7 Lies About Social Media – You Can Track It. Here’s How, And Is It Free?


social media 300x166 7 Lies About Social Media   You Can Track It. Heres How, And Is It Free? Using social media networks for marketing a product can be effective, but it takes hard work and valuable time.

Don’t let the myths of social media networking keep you from joining, or you may miss out on precious sales that are so important to the success of your business.

There are 7 lies that cause confusion even to the most savvy marketing managers, and they are all related to the use of social media networks. Here are some things to watch out for and some important tips to use while joining social media websites.

1.) Although it is possible to become successful joining social media websites to market your product, you probably will not see a huge business boom overnight.

As with anything else success takes time and determination. Don’t let myths about overnight success stories fill your head with fantasies that just are not going to happen.

2.) “Social media marketing is free.” This is another lie told to business men and women, and they tend to believe it. Without spending a sufficient amount of time marketing your product, you will not see results. It may be free in a monetary sense but it takes valuable time to build your business.

3.) True business relationships aren’t always formed on social media networks. Building solid relationships are often more successful when done face-to-face. The lie is: Join Facebook or Twitter to market your product successfully. Your followers just don’t have the time to shop and when they do, they may not use Facebook to do it.

4.) Joining several social media websites doesn’t always work either. This involves spending precious time, so experts advise joining one or two and automating the rest.

5.) Older people love social media websites too. Don’t listen to the myths surrounding age related to social media networks.

Members are not always young people and your older followers just may turn out to be your most loyal customers.

6.) There are many success stories surrounding the use of social media marketing, but they aren’t always true.

While social media websites continue to be popular, the power behind them related to marketing a product and increasing traffic to your website may not bring you the success you are looking for.

Remember, if it’s sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t true.

7.) Using social media websites to your advantage can work in the long run but it does take time to build solid trustworthy relationships.

You can use the data from your followers to increase sales so it really isn’t a waste of time. Giving away quality content is much like offering free samples to your customers.

To invest in your business you must be patient and persevere, even when it doesn’t seem to be working.

You can use Google Analytics to track the success of your business. With graphs and charts, your website traffic is analyzed so you know where it’s coming from. Google Analytics is free and easy to join. Just place their tracking code in the appropriate place on your website, then you can learn how to identify quality traffic and revenue earned from your traffic. Furthermore, InMotion Hosting offers a QuickTagger app that will easily let you track your favorite social media websites for marketing your product.


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pixel 7 Lies About Social Media   You Can Track It. Heres How, And Is It Free?
 7 Lies About Social Media   You Can Track It. Heres How, And Is It Free?

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7 Responses

  1. I did not know most of these myths. I have been so surprised today on my Facebook account it is mentioned that I am a big fan of Scottish terriers. It was my first pat and I love them to death. So it was such a small information on my account and today I have noticed that some T-shirt company is sending me their links to buy some nice stuff with a Scottie print. And you know it works pretty well I am already on the hook. Social media can find out their target auditory pretty fast.
    Alex from guides recently posted..Blog CommentingMy Profile

  2. wpbandung says:

    i agree on all seven of them. i believe social media is just one of thousand way to sell something.

    More over, as far as i know, people tend to avoid buying in Facebook. Because it like selling when you’re hangout is it.

    On building business connection, i want to add. Social media can form it for your. but the question will like mafia the movie quote : “who are you with?” who friend are you..or something like that

    wpbandung recently posted..Why Facebook Important for Business ?My Profile

  3. It cracks me up when people say social media is free. Not only is my time valuable, but I’ve found that the paid sites give me some bang for my buck. I love this list, because it’s so very true. It’s important to keep an open mind, because one person’s experience may not be reflective of your own.

  4. Daniel says:

    I totally agree with your article. I guess if your business is successful the social media marketing will work in his favor.
    Thaks you for a very interesting article.
    Daniel recently posted..15 Premium Contact Web TemplatesMy Profile

  5. This is a solid list that I can relate to unfortunately. Social media marketing isn’t some magical tool that will make you a ton of money over night. I’ve worked very hard at building a following, and even after, to get them to click through to your links is another battle in and of itself. This is especially true nowadays as people are becoming more and more aware of ads and how marketers are trying to work them in to their social media campaigns. It definitely takes a lot of work and doesn’t produce overnight success by any means.
    Rich recently posted..Get Stronger AND Maintain Your Weight Class??My Profile

  6. Okto says:

    Google Analytics is the simplest and easiest tools we can use to measure our business success. From this tool, we can know how good our performance from social media, search engine, until our comments in other blogs (traffic referal).
    Okto recently posted..Promo Indonesia Alfamart : Tips Peserta KontesMy Profile

  7. ashish says:

    yes u r write social media is easy and free way to promote u r bussiness on large sacle and get traffic and Okto is write by google analytics we see what is the traffic source of the traffic and we find that social media is play big roll to getting traffic to your web site.
    ashish recently posted..5 Programming Etiquettes You Should FollowMy Profile

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