5 Reasons Why Google Will Kill Your Website This Year


Google Sandbox 5 Reasons Why Google Will Kill Your Website This Year2011 was a pivotal year on the internet with all the new updates released by Google changing SEO forever.

In the beginning of 2012 you can bet your bottom dollar that there is going to be even more Google updates.

The updates that will be coming out this year will “weed out” all the spam and corner cutting methods.

Another thing to look out for this year is that Google is going to start building up a more precise profile about your website.

When I say profile I mean Google will now start to build up mass information about your website as its algorithms become more sophisticated.

So bearing that in mind Google will begin to shut down sites that do not conform to its vision of how the Internet should be.

If your website doesn’t depends solely on organic traffic from Google you don’t have to bend to its rules and regulations.

I hope I haven’t scared you! In the list below I will show you some of the SEO tactics you need to steer clear of this year or risk your site being NUKED.


1. Linking From AA Blogs

Over the last 18 months getting links from AA blogs (Auto Approved) has been big. An auto approved blog is where the comments are “un-moderated” meaning that you can post any old comment press submit and it will automatically be approved.

Have you ever been to a blog and seen 150 comments? These types of blogs that have been targeted by spammers.  Having your links on these types of sites is a sure fire way to get your blog into hot water.

Whenever you use one of these services that offer thousands of backlinks for peanuts, AA blogs are where your URL will most likely to be posted.


2. No Link Wheels

Link wheels used to be highly effective backing 2009/10 but today in 2012 you better steer clear of them. There are many Webmasters in the SEO niche that still debate if these are still effective.

Let me ask you a question? Google knows about auto blogs, content scraping, black hat SEO techniques, spun content and any other technique that tries to manipulate the system.

So logically they know about link wheels and all the variations.

The dangerous thing about link wheels is that they leave a massive footprint that Google can follow.

So they will follow one link and see where it goes then follow that link and see where it goes and hence follow into a circle and see that all the links point to your website.

To add to the mix most link wheels are made with spun content. So what kind of impression will Google have about your site after it has gathered all this information? Not a very good one.

When it comes to Google in 2012 all I can say is stop trying to cut corners and do things properly.


3. No Mass Submissions

Using software or a service to mass submit your content to various networks is not the best way to go about raising the authority of your website in Google.

An example of this would be to submit your article to thousands of different article networks in the hope of getting a one-way back link to your site.

If you are using this practice you need to stop immediately because all this does is help Google to create a more precise profile about your website.

If Google finds your article on multiple article directories that would be classed as “duplicate content” and if you have been using spun content that’s even worse.

There is no hiding from Google because the links all point to your website. That leads me onto my next point.


4. No Spinning

18 months ago spinning your article and then submitting it to multiple article directories and Web 2.0 properties used to work like a dream.

But Google updated their algorithms to be able to sniff out synonym changes within an article.

So to combat this SEO black hatters started to spin the articles to over 70% unique in an aid to fall search engines.

The problem with this is that again if Google sniffs some sort of “search engine manipulation” your site will end up getting penalised or the indexed.


5. No Scraping / Auto Blogs

These tactics do not work at all, don’t get me wrong there was a time when I used these methods but that was in the “pre Panda” era.

Scraping is when you basically take somebody else’s content and post it on your own blog obviously this is duplicate content.

Auto blogs used to be a great way to make some money on Adsense but the Panda update that was released last year was designed to sniff out and destroy all auto blog, scraper and low quality sites.

Some people are still having some success with auto blogs however Google is destroying these types of sites one by one.


If you need me to elaborate on any of the above points do not hesitate to ask it the comment section below.

Robert Jones Sig 5 Reasons Why Google Will Kill Your Website This Year



pixel 5 Reasons Why Google Will Kill Your Website This Year
 5 Reasons Why Google Will Kill Your Website This Year

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44 Responses

  1. Allie says:

    If you are right and I think you are from just the little bit I know (and I really am hoping you are) then I am a very happy blogger. I work my butt off to write content that is just mine, unique to me, keeping spammers out and building a network. I hope Google does crack down.

    The only thing that scared me was your statement about “not conforming to google”. This scares me, because Google does have the power to take anyone out right now. They have. And if we don’t do what they want, it’s adios blog.

    Thanks for the info.
    Allie recently posted..Blogging Success: Failure Is SuccessMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Allie writing Fresh content can be hard work So I know exactly how you feel. As long as we don’t cut corners with any underhand SEO tactics we have nothing to worry about at all. I Wrote an article last year sometime about not putting all your eggs in one basket.

      Basically talking about multiple streams of traffic is the way to go so if Google fall out of love with your website you would have nothing to worry about because your blog does not rely solely on organic traffic.


  2. Tracyann0312 says:

    Spinning an article is important to built quality content articles! repeated blogs is another reason, it can easily slow down your traffic contents in your articles! Thanks for sharing great write up!
    Tracyann0312 recently posted..mortgage singaporeMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hello Tracey, when I speak about Spinning articles on talking about those crazy unreadable ones That are posted all over the place these are very dangerous. If you do decide to use spinning articles just make sure you’re careful with it. :-)

  3. Paul Salmon from Technically Easy says:

    I think, while there are many changes to the algorithm over the past year, the sites that don’t seem to be affected are those with good original content that is well written. If you create a good site, with good information, you should be good regardless of the changes made to the algorithm.

    Then again, with all the talk that goes on every time Google makes a change, it proves the amount of power Google holds online.
    Paul Salmon recently posted..Why Samsung & Apple decided to Use HZO WaterBlock Technology in 2012My Profile

    • Robert says:

      I agree with you totally Paul,I’m not really worried about any Google updates that will be coming out in near future because the website has content and great interaction. So as long as your website Is “white hat” and you’re not trying to cut any corners you have no problems with Google.

      most of the people who are scared of the upcoming Google updates or those who are using underhanded tactics to try and Manipulate the system. so that is said “where good”

  4. Justin Mazza says:

    Hey Robert,
    I like the changes that Google is making here. When I do a Google search I want to find the best sites that add value to be the first ones that show up in the search engine for me.

    My search engine traffic has doubled in the past 30 days. Keep in mind my blog is only a year old.

    take care…
    Justin Mazza recently posted..Unresolved Trauma – You Need to Let It GoMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi Justin Thanks for dropping by again, I like the changes that Google is making also because I am a total ” white hat” so there’s no spam round here. The more Google spam and low quality sites the better it is for us to rank high.

      It’s the same if my search engine traffic as well it has gone up and my bounce rate has gone down to less than 4% :)

  5. Pradosh says:

    Better google scrape Page Rank concept, it provide no traffic assurance or website value.
    I feel going black hat will not easy this year, Google will take measure to block spammer. So one should not waste time in article spinning or spamming comments rather he should focus on writing new content.

    • Robert says:

      I think the days of black hat SEO are drawing to a close really quickly. I don’t like spinning i think it’s a waste of time,you’re better off just spending time and creating some unique oracles to post on your site.

  6. Dan Lew says:

    Google is even more stricter now, especially with autoblogs and websites with poor content through various article spinning software. When we spin our articles, we should take our efforts by doing it manually and spin or rewrite it by sentence.

    A single unique and high quality content can easily beat thousands of crap articles using a useless spinner software. Just focus on building high quality links and write unique content to help your site get ranked well on Google (even after the Panda update).
    Dan Lew recently posted..CommentLuv – I Finally Got PremiumMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Thanks for dropping by Dan, I used to do lots of Spinning around a year ago but it turned out to be more hassle than anything else especially if you want your articles to be readable.

      I agree with you that is better to create high-quality unique articles instead of spending hours trying to spin one article and manipulate the system.

      The strategy for 2012 is high Quality unique content,manual backlinking, guest blogging and more network building. I know that if one follows the simple tips will have no reason to fear any Google update because Google will love your site

  7. Ferb says:

    I had a little bit scared while reading this post, but fortunately, I’m trying to avoid them one by one and Thanks for informing and while reading this, I noticed that the behaviour as blogger is truthly important. By what you have told, a blogger should focus more on building content instead of aming on others.
    Ferb recently posted..Welcome to FerBlogMy Profile

  8. Prakash says:

    Google is going to do whatever he want and we have to accept all these things. Thanks Robert by introducing these things.
    Nice article, really liked it.
    Prakash recently posted..What Should You Write For Your Blog: “Evergreen Post”My Profile

  9. Melissa says:

    The title is very intriguing and eye-catching! I guess that there is a huge number of people who read this
    Melissa recently posted..Affordable General Flash Web Templates – Premium And Free.My Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hello Melissa, Blog tile creation 101 – Use eye-catching headings. haha you have to use eye-catching heading’s to get the attention of the visitor because you only have 3 seconds to do it or they will leave your site.

      It’s when the content is not what the heading states that when you have a problem. I guess “5 Reasons Why Google Will Kill Your Website This Year” is a fitting title for the content.

      Also if you would like to know how to use power words in your titles go here http://kezanari.com/using-power-words-to-improve-you-ctr.html :)

  10. Darren says:

    Google is getting a bit too smart lately, it seems to me, Robert. They’re a lot more ‘clever’ than they used to be about intentions and social engagement. That’s great, but the searchers seems ‘fuzzier’ than they used to.

    Darren recently posted..Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Your Social Network At FacebookMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      hi there Darren is dropping by. it is not all about SEO anymore it’s like Google have totally shaken up everything. I’m just sticking to social engagement and interaction with my visit.
      Thanks again for syndicating my content much appreciated.

  11. Kim says:

    Great post, Robert! I have a question: I’ve read Pat Flynn’s “backlinking strategy”, and many (not all) of the 1,452 comments on that post.

    Pat states that it is based on Joesph Archibald’s, ebook which comes from the massive feedback he got from The Warrior Forum, so I observed all of these sources as, collectively, valuable resources.

    This is why I’ve created a link wheel and a few other taboos you’ve written about here.

    However, as Dan (nice software!) stated, I only spin original, 100% unique content.
    And this is done by hand, totally rewriting each sentence.

    So, back to my question: what would you suggest I do with all of the hard work that went into these web2.0 properties?

    Or better yet, for people who already have solid link wheels of quality, please offer some suggestions as to how they can still use them, but more wisely.


    • Robert says:

      Hello Kim, my first question is are you using this method and has worked for you?

      If you have already created your link wheels and spun to 100% articles and have submitted them to Web 2.0 properties already and it’s pretty much nothing you can do now because they may have already been indexed.

      That leads to my second question Has all your links been indexed in Google?

      What I can see from the video and article it’s all about buffer spamming. now let’s break this linking strategy down one by one.

      Before we begin I just want to let you know that this into method is considered “black hat SEO” so Google is already against you and if you are found to be using black hat techniques and you don’t know what you are doing you can end up killing your website.

      1. Creating back links from top article directories linking to your website – there is no problem with this as long as it is from high PR directories.

      2. Creating new blogs with one article pointing back to your website – not going to work because of the “Panda Update” which is designed to lower the authority of these links because they are low quality.

      3. Web 2.0 properties like squidoo and hub pages. Most of these websites are no follow and again because you will only have one or two articles on these properties they will still be disregarded because it is classed as “low quality”

      also you have to remember when building pages on web 2.0 is that they are filled with administration and human viewers who delete blogs at the first sign of spam or low quality because they themselves do not want to be penalised by “Panda”

      Buffer spamming
      this is probably not the best idea because all you are doing is spamming the hell out of the indirect links you created i.e. article directories, web 2.0 and new blog links.

      The problem with this is that all of the so-called article directories that you submit to are all low quality anything to do with Mass submission is never a good idea.
      Most bookmarking sites are no follow.

      Now the BOMB SHELL – this methods used to work before the “panda update”…Panda was designed to destroy this linking method because people used it to Manipulate the system.

      One of the things you need to be aware of is the “footprint” that points directly to your money site. So basically if you are using methods that Google does not like it all points back to your money site and you do not want that.

      If you want to make money online you have to look for products that have low competition because if you do you will not have to build any link wheels or resort to any other methods that Google doesn’t like.
      all you will have to do is create a great website with solid content and you will overtake all your competitors because is hardly any.

      I have done this many times on my Amazon websites.

  12. Kim says:

    Hi Robert,

    I appreciate greatly your very well thought out, quite eloquently expressed and extremely detailed reply.

    Sounds like there is much work to do, although I strongly believe that the content on my site (and pointing blogs, Ezine, etc.) is all high quality content.

    However, I believe it might be a good idea to read what you have to say on Content Is Not King, before I put down my “pen”. :-)

    Thanks! (I like your tip about the Amazon websites! thx)

    • Robert says:

      I just realised that, reply was over 500 words long LOL.. it’s an article.

      Just make sure that you add more high quality content to your 2.0 sites and having articles on authority article directories is always great.

  13. Kim says:

    Thanks again, Robert! I will do that for sure! I really appreciate your care and passion in writing such a detailed response. (feel kinda guilty though)

    Might we look to the bright side and see it as inspiration for future posts and/or series to be developed and subsequently followed on a regular basis?

    Just trying to make good of all your caring effort!


  14. David says:

    You have provided a nice capture of the areas to avoid in the grand scheme of SEO and Google. For the better part of a year, I have been doing manual blog comment submission and recently started article submission to article directories as my ways to get backlinks. It is a very time consuming activity but I enjoy composing my comments which I hope to add value to the sites in exchange for a backlink.

    As I became impatient for faster success, I recently started looking at various schemes (mostly automated) to help with SEO but in the end just did not feel comfortable with the methods (and the cost) with no knowledge if they would help (and fear that I would get banned from Google). My web properties are too valuable for me to take that risk. Thanks for helping me to solidify my view with your excellent article.

    I also use social media to get backlinks in addition to visitor traffic. I hope Google clamps down sooner rather than later as I feel it should help those who use legitimate means to get backlinks.

    • Robert says:

      hi again David, keep doing what you’re doing i.e. manual back linking. Don’t been patient because if you use automated tools in the wrong way you can kill your website very easily.

      Always remember SEO is a long-term thing so your results will grow and get stronger over time.

  15. Louis from Food Intolerance Symptoms says:

    Robert in tip number 5 did you mean to say, ‘post’ Panda or ‘Pre’ Panda era?
    Louis recently posted..Do you have a Shellfish Intolerance or Shellfish Allergy?My Profile

  16. chanikacha says:

    These tips will surely helps a lot but sometimes mostly our websites encounters the google update. Even though your doing the right way to rank your website ones google updates there algorithm our website links or rank will go down.

    • Robert says:

      I know exactly how you feel chanikacha one-day Google Likes back links the next they don’t. My tip to you would be try and diversify our traffic and don’t rely on just organic traffic from Google. That way if Google changed their algorithms you are be affected as much.

  17. I’m cheering for #4 and #5, honestly. More power to the PANDA – go, Google! ;) Of course, clever people will always find new ways to avoid doing things the right and honest way.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Scavenger Hunt!My Profile

    • Robert says:

      hello Holly, Google is closing all off all of the loop holes everyday so people will find it hard to game the system. Google algorithms are getting smarter and smarter with every update

  18. Anonymous says:

    i think for all google + subscribers google will rank bloggers first for their circles which will destroy SEO what do you think of this?

    • Robert says:

      This could happen, we just have to wait and see. I think that over time Google will lean towards ranking it’s own services highly and those who use it.

  19. I just learned about the wheels and spinning this week in a post I read on another site. I didn’t understand the bother when I can just go about what I’m doing – but then I realized that a lot of people are here to make money quickly and these short cuts were great for this group.

    I’m thankful that I didn’t learn about the shortcuts that the Panda update seems to have wiped out, because then I’d be at square one today. I still have a lot to learn, but the idea of starting from scratch is awful!

    Thanks for the explanations.
    Kimbelry, Adventures in Blogging recently posted..Introducing MarketMeSuite! Harness the Power of Social NetworkingMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hello Kimbelry, if you Ask me spinning and link wheels are for people who like you said want to cut corners. There was a time when link wheels and spinning were very effective but are over.

      It is a good thing that you have just found out about these methods recently and you have decided not to use them because Panda 3.3 would of definitely wiped out your site.

      as a blogger we want to build meaningful relationship that with other bloggers and our readership.

  20. Andrew from Social Web Blog says:

    I think spinning is one tactic that people are still doing in mass amounts. I wonder if the days of tools like Unique Article Wizard are coming to an end.
    Andrew recently posted..Technology in Education: A Teacher’s PerspectiveMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      people continue to spin articles and cut corners for a long while to come Andrew. All these automated And corner cutting tools like SE Nuke X, xrummer, Unique Article Wizard Are becoming less effective every Google update. But the thing is as long as a people want to cut corners to get quick results these programs will be going strong for a good few years even though methods that work.

  21. Fauzul from techtikus says:

    I’ll just continue doing what I am doing now which is writing up original posts. Although it might be slow and tedious I kind of like the old fashion way.
    Fauzul recently posted..Three Awesome Web Hosting Companies That You Won’t Find With A Google Search (Part 3 Of 3)My Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi there Fauzul, writing original posts can be slow but it is the best way to go about building your blog because Original blog posts guarantees that you will not be hit by the up-and-coming Google algorithm updates.

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