3 Reasons Why You’re Failing At SEO


Avoid SEO fails 3 Reasons Why You’re Failing At SEO

Many Webmasters and blog owners see SEO as a big deal on their website. While SEO can be pretty important you have to remember that it’s not all about SEO.

1. I Want To Be Number One On Google “Period”

Well everyone wants to be number one on the first page of Google for their chosen keywords but this isn’t always the case. We all know that being in the first position on the first page of Google is very important because up to 60% of the organic clicks come from the first position on a Google search.

But if this is your only goal then you are going to fail overall because what about your readers and visitors.

Over the last six months search engines have changed the way that they rank and view websites. You will find out that in 2012 Google is going to be using personalised searches.

What this means is that people will get different results depending on where they are, their searching history, cookies and other factors.

Late last year Google announced that they will no longer be showing what keywords people used to find your website if they are signed in to their Google account. This is one of the reasons why you cannot just focus on Ranking because search engines like Google are moving the goalposts on a monthly basis.


2. You Haven’t Posted In How Long?

If you have a blog or website and you haven’t posted any content in the last six months your blog has sunk like a brick in water.

If you want the SEO to succeed on your blog or website you have to create and post a steady stream of content.  But it cannot be any content it has to be the type that engages and educates your target audience.

A stagnant blog will not help SEO at all because gone are the days where you could create a one-page website and it stays at number one for years.  Search engines want fresh content.


3. Any Old Link Will Do!

Backlinks are one of the most important things every blog or website needs to be able to rank well in the search engines. But there is a right way and a wrong way to link build and if you are buying thousands of backlinks or spamming you need to it stop now.

Don’t compromise on the integrity of the website by getting back links from worthless and irrelevant websites because in the long-running it will not help your website out one bit.

Remember this one thing and that is “not all back links are equal” one do follow back link from a PR6 website is worth more than 1000 PR0 backlinks.

To get PR6 do follow backlinks is simple, all you have to do is submit a few posts to highly trusted websites. Having a few anchor text links on these highly trusted sites will do wonders for your blog.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this article please leave a comment.  Thank You

Robert Jones Sig 3 Reasons Why You’re Failing At SEO

pixel 3 Reasons Why You’re Failing At SEO
 3 Reasons Why You’re Failing At SEO

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29 Responses

  1. Tracyann0312 says:

    Hi Robert. you’re right we don’t need to focus to be first one Google. Content is always the king so, we need to focus into it.Without updating your contents, for sure you will fail in SEO. So prioritize important matter to avoid failure!
    Tracyann0312 recently posted..נטורופתיהMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      hello Tracey thank you for continually dropping by my website and leaving comments I really appreciate it. What I’m noticing about content that the more you post on your site the more people seem to hang around and check out your other offerings. So no content = SEO failure

  2. MarkWeb says:

    It is true that backlinks are very important but get backlinks is not easy. Guest posting is a good idea but it is time consuming and guest article must be really good to be published ond some of A+ blogs.
    MarkWeb recently posted..What is AdSense CTR, RPM and CPCMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Thank you for your comment Mark, you’ll be quite surprised with guest blogging you just have to submit your guest blog to a heavy traffic site’s and you will see great results. Sometimes it’s better to post a guest article than to post the article on your own website. I have a nice list of high PR websites that accept guest writers Mostly SEO/Blogging niche. You’re welcome to it if you want it.

  3. Daniel says:

    Your are right! “I Want To Be Number One On Google” syndrome is widely-spread, but it’s not effective! Lots of clients wants to be on the first line right on the next day after orderng SEO services! And it\s hard to explain them that it’s not the main point!!

    • Robert says:

      when I offer SEO services I always point out from the beginning that is not guaranteed that your website will be number one overnight. SEO Has to be continuously tweaked over a period of time.

  4. new york seo says:

    I think the strong backlink can boost the prominancy of the website and the fresh contents can bring the website at a reasonal place in the google ranks
    new york seo recently posted..SEO Next Launches Website Review Services To Keep Off The ScamMy Profile

  5. Pradosh says:

    I value social media second to seo. I dont think Google will make spike burst of traffic for me anytime, so Social Media is only sure for me. Still I work on SEO a lot, it might make a little difference.
    Pradosh recently posted..Social Media Is More Important Than SEO During Start-UpMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Pradosh You will find out that this year social interaction is going to be Integrated with SEO. if you look Google analytics you will see “social” in the audience drop down menu on the far left.

  6. Amanda from BuySellWordPress says:

    You are absolutely right! We should pay attention on PR of the website of the blog, in which we place our backlinks, because there is difference between the two
    Amanda recently posted..Fashion WordPress ThemesMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      good afternoon Amanda, I agree with you. it is very important to place you url’s on high ranking websites when possible

      • John says:

        How about high PR backlinks but from a irrelevant source ? would it still help , or just less than if it were relevant ?

        as a example take this commentluv comment. i chose to link it to a post with a music video (and a good one ! ), but it would probably be better if i’d link it to a SEO related video ?
        John recently posted..Golden Earring ~ Radar Love ~ 1974 ~ HDMy Profile

        • Robert says:

          Hello John, back links from any website and any niche is great but if it’s from a relevant site it would be much better. If you get a link from a relevant site in the body of an article that is one of the highest quality and you can get.

  7. Zeshan from Urdu Sad Shayari says:

    Hey again, its a very nice article, we just say that we should be first in google, and after that we stop posting on blog, and that’s the major cause our blog getting down.

    dude i want to learn great SEO :) as everyone wants, but unfortunately its not. please tell me the right place where i should start learning SEO, on Kenazari or any other site. Please..! give me some tips, i’ll be thanks full to you…..
    Thank you
    Zeshan recently posted..Kaho To Laut Jate Hain poetry | Kaho To Laut Jate Hain in urduMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      hi there Zeshan SEO is not something you can learn overnight is going to take little bit of time. To make things worse SEO is evolving and changing with time, you can go here http://kezanari.com/basic-seo-for-beginners.html/ to get started. If you want more help just send me e-mail or message and I will help you. I see that you have a blogspot blog if you are starting a serious website about poetry it will be better you to get a TLD (top level domain) and hosting if possible. Or you could just buy a domain name through blogspot and they will Forward Your udasshayari.blogspot.com to your new URL address without using any of your links etc

      • Zeshan says:

        hmmm, nice. the main thing, i have no paypal account because its not available in Pakistan. and second thing as i’m a student and not earning anything from anywhere that’s why i can’t afford Domain or web hosting. My aim to make these free blogs to earn money from adsense. But the main thing is to get traffic. I’m leaning SEO my self for 1-2 years. But its me, that’s why i couldn’t learn. Otherwise, plz plz send me your email id, so i will contact you for SEO tips.
        and Thanks for your very nice reply. :)
        Zeshan recently posted..ladkiyan bewafa nahi hoti | larkiyan bewafa nahi hoti | Urdu Sad ShayariMy Profile

        • Robert says:

          Have you got an AdSense I can’t already? Because I’m not too sure but I think AdSense CPC in Pakistani is not that high. What you should do is join FIverr.com and offer some sort of service there. That way you can start to earn a little bit of money to pay for your hosting and domain name. My e-mail addresses Robert@kezanari.com

          • Zeshan says:

            Brother, thank you very much….!
            I’ll provide services, and earn money….:)
            ok now brother, i have read all initiates of SEO you explained above. Plz give me more links where i can learn it.
            Brother someone told me that if you do more and more practice of SEO, you will learn more perfectly. is it true?
            and if yes, thats why i’m making free blogs, and trying to do seo on it.
            one more thing how i can put my photo in this blog. like when you comment, your photo is with your comment
            Zeshan recently posted..Yehi Bas Aik soorat Hy "kHUDA"ko Moo Dikhane kiMy Profile

          • Robert says:

            Hi there Zeshan sorry for the delayed response my friend, I wasn’t that active here yesterday.
            SEO is a long-term strategy but your website strategy cannot be based upon SEO alone because there are so many other Ingredients you have to consider.
            When it comes to SEO there is only a certain amount of things you can do like correctly words, title tags, back links etc.

            If you want your picture to show up every time you leave a comment You need to create An avatar. Go here to create ithttp://en.gravatar.com/ or you can read my blog post here for information http://kezanari.com/hey-wheres-your-gravatar.html/

  8. Karan Lugani from Twitter Hashtags Explained says:

    Robert, I have noticed something regarding the new Google algorithm. The thing running on my mind is giving blog a mass exposure as google has personalised searches now , if that person would have opened the blog earlier there are more chances of our blog coming on the top for him . So more exposure = more visitors. Do you agree?
    Karan Lugani recently posted..Interpreting the Changes in New Google Privacy PolicyMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Personalise search is away for Google to stop spam And black hat marketers from dominating the Search results Karan.

      But there are a few things you have to realise and that is not everybody has Google account and the people that do are not always signed in.

      Also whenever you clean your browser then all the information disappears except obviously if you’re signed in at the time because the information is stored that Google and not in a cookie.

      I think they use Flash cookies these types of cookies are not deleted by just a normal browser Clean. I use “better Privacy” which is a Firefox plug-in and this wipes flash cookies from your browser.

      It’s like Google you try to control everything and give you what they think you want.

      But as a blog myself I just concentrate on building Real relationships with people like yourself and in that way it doesn’t matter what Google does because my business doesn’t rely on them.

  9. Zeshan from Urdu Sad Shayari says:

    Robert brother….! i think the limit of replying is up…:)
    otherwise, Thanks alot for your much co-operation. I understood that SEO is not every thing, like if we don’t post, and just making backlinks or do other SEO strategies then i don’t think so that we will go to success. i heard that Content or post is KING.

    and Dear, why don’t you use AdSense?? I’ll be best for you, i think so.
    Zeshan recently posted..MOHABBAT CHORR DI HUM NE | Urdu Sad PoetryMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      no I don’t use AdSense because if you’re not earning at least $100 per month from AdSense then there’s no point in having it on your website because it takes up valuable that can be used to add value to your visitors.

      I’ve got a guest post coming out on ” famous blogger” in a few days time which talks all about AdSense on your website.

      • Zeshan from Urdu Sad Shayari says:

        hmmm, but i think you can earn more than 100$ per month… otherwise you better know than me.. and i will be waiting for the post about adsense…
        Zeshan recently posted..MOHABBAT CHORR DI HUM NE | Urdu Sad PoetryMy Profile

        • Robert says:

          hi there Zeshan, make money with AdSense on my other sites but because this is SEO and blogging site most of my visitors will not on AdSense ads but they will sign up to my e-mail list or by other products like hosting for example.

          You can’t put AdSense on every website you are in because it always depends on what niche you are in. Another example of this is that on one of my Amazon sites I do not put AdSense on it because I want people to go to Amazon through my affiliate link.

          So as you can see depending on what you want to achieve with the website will determine what moneymaking method you want to use.

          I hope that has helped you out Zeshan.

  10. Teodor Z says:

    hello, i would like to thank you for the great article. Lately I watch blogs SEO packages are becoming more famous. People focus on the content and company name more than on SEO. It is quite troubling. Is SEO will continue to exist long? What do you think?
    Teodor Z recently posted..Важна ли е SEO оптимизацията и как да подходим?My Profile

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