340 Comment Luv Blogs With PR For You To Comment To


Comment Luv Plugin 340 Comment Luv Blogs With PR For You To Comment To

I have just scraped some lovely comment luv blogs for all you comluv users to comment to.  They all have some good PR, I checked a few of them and they seem to be comluv blogs but there may be a few that may not have comluv available.

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http://www.orphicpixel.com/tips-for-designing-an-seo-friendly-website |5

http://www.debraprinzing.com/2011/06/12/concrete-orb-how-to |5

http://inkwelleditorial.com/writing-and-selling-ebooks-online-diary-of-my-quest-to-publish-50-ebooks-on-amazon-in-one-year-part-xii |5

http://www.underworldmagazines.com/how-a-content-distribution-network-can-increase-your-sites-performance |5

http://www.tricubemedia.com/blog/4-simple-and-useful-php-snippets.php |5

http://www.blogengage.com/blogger/a-helping-hand-in-creating-your-own-online-game-plan| 5

http://www.todddowell.com/mass-income-machines-review |4

http://www.thejargroup.com/seo-copywriting-best-practices-presentation |4

http://www.techsling.com/2010/04/does-commentluv-really-increase-site-traffic |4

http://www.interactone.com/ecommerce-site-design-convert-browsers-to-buyers |4



http://www.theresewalsh.com/wp/?p=130 |4

http://www.clicknewz.com/2222/how-can-i-promote-my-website-for-free |4

http://www.touchpointcoaching.com/blog/2009/03/29/thoughts-on-courage| 4

http://wassupblog.com/andy-bailey-takes-commentluv-up-another-notch |4

http://www.absorbentprinting.com/blog/2011/10/11/october-promotional-product-round-up |4

http://mywebgal.com/blog/about-facebook-buttons-share-like-send |4

http://urbanpeek.com/2011/08/27/911-memorial |4

http://www.ask-kalena.com/seo/q-and-a-what-is-the-estimated-hourly-rate-for-seosem-services |4

http://www.newhomessection.com/blog/wpplugins-newhomebuilders/2010/02/03 |4

http://rickyyates.com/the-legend-of-rubezahl |4

http://deswalsh.com/2011/05/17/pr-2-0-with-cloud-power |4

http://jamesmartell.com/james-martell-bio |4

http://blog.jentekk.com/2011/06/03/clck-pilot-project-launched |4

http://www.homewiththekids.com/blog/2011/09/where-are-the-legitimate-envelope-stuffing-jobs |4

http://www.prothemer.com/blog/industry-news/blogs-about-joomla |4

http://www.homeandsmallbusinessworld.com/2011/04/the-thank-you-economy-by-gary-vaynerchuck-pioneers-the-home-and-small-business-network-book-club |4

http://iamjuliesalgado.com/2011/05/30/its-a-cinch |4

http://www.searchforblogging.com/blog/blog-world-expo-and-important-blogging-statistics.html |4

http://awebsitedesigner.com.au/ready-to-go/starter-guide/free-ebook-the-website-starter-guide-launched |4

http://www.blogbloke.com/social-networking-dangerous |4

http://www.maritagolden.com/blog/default/writing-class |4

http://logolitic.com/20-useful-seo-tools-to-boost-website-performance |4

http://www.alphabetix.net/2009/content-management-systems/feel-the-commentluv |4

http://www.theoutsourcingcompany.com/blog/web-design/how-to-build-a-killer-website-in-a-week |4

http://www.netbuilders.org/promoting/using-footprints-find-niche-specific-edu-gov-blog-pages-21864.html |4

http://www.capturecommerce.com/blog/internet-marketing/flash-vs-html5-the-race-is-on |4

http://www.smallbusinessmavericks.com/internetmarketing/seo-for-small-business/add-google-blog-comments/10/11/2011 |4

http://www.lostaddress.org/2011/05/31/commentluv-v2-9 |4

http://www.site-booster.com/blog/2011/05/google-panda-update-kill-press-release-marketing |4

http://yourdecoratinghotline.com/diy-coffee-table |4

http://biz.leoraw.com/2011/02/add-a-slideshow-on-your-website |4

http://dailyseotip.com/adding-keywords-in-your-title-tag-does-it-really-help/1357 |4

http://8minutesold.com/?p=219 |4

http://www.howtospoter.com/web-20/seo/commentluv-plus-dofollow-equal-unlimited-link-love |4

http://www.sheilasguide.com/2011/03/29/how-to-get-links-for-your-blog-or-website/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-to-get-links-for-your-blog-or-website |4

http://thrivingoceans.org/index.php/2011/02/08/creating-reefs-with-tanks-and-ships |4

http://www.windowstalk.org/2010/10/your-computer-mouse-might-contribute-to-carpal-tunnel-syndrome |4

http://www.blogtap.net/building-links-to-your-blog-through-commenting-on-other-blogs |4

http://www.supercutekawaii.com/2011/07/rabito |4

http://williamduff.name/ipv6-will-set-up-340-undecillion-ip-address |4

http://www.motivatingmum.co.uk/wp/2011/01/a-new-image/debbie-oconnor-motivating-mum-uk |4

http://andromeda.qc.ca/2011/10/12/beach-yoga |4

http://www.diskant.net/blog/2011/01/05/2010-catch-up-websites |4

http://www.speakingofchina.com/submit-your-stories |4

http://socialmediadiyworkshop.com/2009/12/add-a-blog-to-your-business-website |4

http://www.parkrideflyusa.com/blog/2011/09/02/3-reward-programs-to-benefit-from-your-business-travels |4

http://www.randyelrod.com/percolators-pressure-cookers-problem-solving |4

http://www.brandingpersonality.com/google-goes-live-with-1-buttons-for-ads |4

http://www.darylwhicker.com/six-steps-youll-need-to-take-to-have-an-online-marketing-strategy-for-your-business |4

http://www.gentalwarts.net/what-home-remedies-can-you-recommend-for-dealing-with-genital-warts.html |3

http://theworkathomewife.com/flash-friday-sale |3

http://www.easymoneycentral.com/the-top-online-marketing-tools-which-often-be-used-for-marketing-online |3

http://www.niharsworld.com/2008/05/26/get-more-comments-and-visitors-by-using-commentluv-plugin |3

http://timbrydges.com/7739/how-to-do-a-product-review |3

http://www.geeks4share.com/2011/04/google-gravity |3

http://thestrugglingblogger.com/2011/01/is-your-domain-name-taken |3

http://thursday-13.com/2011/10/12/thursday-13-27 |3

http://www.prefercars.com/blog/2011-bmw-x5-m-delivers-amazing-handling-and-performance.html |3

http://rhiinpink.com/blog/2011/09/differences-in-parenting-strategy |3

http://www.smorgasbord.net/turtle-beach-px5-review |3

http://slymarketing.com/how-to-engage-your-blog-community |3

http://stacyzahn.com/blogging-strategies |3

http://www.coffeemuffins.com/understand-your-audience-improving-food-blog/2795 |3

http://www.seoxcellence.com/blog/seo-tutorial |3

http://icttrends.com/apply-comment-luv-for-blogger-blogs.html |3

http://imarketingbiz.net/4-common-mistakes-women-make-when-reducing-calories-to-reduce-flabby-arms |3































































































































































































































































pixel 340 Comment Luv Blogs With PR For You To Comment To
 340 Comment Luv Blogs With PR For You To Comment To

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  1. Great list of do follow blogs with the wonderful commentLuv! Have you used the premium version yet?
    Business Portraits recently posted..Business photographyMy Profile

  2. Abhishek says:

    nice collection over there..i will surely use some of them to comment
    Abhishek recently posted..How To Spy On Your Own PC,Track Each And Everything In Your AbsenceMy Profile

  3. I found this site through twitter, this is really cool. Are all of theses links DoFollow with some PR?

  4. HHenry says:

    I have to hand it to you……SWEET. Nice Comment Luv resource. So how’s the premium working out for you?
    HHenry recently posted..Content Marketing For SalesMy Profile

  5. Flash Games says:

    Thanks for this list. I ‘ve found a handful of blogs on your list to comment to. I hope it will help me to increase my pagerank. :)
    Flash Games recently posted..5 Best Flash Games for MobileMy Profile

  6. Hamish says:

    Great list – thanks for that! Must have taken you a while to compile it.

    I’ll certainly be dipping into it. Enjoying Comment Luv Premium and seeing some results already. Comments are definitely up – and they are all good quality, no “great post” types.

    I am commenting on a few blogs daily – taking time to read the posts of course, and finding some really interesting posts into the bargain. Hopefully there should be some increase in traffic and SERPs in the next couple of weeks.

    I tell you what – commenting and interacting on blogs is a whole lot more fun than pumping out articles and bookmarking! I could get into this.

    Once again – thanks for the hard work compiling that list.
    Hamish recently posted..Kindle Touch vs Nook TouchMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the nice comment. I have also noticed a big change in the quality of comments
      and visitors that I have be getting since purchasing comluv premium. I find that the people
      that have comluv seem to be a better quality of commenter and contributor.

      I find that comluv users actually read your blog posts and leave high quality comments.
      Also after installing the premium plug in 25% of the visitors to my site are returning visitor which is great.

  7. Bharat says:

    Looking for huge lists like this, finally got it ! It would have been better if you hyperlink them all. Anyway thanks for sharing.
    Bharat recently posted..5 Alternatives to Siri for Apple iPhoneMy Profile

    • admin says:

      The reason why I did not hyper link them all is because my out going links would be 300+ and that will hurt the PR for this page over time

      • DavidC says:

        Is it not possible to set a Rel=noffolow or another no-follow command?

        That should enable you to make your hyperlinks, but without adding outgoing links (they will not be counted as outgoing).

        • Robert says:

          Hello David, when I first created the article I Did not want to hyperlink all of the Links but now the article has got a good few comments on it I decided to hyperlink I think around 100 of them. I’ve only could put Rel=noffolow to each of the links but that would take too long to do.

  8. Thanks for the great list and I like your blog I will check out more pages here
    AchanA Belgar recently posted..The Secondlife Interactive Online WorldMy Profile

  9. lovely says:

    This is indeed helpful list for us bloggers. Thank you for sharing this with us Robert=)

  10. very nice

    thanks for giving more commented blogs site

  11. vivek says:

    great..hope it help me in increasing my pagerank.

  12. vivek says:

    Very nice list of comment Luv blogs, they are very much needed.
    vivek recently posted..How to Check PAGE RANK of Web site pages InstantlyMy Profile

  13. I think that your information is great. You Have put So many Websites On your list. It’s very helpful Because it will help me to grow my page.Thanks again. It’s really nice

  14. Dennis says:


    Great list of blogs! I already used a few to comment on and got some linkjuice. I’ll be back here for sure.


  15. fcs fins says:

    Thanks for the list. Looks like you put some effort into it.

    • Robert says:

      Yea did take a little bit of time to find these CommentLuv enabled blogs. I hope you find them useful in getting back links and growing your site.

  16. DJ Trinity says:

    Hi Robert,

    A handy list you’ve made here. I love the ComLuv plugin (have you seen the new version yet?) and the way it opens up linking and conversation across the blogosphere.

    Some I know on your list, some are new so I’m happy to have a dig through and connect with new bloggers. Who knows, maybe I’ll get onto your next list? ;)

    Oh – I clicked your +1. Let’s see how that works out!

    Thanks and all the best,
    DJ Trinity recently posted..Best Wedding Reception Songs 2012My Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi dear DJ thanks reply, yes I have got the new CommentLuv plug-in is very good. It is definitely a plug-in you should invest in if you want to make more blogging contacts. I think what I may do is make all the links on this page hyperlink so you don’t have to cut-and-paste or the links into your browser to see them.

      Thanks for the +1 I appreciate it

  17. TexasCupcake says:

    WOW I am very much Interested!!

    so much links for making a good PR.

    TexasCupcake recently posted..Cupcakes – The Newest Sweet Treat TrendMy Profile

  18. AllnewsPk says:

    Thanks a lot for this useful post and sooo many links of website…. I am reallly thankful to you admin
    AllnewsPk recently posted..Aamir Khan to master speed for Dhoom 3My Profile

    • Robert says:

      Thanks for the reply, I am very happy that you have found this post of use and the links of value. I will be updating these links shortly

  19. Amy from heated robes says:

    Thank you so much, this is a really great list! have been looking for a list like this for a while!!

  20. Omar says:

    Thanks Robert, I really appreciate the list you provided, i just hope people to start spamming it, that will ruin it for everybody.
    Omar recently posted..The Shocking Truth About ClickbankMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      you don’t have to worry about spammers spamming these websites because People who use CommentLuv are of a different calibre altogether. Anyway spam comments have a hard time getting past Webmasters who use CommentLuv because there are quite Smart

  21. Jen from Reston says:

    Holy cow, thats a big list! and some pretty good pagerank too! any info as to what you used to compile your list?

    Thanks a bunch for this resource!

    Jen recently posted..A brief Intro from a Reston NativeMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      The programme that I used to scrape that Comluv list from Google was ” scrape box” most people use it for Comment spamming But it has Over a dozen other uses.

  22. Robert,
    With amzing grace! Just gratifying! thanks,

  23. Tim Shan says:

    Wonderful list. Many thanks mate!
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  24. Sam from Limo Hire Brisbane says:

    Hello Admin,

    I was about to ask something regarding your list. Do you guarantee higher rankings with your list eventhough some of them are not related to a specific niche say, “dog foods”?
    Sam recently posted..Brisbane airport transfers for your travelling needsMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      No I Don’t guarantee anything because different people from diferent niches visit this site so the list is diverse. Anyway a backlink is a backlink because someone from the “dog food” niche my want to link
      to one of your posts because they find it intresting. that would be a low grade backlink but Google will not penalize you for that BUT when all of your links come from unrelated niches then you could have a problem

  25. Mahendra says:

    Wonderful list Robert thanks fro sharing I really very happy to get this list. :)
    Mahendra recently posted..MAXX Focus MTP9 price in India, Dual SIM Projector Mobile PhoneMy Profile

  26. SEO says:

    Very kind of you to post all these, my friend. To be honest, you pretty much just made my day lol. So thank you for taking the time to do this. You’re a good man. :)

  27. WebiMax SEO says:

    Wow, great list! And I can definitely tell the difference between the conversation on this blog and most other blogs I’ve visited. You can actually find some intelligent interaction, instead of the “great post” type comments. Very refreshing. I have not yet tried out CommentLuv but from the reviews here and the experience I’ve had as an outsider so far it seems like a great tool. Thanks

    • Robert says:

      here you should definitely install CommentLuv on your blog just My blog and you will see that all the intelligent comments I get are from people you have to CommentLuv plug-in. Getting quality comments enhances your blogs authority and trustworthiness

  28. Mary Jane from Black Mary Janes says:

    What a great list! Although some of the blogs seem to have installed an expired or obsolete version of the plugin. I wonder how often it is updated.
    Mary Jane recently posted..How to care for your Mary Janes part 2My Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi there Mary Jane thank you for your comment. I am happy that you found the list useful and I’m going to update the list today with some new fresh high PR CommentLuv enabled blogs.

  29. Michael from List Building System says:

    Hi Robert – First, thank you very much for providing this list.

    I recently subscribed to Premium Version of CommentLuv because I noticed I could rank lower competition keywords on the first page with good on page seo and CommentLuv backlinks alone. I believe the combination of fresh content on the comment page and the backlink to the fresh content created by CommentLuv has a lot to do with it.

    I noticed in one of your replies that you said you only posted the first~100 links due to concern over total outbound page links. I have not yet installed the plugin on my blog due to my concerns on the subject. By my count you have 100 inline text links + the number of comments x 2, one for the link in the name field and one for the link created by the recent post function of CommentLuv.

    Am I counting outbound links correctly? And how many are too many?
    Michael recently posted..How Blog Backlinks Drive Traffic to Your SiteMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Google does not really like “link pages” you know 50 words of text and then OBL 2000 links so when I first released this article I only hyperlinked five links. But now there is a lot of conversation on this article it is now safe to hyperlink more of the links making it easier for you to comments on other people’s blogs.

      I think the OBL depends on how active the article is with relevant comments. If you have 100 outbound links in your article and all your comments are ” great blog” or ” this is a great article, bookmarked” Google Will Probably look down on the article because of all the spam comments that are on it.

      But remember this is just my opinion and it may not be so. I know that Google takes so many different things into account when it comes to scoring content. but are answering your original question I think that you will be safe with around 5 to 7 outbound links within your article but make sure that you moderate all of your comments.

  30. Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on http://www.kezanari.com. I will be coming back to http://www.kezanari.com for more soon.

  31. Sophia says:

    Thank you so much for this sharing. You are so kind and the list is useful to me.
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  32. Wow

    great list.
    you are really different from others. some only share blogs but like you share knowledge plus value.


  33. Daniel from Number Plates says:

    Cheers. This was just the information I was looking for, I have trawled through google for this.

  34. Commentluv is also one of the best comment system that can help you with your blogging works especially when it comes in finding do follow blogs.
    Orangesoda reviews recently posted..Reviews are POURING in!! Chiropractic iPhone App (REPLAY)My Profile

    • Robert says:

      I have only been using CommentLuv for the last 3 weeks and I have seen a dramatic change in the quality of backlinks that I have been receiving. Another thing I have noticed is that I am also receiving intelligent comments to my blog posts which is great.

  35. Paul from photo secrets says:

    Thanks for the list, which will be a great resource. Save lots of time of searching google. Using Premium as well and find it to be a great addition for my blog.
    Paul recently posted..Black and White Photo SecretsMy Profile

  36. Ralph from Jem Designs Dance wear says:

    A great resource thanks for publishing

  37. . I know that Google takes so many different things into account when it comes to scoring content. but are answering your original question I think that you will be safe with around 5 to 7 outbound links within your article but make sure that you moderate all of your comments.

  38. Earl Heflin says:

    Excellent list. I as well as my followers need this. I’m gonna syndicate this post.


    Earl Heflin
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    omg!!!!! I was looking for dofollow blogs list since more than 1 month and I just found out few dofollow blogs only…

    You don’t know how much I am happy to found out this list and I have no words to say you thanks. You have done an amazing work.

    And I have bookmarked this blog and I hope I will get more interesting stuff in future.

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  40. This really is a WICKED list Robert many thanks for sharing !

    I found this page by accident really, but now i have managed to add a nice little batch of new links and also i think that “scrapebox” will help even more :)

    Also…I have not used commentluv, but after reading this i shall sign up for that too :)

  41. Oliver from San Diego SEO Company says:

    Great list I’m going to hit them up now. thanks again
    Oliver recently posted..Submission Vs SyndicationMy Profile

  42. I have looked up that scrapebox software and it is too expensive for me to buy, can you recommend a free version that does similar please ?
    thanks in advance
    Dr Ed ( festival stores ) recently posted..Booking the | Festival StoresMy Profile

  43. daisy says:

    u r right . its too much expensive to buy!

    • Robert says:

      It may be a little bit expensive but it is definitely a great investment if you ever Do decide to buy it because it does so many different things.

  44. Nepal News says:

    Very informative blog. Keep it up. Lots of information. I got the information that I was searching for. Thank you very much.

  45. Venus Smith says:

    Actually commentluv is the best way to make traffic if your making backlinks like blog commenting. I just wonder why having commentluv is more effective than none commentluv blogs? Google now is very strict and I really don’t understand their policies even you use white hat still their deep rules on it.
    Venus Smith recently posted..Learn The Different Ways To Make SoapMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      hi there venus, the reason why it is better to comment on a ” CommentLuv enabled blog” is because they are all do follow and WordPress by default is no follow. So because it is do follow it is a better quality back linking. Also when you have CommentLuv enabled you get better quality comments to your article for real people. CommentLuv also has an incentive for people to leave comments on your blog and that is it allows you to leave a link straight back to your article so In essence you get to links from one comment.

  46. Arun rana says:

    Nice list ,this will help me a lot .and thanks for the list .
    Arun rana recently posted..National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health ( NIRRH ) Recruitment 2012 For Scientist :JobsMy Profile

  47. Nyla Crystal says:

    I just added CommentLuv to my blog: Sacramento Belly Dance Brilliance. http://www.nylacrystal.com/blog/
    Nyla Crystal recently posted..Wedding Entertainment: A Belly Dance Show for Conservative GuestsMy Profile

  48. Will says:

    This is nice idea. The reason why it is better to comment on a ” CommentLuv enabled blog” is because they are all do follow and WordPress by default is no follow. So because it is do follow it is a better quality back linking. Also when you have CommentLuv enabled you get better quality comments to your article for real people. Thank you for the info that you share.

  49. Cody says:

    Wow thank you for this list…Its a great help.. I can use this on my future commenting..thanks again.

  50. thank you for sharing this post. it was a great help.
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  51. Meerholz says:

    Hi Robert, i am heartily thankful to you for sharing this precious list of Do Follow links.

  52. David from Essay Writing says:

    Wow admin you are so awesome! Thanks man Thanks alot for helping me as i had already spend my more then 24 hours finding these blogs i am really thankful to you that you have shared them :)

    • Robert says:

      A time David am happy that you have found the links of use. If you look at the top of the article there is also a December update if you want some fresh CommentLuv blogs to comment on.

  53. Irina from Photographe Luxembourg says:

    Great list !!
    Hopefully soon we would be able to see similar lists with KeyWordLuv plugin !
    Or even I should immediately start to make such a selection to share it once afterwards on my -future – blog !!

  54. Mark from Science one says:


    Thanks for the High PR Comment Luv list and the tip about linking to your inner pages. i was not sure if that would work with comment luv or if you always had to leave just your root domain.


    Mark recently posted..Earthquake in OhioMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi there Mark unhappy like the links. Interlinking your blog is quite simple because you are running WordPress there are plug-ins out there like SEO Smart links which does it all automatically.

  55. J Campos from commentluv says:

    Hi Robert
    Thank you for this info.
    And it’s nice to see your page, a PageRank 2 page with the plugin installed.
    It proves that the plugin really works.

    J Campos
    J Campos recently posted..CommentLuv, combustivel para os comentários do seu blogMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi there J Campos they give your comment. I am happy that you have found the links Of use. My blog used to be PR zero but as soon as I installed the CommentLuv plug-in it went to PR two within two months. so plug-in really does work and You also get the added bonus of receiving intelligent comments from other CommentLuv users like yourself :)

  56. clickopp says:

    Thanks for the share, they sure will boost my site. Are you a member of the warrior forum?
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    keep writing and thanks for the effort exerted for the posts!

  62. Thanks for sharing this commentluv blog list with high page rank.I use some blog site for my own blog commenting…Thanks again…

  63. thanks for share this blogs ..!!!! tis a very complete list an useufull!!
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  64. Ashok says:

    You can add my site Tekgazet to the list. It is a PR3 website with CommentLuv Premium and 2 DoFollow links for each comment.
    Ashok recently posted..Speed up thumbnail display on Taskbar in Windows 7My Profile

  65. Kevin from restaurant scarborough maine says:

    Thanks for this list. I’ll make sure and put it to good use!!!

  66. Lowela says:

    It could be very useful for people who’d been doing blog commenting and for people who’s been looking for sites that has high page rank. Randomly making and increasing the internet marketing and as well as earning huge amount of money is really promising.:)
    Lowela recently posted..provillus reviewsMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Thanks for dropping by Lowela, you write these back links will help people to get better rankings within Google and hopefully help them more money. Wow I see that you are promoting “provillus” I used to promote the a few years back until “market health” started shaving my earnings.

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