6 SEO Facts and Myths


seo myths 300x199 6 SEO Facts and MythsSearch engine optimization is the ever-changing art of search engine marketing. A technique that works today may be gone tomorrow.

The fact remains that search engines have the potential to make or break a website, so paying attention to your site’s SEO is paramount.

With so many opinions swirling around the web, there are a number of myths surrounding the SEO space. In this article, we will focus on 6 of the most common myths and their associated facts regarding SEO.

Page Ranking

Myth: My Google Page Rank (PR) is high. I’ll stay at the top of search engine results page (SERP) as long as I keep my PR up.

Fact: Page rank is one of many factors used to determine the quality of a website. Other factors are based on its reputation among visitors, social signals, bounce rates and the level of traffic (among about 200 other factors).

Search engines will list a website with a lower page rank above a lower PR site in search results if it finds the website to be more relevant to the search criteria. Hence content is the key to get your website listed on top.

Myth: Providing Meta tags and Meta descriptions for my web pages would yield me a higher rank.

Fact: Search engines do not consider the Meta tags and descriptions for estimating the rank of a webpage.


Keyword Density

Myth: If my web page has a higher keyword density, it is more likely to get listed on top of the SERPs. So my site should be filled with my target keywords.

Fact: If a search engine finds that a webpage has a specific keyword repeated more often than would be considered normal, it discards that webpage thinking it is spam and  has been created only with the intent of driving traffic towards it. Content must be compelling, relevant and informative and not just “stuffed” with keywords.


Website Submission

Myth: Websites must be submitted to the search engines to make it visible and get it listed in the SERPs.

Fact: No search engine demands the submission of a website in order to be considered for search results. Search engine spiders will attempt to crawl through each and every webpage in the Internet, indexing them so that they can be listed for appropriate searches.

Conversely, if you ask a search engine not to index your site, they may or may not oblige as well. It’s completely up to the search engine.


Link Building

Myth: The more websites link to my site the more it will positively affect my search engine rankings.

Fact: While in-bound links are very important to your search engine rankings, they’re still not everything. Generally speaking, links don’t negatively affect your rankings as of yet (although it may be on the horizon) but the exchanging of links with lower quality sites is not advisable.

Irrelevant link building may not negatively affect your website’s ranking but it also won’t help it so why bother? Links from those websites that are high in quality, authority and reputation and have similar content as your website will create the largest positive impact.



Myth: Those websites that make use of JavaScript will not be considered by the search engines.

Fact: It is not that search engines disregard websites that are made using JavaScript, but they can be a bit more difficult to index than ‘standard’ sites.

Search engines are able to follow a link that is defined in a JavaScript in most cases, but may also throw up some red flags as well. Websites should be carefully developed to get the best results out of SEO.

Daniel Ruyter is a search engine marketer and SEO expert. He is also co-founder of Alpha Tree Marketing, a firm that specializes in SEO for small business.

pixel 6 SEO Facts and Myths
 6 SEO Facts and Myths

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  1. Dita from residual income online says:

    Hi Robert,

    I very much enjoyed reading your article. Interesting factoid about Page Rank. I think that most people believe the myth.

    The linking building and your mention that one should not exchange links with lower quality sites makes me wonder. It reminds me of being not able to practice tennis with the better tennis players when I was learning how to play because they simply did not want to play with me. It was very frustrating.

    I wonder what you consider lower quality sites. Are you talking about sites that have no Page Rank and poor Alexa score because they are relatively new or are you only referring to the sites that are obviously autoblogs and spammy.


    Dita recently posted..Great Content Equals Recurring Income OnlineMy Profile

  2. LouisC says:

    I’ve been cautious with backlinking but as a result have also neglected it.

    I used a couple of fiverr GIGs with great feedback very recently for links but not so sure about the quality as you never know what they do until they’ve done it, but it’s early days yet so we’ll see.

    What I have been using fiverr regularly for is content. I don’t bother getting them written for SEO, I just want well researched articles that will hopefully bring my in some longtail traffic and loyal visitors that want to keep coming back for more news and info!

    I’ve realised something fairly recently, I’m a strategist and I love doing research, but I actually hate writing so I think I’m doomed to keep paying people to write for me!
    LouisC recently posted..Natural Pain Relief Remedies during LabourMy Profile

  3. Abhishek from gender diversity says:

    Thanks for sharing these important points. As a SEO novice many people keep spending their time on doing activities that are worthless from SEO standpoint and this article really clarifies what one should do and what not….a must read for all including those who are starting in the field of SEO…

  4. Mena Jo says:

    I have to say that I’ve never fussed over things like keyword density. I tend to write for the human visitor, not Google. I know keywords do play a significant part in people finding your ‘stuff’ online, but your content has to make sense in order for those people to keep coming back to your site or blog.

    Often times, I just write my article, then slot the keyword into it later.
    Mena Jo recently posted..Kick Information Overload to the Curb and Start Growing Your BusinessMy Profile

  5. Amanda says:

    Well, what can I say? I found in this post a huge number of facts in which I’ve believed till this day and you just broke them, telling us that they are myths. Well, thanks a lot for opening my eyes to all these things
    Amanda recently posted..Business WordPress ThemesMy Profile

  6. Thanks for giving these details. As a SEO beginner many individuals keep investing their time on doing actions that are useless from SEO viewpoint and this content re

  7. Thanks for sharing the information Robert and in my opinion the only way to get success through SEO is to remain up to date with the latest updates that comes on the internet on daily basis.
    SEO Company Melbourne recently posted..Driving Profitability For Companies Throughout Australia.My Profile

  8. Useful information, when i discover new stuff about seo i say to myself i became an expert in this field! the next day when i read a new article i discover again that i am a rocky :) thanks for sharing Robert
    Mach1 Corporation recently posted..What is SEO?My Profile

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