5 Signs You Have a Low Quality Blog


an unwitting victimbwahahhahahaa 210x300 5 Signs You Have a Low Quality BlogGoogle’s Matt Cutts has been harping on and on for years regarding Google favoring quality websites. As you probably already know, “quality” is a very subjective term.

What’s quality to me might be utter garbage to you and vice versa. In recent years, Google has been issuing some guidelines regarding what constitutes a quality site.

You only need to look up Google’s quality guidelines to see what it sees as a quality website. The sad truth is that even if your website complies with all these quality reference guidelines, it still does not mean that your blog or website would rank high for the keywords that you are targeting.

That’s the sad reality of life. No amount of reassurance from Google will make that reality go away.
The truth is, there is a disconnect between what Google says and how Google actually treats your website. There are some webmasters that slavishly follow every word that comes out of Matt Cutts’ mouth and they have little to show for their efforts.

An Alternative Approach

Maybe the problem that the webmasters, who try to rank well, have is that they are looking at Google’s guidelines in terms of affirmative commands – things that you should do. Maybe the better approach would be to look at Google’s guidelines like the way the constitution or the Ten Commandments are written.
The US Constitution and the Ten Commandments both share key similarity. For the most part, the first 10 amendments to US Constitutions and Ten Commandments are written in the negatives instead of focusing on what people should do, or in the case of the constitution what the government should do or can do.

The focus is on what it cannot do. In the Ten Commandments, most of the commands are what people should not do. In SEO, maybe the focus should be on what webmasters or bloggers should not do.

In this spirit, these are the five signs that may indicate that you have a low quality blog.  Note that I mentioned “may”.  It’s a permissive word. It’s a word that is not completely sure. I don’t use the word “is” or some other word that indicates that a consequence necessarily follows, because the truth of the matter is we don’t know the exact secret sauce Google employs to determine if one blog is of high quality and another is garbage.

Just from several years of experience these are the signs, that have a higher likelihood than not of indicating, that you have a low quality blog in your hands.


No Interlinking

You don’t interlink to past posts on your blog. This may indicate that you are just blogging to get notice for certain keywords from Google. Also, interlinking indicates that you keep track of your content and it also may mean that you are conscious of the past content that you have and you are building on that content.

Either you are indicating an update to that content by adding to it, or you are contradicting or creating an exception to the past content.

Regardless of what you’re doing, when you interlink this creates a relationship between your current content and your past content.

In a sense, it creates a holistic relationship between your content. This is normally not done by people that are just blogging for keywords. They‘re just sniping for keywords and they don’t really bother with interlinking.

This might be a red flag to search engines that your blog is not really that serious because you don’t care about your past posts. You focus mostly on the here and now. Again, this is not dispositive. However, it does raise red flags.


No Pictures

mammoths 300x225 5 Signs You Have a Low Quality BlogIf you look at “real blogs” most of them at least bother to put pictures. The ones that get a lot of attention from their community or have a lot of traffic tend to have a lot of pictures.

These pictures act as graphical cues for the readers of your blog posts. It makes the reading experience much easier. It “lubricates” your blog, so to speak.

Nobody wants to read a blog post that just consists of a massive text block. It is extremely intimidating. It also gets in the way of readability, that’s why you should break the monotony of your blog post by putting pictures.

With each section of your post, there are subheadings that you can put graphical cues on.

No Community

Real blogs tend to develop community. Why? Because the bloggers personality is on full display. While the blog’s readers may initially go to the blog to look for specific information, if they read a blog for a number of times, they tend to get drawn to the personality of the blogger; especially if the blogger uses the most powerful word in blogging – the word “I”.

This community then grows not just around the content but also around the personality of the blogger. This community is normally reflected in the number of comments the blog has.

Also, it is a bridge way to the commenters linking back to the blog by mentioning the blog in their own blog post. You see where this is headed? If you have a community, you’re not just merely engaging conversations with people who read your blog.

Many of those people have their own blogs as well so the conversation transfers over to a blog conversation. Many of those people have social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

They can mention your blog there. It’s a real red flag when the blog doesn’t have a community. It’s very static. It’s a one directional blog – meaning the bloggers just talk out to devoid talking to a random person who may be drawn to the blog.

This lack of community raises a red flag with search engines who might think that these blogs are really just there to spam search engines or snipe certain keywords.


Keyword-driven vs. Personality-driven

A keyword-driven blog is very easy to spot. You will usually see the keyword in the title, repeated a few times in the subheadings and of course the body of the text.

Some bloggers even go the extra mile in highlighting the keyword with a bold font. This is a dead giveaway that the blog post is primarily interested in drawing traffic by search engines by targeting certain keywords.

There’s no shame in that game, however the problem is that the game is changing very rapidly considering the impact Panda and Penguin played on website traffic. All the keyword sniping game looks like it’s on its way out. You don’t want to find out the hard way when the latest ways of updates hit.
Keyword-driven content also tends to lead to a crappy or hard-to-read content. Remember when you are blogging for keywords, by definition, you’re not blogging for people.

You’re just trying to hit the keywords so the search engines will send you traffic. While again, there’s no shame in that game, you may want to reconsider going that route.

Google may be paying attention to bounce rate and if your blog post is sub written for search engines software and not for people, the bounce rate is going to suffer. Also, it’s going to be harder to read because the grammar may be problematic.

You may just be outsourcing it to the Philippines, India, or even to American writers who don’t really care about the reader so the awkward positioning of the keywords takes precedence over the actual reader of the post.
The solution to this is not to blog around keywords but to blog around your personality. Make your blog personality-driven. You have to understand that blogs gain their following when the regular readers detect certain personal spin to news, or to certain topics in a particular content category.

Eventually, they would be coming back to your blog not just for your content but also for your personality. Don’t let this fact go to waste. Insert your personality in to your blog and see how far that would take you.

Let’s face it. Anybody can come up with a keyword-driven blog but not everybody wants to put their personality in their blog, so this is a competitive key advantage.


No Blog Relationships

Just like no man is an island, no blog stands alone. Real blogs link to each other not just casually; they link to each other a lot. That’s why it’s no surprise that if you’re following a certain content category, the top blogs in that content category – say technology or gadgets – tend to talk about the same things.

While a lot of it is the herd mentality of many bloggers, it also reflects the fact that many blogs pay attention to each other. They blog around each other’s content and they really communicate and converse to each other through their posts.

You don’t want this to go to waste. This is a tremendous feature that blog communities have. Your blog should be part of that community. Why? Because, if for anything else, the backlinks are just too precious to ignore.

When another blog is talking about your blog post they are, by necessity, linking to you. This is a golden SEO opportunity. Don’t let it go to waste.

How do you become a part of a blog relationship? Use the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. So if you want to be linked to, you should make the first move and link out.

The normal way to link out is to link a phrase, quote from the blog, and then analyze it on your own blog. That way, the search engines would see that you are engaged in your blog’s category community.

If your blog does not have any relationships, red flags go up. It means it’s an isolated blog, and the suspicion arises that you just created a blog just to spam keywords.

Chris Walker, a prolific SEO/SEM guest blogger for http://www.marketingcopyexpert.com, wrote this guest post. If you are looking for high value blog content aimed at building your site’s authority and credibility, contact him at http://scr.im/chriswalker

pixel 5 Signs You Have a Low Quality Blog
 5 Signs You Have a Low Quality Blog

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  1. zara from Website Design Dubai says:

    I believe blog relationship has become the utmost important thing in these days. strategy known as Blog Walking is something that can generate loads of bloggers to your blog to check it out.

    • SEOGuy from Viral Traffic Team says:

      There is no question but that blogging is critical for today.

      I personally believe you can blog high-quality people oriented content while targeting keywords at the same time. I do not believe that the baby is out with the bath water when it comes to keyword targeting.

      The key is to not over target the keyword while also appealing to the reader. The best of both worlds. If your content is not what the reader wants when they arrive then they will leave without further question. If it is what they are looking for then the result will be very valuable especially if you have targeted the keyword while doing everything recommended above plus.
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  2. I think I’ve been avoiding all of the above but why I do not rank increase blog traffic.
    is there any other thing to do ..?
    noval ell rizal recently posted..Indikator Paling Akurat | FOREXMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi there noval ell rizal just by looking at your site (which is in another language) you have FOREX as a keyword but you website talks about other things that is not FOREX. also FOREX is hard to rank for so you have to get you traffic from somewhere else other that Google.

  3. Great Tips, definitely worth considering. I find Interlinking time consuming. Does anyone have any ideas on the best WordPress plugins for this — have to be a plugin that is not a CPU or Performance hog…Been there — done that! : )
    Crystal Watts recently posted..Submit Guest PostsMy Profile

  4. Becca from End of Lease Cleaning Sdyney says:

    Blogging it is very essential to do your own research and write your own contents. Read a lot and do a lot of brain storming before writing killer contents. People will visit your blog to read new contents.
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  5. Okto says:

    Hi Robert,
    Great post from you to keep us remind on maintaining our blog’s quality. So far, I haven’t built my community since I develop two language blog about blogging. Thus, inline with your other post “The Future of SEO” it can be alternative to find readers.

    But I do agree community is important, that’s why I build mine through other social media platform. :D
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  6. Abhishek from massage school in california says:

    Adding pictures and videos really spice up the blog. Its very essential for a blogger to use videos, images and internal linking…its also essential to establish relationship with the users by allowing them to comment and engage them in a discussion. Without adequate readers, no blog can succeed and readers come only when the blog quality is high.

  7. Aayna from Enneagram workshops says:

    Hey Robert,
    Blog is considered the most effective way to make money online. But indeed a bad blog can make the blogger earn a bad name. I agree that having pictures and other visual images in the blog add a certain X- factor to the blog. People learn more by the way of visuals than by just reading. A blog without pictures look like a barren land. Thanks for sharing these great set of tips.

  8. Fatima from album for babies says:

    From attracting readers to your blog to keeping them engaged is the ongoing process of blog management. These tips are the most commonly made erros by average number of bloggers. Thanks for the helpful share.

  9. Kristine from Bankruptcy Lawyer Nyack says:

    Rightly said, Robert–Maintaining a blog is quite a challenge but if it’s something you are truly passionate about it will generally reflect in your posts and how active your community is. These are red flags that any blog owner must watch out for and do something about as soon as the need arises. A revamp would definitely work to your advantage if you are in this situation. Thanks!

  10. Joy from seo services says:

    Having a blog that is deemed of “low quality” can definitely be disappointing more so if it is not your intention to use it as a medium to spread malice or to deceive anyone into buying worthless and illegitimate products. I always make it a point to keep the experience interesting and interactive for my readers. As a wide reader of blogs, I want to be able to successfully epitomize what I personally love and prefer. Thanks Robert, great job as usual :)

  11. Malds says:

    Nice post. I’m curious about what you’d count as over optimization though, in page. Coz I do the KW in title, heading, and text stuff but I always make sure that everything still reads naturally.

    I mean, I make it a point to at least make the keyword placement undetectable to human readers unless you’re really looking for it. And I don’t keyword stuff in the content, I just do the title, heading, and sometimes in the first sentence thing.

    Do you think that’s already too much already?

  12. Divyesh says:

    Thanks for the wonderful in formations love your blog.And can you me the tips for the SEO i want to know about the SEO so please post it.

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