5 Reasons Why No One Comments On Your Blog


Leave A Comment Please 5 Reasons Why No One Comments On Your BlogAll Webmasters and blog owners crave for comments on their blogs but often never received any. When you receive a comment on your post it makes you feel as if you have touched someone’s life.

It also makes you feel good because you know that the person who was kind enough to leave a comment on your post obviously found what they were looking for.

Getting people to comment on your blog can seem like hard work at first but once you get the momentum going you will get a nice steady flow of comments on your site.

But we all know that receiving comments to your blog can be very elusive.  There are a few ways you can get comments on your blog and I am going to share some of them with you in this article.


1. You Don’t Leave Comments On Other People’s Blogs

This is a simple way to get a reciprocal comment on your blog and that is simply by commenting on someone else’s blog.  What I have found out is that if you comment on a blog that has no comments on it at all the Webmasters will feel obligated to come to your website and read your articles and leave a comment.

Now if you think about it you can easily get 10 reciprocal comments on your blog posts you just have to put in a little bit of effort but when you start getting those comments you will feel great.


2. People Have To Sign In To Be Able To Leave A Comment

On average every 20 people that read your blog only one of them may leave a comment.  So as you can see the statistics are already against you.

One of the things that will help you to get people to leave a comment on your blog is to make it as easy as possible for them.

I have been on sites where an article has been shared 50 times on Twitter and numerous other times on Facebook and yet no one has even left a comment. But after further inspection I notice that you have to sign in to be able to leave a comment.

Asking someone to sign in to leave a comment is a big no no because most people will just push the back button and leave your website.


3. Not Asking People To Leave Comments 

This is a pretty simple tip and that is simply leave a call to action at the bottom of every article that you create. So at the bottom of my articles I always leave a call to action that says “if you like this blog posts please leave a comment” or “do you agree or disagree with what I said in this article? I would love to hear your thoughts”

Having a call to action or simply asking your readers if they can leave a comment increases your chance of more comments on your blog.


4. The Crazy Captcha

This has to be one of the most annoying things on the Internet since 2003 and that is captcha’s.  Don’t get me wrong captcha’s do a great job in stopping spam but they also do a great job in driving people crazy.

If you are going to use a captcha on your site please use one of the simple ones like the numeracy one.  Try and steer clear from the squiggly letter ones because it’s a big turn off.

I have been to websites that have great content that I wanted to comment on but I could not type in the right captcha code so I left without even a comment.


5. I’m Not Going To Be The First Person To Leave A Comment

A lot of the times why people do not need comments on your blog is because there are no comments. No one wants to be the first person to leave a comment on the website (except for me) so you may need to get the ball rolling yourself.

You could easily just create a nice Gravatar or two and respond to your own article. A bit sneaky I know but you have to get that ball rolling or your article will just die.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this article please leave a comment.  Thank You

Robert Jones Sig 5 Reasons Why No One Comments On Your Blog


pixel 5 Reasons Why No One Comments On Your Blog
 5 Reasons Why No One Comments On Your Blog

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14 Responses

  1. MarkWeb says:

    This article would not look good without comments.
    So here is the first comment on your article : 5 Reasons Why No One Comments On Your Blog.
    MarkWeb recently posted..Make a blog plan for next yearMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Ha ha ha – hi Mark links will be me get the ball rolling, it’s much appreciated. for some reason I thought obligated to comment on one of your blog posts. :)

  2. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Robert,
    When I first started my blog in January 2011 was desperate for comments. By March/April I installed commentluv and the comments began to slowly rise post after post.

    January 2012 I installed a new theme and also switched over to LiveFyre commenting system for a change of scenery. I used to be “anti login” to comment (livefyre&Disqus) but now I don’t mind at all.

    Captcha has to be the most annoying of all though for me. Man, it’s like work just to leave a comment. What about the captcha’s that have you solve math equations to leave a comment. I suck at math so now I can’t even leave a comment or I have to bust out the calculator.

    And the captcha’s that you can’t even read, one time I wrote the captcha like 3 times before finally giving up and feeling defeated.
    Justin Mazza recently posted..HostGator – 30% off Baby and Business Hosting PackagesMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Thanks for dropping by Justin This is how are the e-book sales going? I’m sitting down here laughing because of your Frustration when it comes to filling out crazy Captcha’s. I would have atleast 100 Extra backlinks to my site if it wasn’t for those “crazy Captcha’s”. I have also seen some crazy maths Captcha’s like fifteen * 4, when I see Captcha’s like that I don’t even bother break out the calculator I break out the “leave the website button”

      I haven’t used LiveFyre before but I have seen on websites. Is it possible to use LiveFyre and use the normal WordPress comment options together? The reason why I say this is because if someone has not got a LiveFyre account they may not leave a comment.

  3. Thanks for the blog. Do you accept commenting on systems like Livefyre or Disqus too?

    • Robert says:

      thanks for your comment tony, Now I haven’t really looked into Livefyre or Disqus But it’s something I will Definitely look at in the future.

  4. Daniel Wood from 3d character creation says:

    Robert your last point was quite tricky but i think its really true. Many a times i read a post on web and leave it without saying anything as no one has said something before me.

    Also i request bloggers to use simple captcha. I understand its necessary to use one to keep spammers away from your blog but don’t let your readers go because of a highly complicated captcha.

    • Robert says:

      Hi there Daniel, Being the first person to comment on a blog is a good thing because first of all the blog owner will feel obligated to visit your site and number two any reader who comes to that blog will see your comment and they will be more likely to click on the link to your site.
      using a captcha is fine but just make sure it’s dead simple like 1+3 or 6-2 whatever you do don’t use the 8×3 type of one’s because that’s too much hard work.

  5. Amanda from BuySellWordPress says:

    As for me, then I don’t want to leave a comment in case if it takes me too much time to sign up. It’s much easier for me not to leave a comment. I hope that some bloggers will take it into account
    Amanda recently posted..WordPress ThemesMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      I know exactly how you feel, that is the reason why you have to make It easy for readers to leave a comment on your blog. If they have to sign up to a new Service to be able to leave a comment on your blog unless they are going to come back regularly The chances are they will Probably not sign up. Like I was saying to Personal Development Guru Justin Mazza (Mazzastick.com)I am not sure if you can Have one of these signup services and the basic WordPress comment template on your blog at the same time.

  6. Great Post! I’m actually going to try and incorporate point 3 into my blogs, seems like a very sound strategy as simple as it is. I notice the first few comments are usually the hardest to get, its almost as if people don’t want to be the first. But once the comments start, others just join in.
    Richard Brown recently posted..10 Incredible Tips for Living on a BudgetMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Tip number three is very simple by does work. So great idea to incorporate that into all of your new blog posts. Try and make it a habit to comment on every post that you read especially the ones I have no comments on it at all because the Webmaster will visit your site out of obligation. Also if your comment is the only one on someone else’s blog post then you have a higher chance of people visiting your site when they have finished reading the post.

  7. Harriet says:

    As someone who reads and comments on a lot of blogs I do find that blogs that ask you to sign in first do put me off. I never know if I want to revisit a blog again straight away so theres no point in me signing up to them straight away and hence no point in me commenting.
    Harriet recently posted..Samsung Omnia WMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      I know exactly what you mean Harriet, if I see you have to sign in to leave a comment I don’t bother unless like you said you revisit the blog regularly.

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