8 Awesome Ways To Use Linkedin To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


linkedin 8 Awesome Ways To Use Linkedin To Drive Traffic To Your BlogIf the visitors to your blog or website are business people then there is a big chance that they spend a lot of time on Linkedin, the business to business network site.

I have discovered quite a few ways to get your content in front of your contacts and then compelling them to click through to your site.

So here are 8 ways that I’ve discovered to drive Linkedin contacts to your blog


1# Link In Your Profile

Make sure that you have a link in your profile as a bare minimum, ensure that you customize the link rather than using the default label “My Blog”.

Just go to edit profile then you can change the name of your site.


2# Auto Post To Status

You can auto post your blog updates to your status.  You can use social management tools like Feedblitz or Hootsuite to automatically post your blog updates to Linkedin.

You can also use WordPress plugins to do the same thing so choose what works best for you.


3# WordPress Or BlogLink Applications

There are two applications that you can add to your profile the WordPress and the BlogLink Apps.  Once you set them up they will automatically publish your recent posts to your public profile.

Do set this up, all you have to do is go to the “More” button in the Linkedin menu bar.  Then click on applications and follow the steps to add them.


4# Company Profiles

Set up a company profile, this is different from your personal profile and again on your company profile there is an area where you can syndicate your blog feed.


5# Join Groups

If you are a member of any Linkedin groups in your niche, post links to relevant blog articles in the discussion forum.

One thing to note is that you may need to check the guide lines for that group because some groups see this as overt promotion and they don’t allow it but this is not always the case.


6# Start Your Own Group Focused On Your Expertise

This is by far the most powerful way to use Linkedin.  With your own group you can syndicate your blog feed to automatically post on the discussion board, members do not have this option.


7# Linkedin Share Button

This is super important; make sure that you have a Linkedin share button on your blog post.  Not only can you use it to share your blog post quickly but your readers can also.

The powerful part about this button is that in one step you can share your status box and simultaneously post to any groups that you are a member of (if it is ok with the groups that you have joined).


8# Answers

The final way to get your blog post out to members of Linkedin is to use the answers feature.  Answers questions in the answers section and if appropriate include a link to a relevant blog post that specifically addresses that question that you are answering.


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pixel 8 Awesome Ways To Use Linkedin To Drive Traffic To Your Blog
 8 Awesome Ways To Use Linkedin To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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29 Responses

  1. Linkedin is where most of the important people are. I regularly use it too, having a complete profile and checking it here and then is more than enough to get the traffic that we want. Although if we work more on linkedin I’m sure the amount of traffic that we get from if increases as well.

  2. Aaron Kelly says:

    I have a LinkedIn account but I had to admit that I am not very active with it.. I guess I should now.. Thank you for this one Robert
    Aaron Kelly recently posted..Free Speech Implications of Blocking Blog Posts in IndiaMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi there Aaron, I’m very happy that you found this article of value. Not many bloggers know that you can get great traffic from linked in. A quick tip you can join all the big Linked in groups Within your niche and you can send them a link to your article or website.

  3. kristeen says:

    LinkedIn seems like a really good traffic source, though I find it hard to visit the website due its navigation. This post looks legit though.
    kristeen recently posted..autoverzekeringMy Profile

  4. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Never try to use linkein as well! But many says that this can be a good plug in to drive traffic. Can I ask what can be the benefit of this plug in? And why are so many people on Internet use it?
    TracyAnn0312 recently posted..SMSMy Profile

  5. Abel Pardo says:

    Linkedin, for professionals, is one of the best ways for getting clients. Like you say, Robert, Answers are a key point.

    They can show everyone you have the knowdledge about a topic, and if people want to read more, you drive this traffic to your own website.
    Abel Pardo recently posted..Diseño Web y Digital Marketing en FacebookMy Profile

  6. Samantha says:

    This is super important; make sure that you have a Linkedin share button on your blog post. Not only can you use it to share your blog post quickly but your readers can also.
    Samantha recently posted..PR Agency DevonMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Many bloggers don’t understand how of LinkedIn and how you can get traffic just By sharing your articles there.

      I get some nice shares From Linkedin

  7. Nicky says:

    Great article. Connecting my personal account and my business account with my blog generates alot more traffic. I nice this as well. The best thing was that people even remember my website but forgot my name. The only thing they said was “your the guy that always blog on LinkedIn”. Those tips here are truly powerful. Use them wisely.

    • Robert says:

      hi Nicky thanks for your comments, it doesn’t matter a ceremony your name at least remember the value added to them which is Very important.

  8. Perk says:

    there is a button of Linkedin in my blog, but I never used it. but now I am thinking to use it. it’s sounds nice to drive traffic to our blog……
    thanks for sharing it………
    Perk recently posted..Reverse Image Search EnginesMy Profile

  9. Robert says:

    When it comes to social networking buttons on your website Perk you have to choose the ones that you know your visitors will use.
    On some websites Network share Buttons to better than others, you just have to find what Ones are best for your site.

    But definitely try the linkedin one.

  10. Nice and informative article with 8 great tips, Good job! Looking forward for your tips for driving traffic to my blog using my facebook. Keep up the good work.

    • Robert says:

      thanks for the comment Anderw, You need to get targeted traffic via differet keywords. you need to get your busines on google maps pronto :-) . you also need to get a promo video up on youtube and get it ranking in the search engines.

  11. Bryan Ring says:

    I used LinkedIn all the time, I am very surprised when someone has never heard of it. But joining as many niche related groups with tons of members will give more opportunities for traffic. Answers is great and your correct that it is a great traffic builder.
    My suggestion would be not to be seen as a spammer, better yet a contributor..the traffic will come if you are involved. Thanks Robert ~ ~

  12. Beth from 2012 Grants says:

    Being a part of a group related to your niche is the best way for you to get more traffic for your blog. As most people believe, many of them will surely work on these strategies.
    Beth recently posted..Free College Grants For MinoritiesMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi Beth, you are so right in that joining a group that is related to your noche works a treat.

      • Beth from 2012 Grants says:

        It would actually works especially if you want to master your own niche too. Each member of the group can share their knowledge to each other for the benefit of one another.
        Beth recently posted..Technology College GrantsMy Profile

        • Robert says:

          Hello Beth, LinkedIn is definitely a great place to network and get extra traffic to your website. And sharing information in helping people within LinkedIn groups really does solidify your position As an expert.

  13. Nicholle Olores says:

    Great tips ahead. I already use LinkedIn once and it is truly great. LinkedIn helps a lot in driving traffic to your blog.
    Nicholle Olores recently posted..The Benefits of Choosing Timber Windows When Renovating Your HomeMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hello Nicholle, Using Linkedin is a great way to get some traffic to your site. If you get involoved in the coversations within the groups that you have joined you will get some nice visits to your blog.

  14. Giles says:

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for sharing this invaluable tips with us. Looking forward to learning more from you.
    Giles recently posted..The 5 D’s of SuccessMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Giles I’ve got lots more to share that the moment I have around four Guest Articles I need to post this week so I guess I won’t be to post anything myself for a few days :(

  15. Greg Holbert says:

    I got a Linkedin profile not too long ago, and this blog post has opened my eyes to how much benefit I could be getting for my blogs. Thanks for the informative post and keep it up!
    Greg Holbert recently posted..Electronic Tax Filing News Update: Cyber CriminalsMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      hello Greg, That’s what this blog is all about giving value and new information to all that visit here. There are so many things you can do on LinkedIn is some pretty amazing.

  16. Crosby says:

    Hi Robert, it was a great article with a great tips to share. Thanks for the thoughts, looking forward for the next post.
    Crosby recently posted..Pulsatile TinnitusMy Profile

  17. Jenny Brown from Car Duster says:

    Thank you for sharing ideas. I’m not yet a member of Linkedin but I’m considering now of creating an account there.
    Jenny Brown recently posted..Gas Duster: Effective Cleaning Tool for Delicate ItemsMy Profile

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