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Facebook is no longer just a social networking website. It is one of the most prominent and powerful Internet companies operating today.

Its rise has been unprecedented, and Facebook has been integrated in countless other applications, websites and companies.

Big businesses rely on Facebook’s platform to launch new marketing campaign and connect directly with consumers. Facebook is also integral to people’s social lives.

Boasting almost 1 billion users, many people are reliant on Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, share locations, play games and take photographs. Therefore, it is no surprise that many of its users, along with the business world, are wondering what Facebook will do next.


Facebook’s Recent Additions

Facebook is constantly changing, and it is always striving to identify new trends and user requirements. Recently, Facebook launched a separate Windows application for its messaging service.

Internet instant messaging has existed for years, but many people rely on Facebook’s messaging system as it is one of the easiest ways to connect with friends from contact lists.

Facebook identified this, and developed messaging software that does not require a web browser.


Acquisitions and Spotting Talent

For years, Facebook has been adept at spotting rising businesses and start-ups with potential and acquiring them for their portfolio.

Facebook has always said that it does this to buy talent, rather than companies, but these purchases have always been an indicator of what Facebook plans to do in the future.

The most popular acquisition has been Instagram. Facebook paid almost £1 billion for the photograph capturing and sharing software and, soon after the buy-out, it was integrated in the Facebook platform and quickly changed the way users take and share photographs.

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Facial Recognition

Facebook recently purchased Face.com; an Israeli-based company that specialises in facial recognition software. Although no officials announcements have been made, it seems likely that it will be integrated in Facebook in the near future.

The implications seem obvious, as users can already tag themselves in photos for identification.

It is anticipated that this software may be able to do the tagging automatically, as it could be able to identify users based on previous tags.

However, the acquisition has already raised eyebrows. Facebook has struggled with privacy issues in the past, and many are worried that this may be a step too far for users who are concerned about keeping their online identity as low profile as possible.


Games, Games, Games

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that gaming, like most activities, has to have the social experience integrated with it as people want to play with their friends.

Although Facebook has always had success with games in the app centre and has the gaming giant Zynga behind them, it is anticipated that they will soon capitalise on the ever growing casual mobile gaming market.

As users are encouraged to make in-game purchases with real money, it could be another way for Facebook to boost its revenues. Facebook games such as Farmville have been successful for years, but expect even more to come from Facebook in the future.


Promoting and Advertising

Facebook has been trialing a new scheme in New Zealand which allows users to pay a small fee to boost the popularity of their status updates.

If a user wants to make sure that their friends read what they are sharing, they can pay to keep the update at the top of the News Feed. Normally, the News Feed is generated and populated by recent updates first, but this feature would mean that paid posts could be ‘stuck’ at the top for a determined amount of time.

It is anticipated that companies who want to make their advertising seen will also find this feature very useful if it is implemented globally.

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pixel Facebooks Next Move
 Facebooks Next Move

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  1. abhishek from Enneagram workshops says:

    with all the financial resources they have after the recent successful IPO, facebook is in a very good position for growth by acquisition. I think they will emerge as a big competitor for google as well i times to come…

  2. Aayna from Corporate training Brisbane says:

    Hey Robert,
    A relevant post. These days Facebook is everywhere. It has truly risen from the tag of just a social networking site and has incorporated all the featured to become an internet company which is used by the world at large. Each and every person is linked with Facebook in some way or the other, so everybody is eyeing on what steps will this giant take in future. The messaging service of Facebook is a great tool. I connect with my entire friend circle through Facebook messaging. Thanks for sharing the post.

  3. That’s true, it’s now one of the world most powerful company. Lucky for Zuckerberg.

  4. Kristine from seo professional says:

    Thanks for sharing, facebook has definitely revolutionized the concept of social networking and has successfully defined the ways and means that we can interact. I’m a big fan of the site and I have taken advantage of most of the features from gaming all the way to instagram. Many thanks!

  5. "Joy from suchmaschinenoptimierung " says:

    Facebook has definitely changed the outline of social network, I specifically remember how limited our platforms were back then. Thanks for the share.

  6. Lana says:

    The progress that Facebook shown us indicates that they like do business. Who wouldn’t anyway :) . They put everything in there, personal life, apps, marketing, they’ll rule the industry. Unless there is new power arise someday. But for now, facebook now what its doing.
    Lana recently posted..Extreme Diet Prevent Pregnancy?My Profile

  7. with all the money they have after the latest effective IPO, facebook or myspace is in a very excellent place for development by purchase. I think they will appear as a big opponent for search engines as well i periods to come…

  8. richa from social media training says:

    Facebook is the big thing today. It has given a solid platform for all business. The new tools and features it keeps coming with is helping it become even better. Thanks for the share.
    richa recently posted..Goldburd McCone LLP at the Nasdaq Opening BellMy Profile

  9. Why are their stocks sliding despite these additions? Is it a bubble about to burst? Nice share though- was not aware of FB’s foray in these fields.

  10. Fatima from social media for business says:

    Facebook has become the most effective internet marketing tool and has the competitive advantage of being the most powerful social media marketing tool as well. It has been flourishing ever since its inception and shows promise of staying in future with successful business as well.

  11. Lisa Chaves says:

    Absolutely. Everyone from different demographics are now into Facebook. It’s like a necessity to most people.

    • Robert says:

      so true Lisa, Facebook is so massive now that if your business is not using it you will lose £££ or $$$$ depending on you demographic :)

  12. Facebook is changing so many times that you sometimes miss their new features. Never knew about face recognition

  13. I used fb daily and I think that is a good marketing tool and good friend finder tool.

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