thing – it’s kind of encouraging people to produce really good content, even in the form of video/graphic that people actively want to share. The links will naturally come and Google will always favour these types of backlinks.

  17. Michelle says:

    I am a frequent follower of Matt Cutts and I usually take his recommendation and other process that I think is applicable to my business. I hope that Black SEO will stop so that Google won’t freak all the time.

  18. peterraimi says:

    Yes, i agreed with that SEO always unpredictable, because its depends upon the Google algorithms. Thanks to share this post.

  19. Glenn says:


    Agreed. It’s better now to have 3 or 4 different ways of promoting your site, this way when one of them stops working you will still have the others to generate business. The old egg’s in one basket analogy – sorry!

    I think the more successful sites will be the ones that can work on their list building, among other things; as you have already eluded to.

    Thanks for sharing, best of luck,
    Glenn recently posted..Maybe Your Business Should Stop BloggingMy Profile

  20. E07.NET says:

    Of course, only being dependent on Google is not too helpful today as anytime our site would be penalized and we have too look for other ways of earning so it is wise to have multiple sources of traffic for better stability, I would say.

  21. Trevor from Rainbow SEO says:

    I think Google’s intentions is to make more cash from adwords and give relevant results. THe problem is the results are never really completely relevant and changes to the algorithm often makes it worse and hurts a lot of legit web masters.
    Trevor recently posted..Percentage of Traffic based On Your Google RankingsMy Profile

  22. zacky says:

    Creating link wheels with unique articles is a good way for off site optimization. That’s what I do most of the time. And it is really effective.

  23. Big G’s updates also took down some shoddy keyword domains–that was the purpose behind the EMD or Exact Match Domain update. Both Google and Bing are just trying to deliver the best possible experience for their millions of users.
    Owen E. Richason IV recently posted..Press Releases Don’t Increase Rank but VisibilityMy Profile

  24. Dalex says:

    Although we would all like to think that we can stay ahead of the SEO game, I think that for us laypeople, it may be virtually impossible. The SEO machine just keeps spinning, and rolling over us, leaving all of our efforts in the dust. The best thing that we can do maybe, is to stop focusing on trying to trick the machines and the people that run them, and write honest, good content. In the end, the quality of what is written will prevail. There has to be a point at which the companies will self implode, and then all that will be left for them is nonsensical keywords.

  25. You are right on what you have explained. I found it very interesting while reading your article. I feel some of the mass submission techniques i have used to gain good ranking. Now onwards i would not use or make any such kind of mistakes ever.
    Alex Thompson recently posted..Basic SEO Tips for Small BusinessMy Profile

  26. KeithRobinson from medical search engine optimization says:

    I am not so familiar with SEO but I use google.com for my researches extensively. I don’t understand completely why it happened to be a factor for SEO to become unpredictable. Maybe there are still a lot that I should learn.

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