3 Secret Ways to Create a Popular Blog In A Blink Of An Eye


blog marketing up close blue pen graphic 300x225 3 Secret Ways to Create a Popular Blog In A Blink Of An EyeIt may look like an easy job to make a popular blog: just write what you know, right? Wrong! Not one of the bloggers “who made it” has done it easily, and even after their blog becomes popular, they work hard for it to stay that way. There are rules and steps to it, and they require patience and commitment; if you’re ready to commit yourself to your blog, let’s start.


Loads Of Great Content That Is Presented In An Attractive Way

You’ve probably read it a million times, but it’s true: you can’t become a great blogger without having a fantastic content.

Whatever your blogging niche is, all of your articles must be of high quality, not to mention that they must be 100% unique and interesting to your visitors.

That’s why you should make your blog look professional, and try to present your content in other forms than articles (videos, images, slides…). You must give your readers a reason to come back and to recommend your blog to their friends.

Now, you do realize that, especially at first, you’ll have to publish several articles a week? That’s a lot of work, and if you have no idea what you will write about after the first few weeks, then take an hour and brainstorm on it.

Other blogs in your niche are a great place to start gathering ideas, as well as social networks and other places where you can find people interested in your main topic.

All of this, of course, assuming that you already have enough general knowledge about the niche you’ve chosen. In case you don’t, then start reading – it takes time to become an expert, and even more to establish yourself as one.


Get Visitors To Your Blog

If you already have a great looking blog with fantastic content on it, the next step is to present it to people. No, Google won’t do that for you, you have to go and find your audience.

There are many ways to drive visitors. You can start learning about search engine optimization (SEO), which is a slow process but well worth it – eventually your blog will start receiving visitors from Google for various search terms.

In the meantime, you can start promoting your blog on relevant forums or by commenting on other blogs in your niche. Establish contact with other bloggers, and ask them to do guest posting on their blogs – if you’re creating truly quality articles, you will get visitors for your blog from the link you leave in your author bio.

You should also share each post with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, and ask them to share it further. That way it will reach more people, and some of them can even like your blog so much that they will subscribe to it. After a while, when you have a decent list of email subscribers, you can notify them directly about every new article you publish.


Communicate With Your Readers

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, learn how to communicate with your blog readers. You’ve chosen to communicate with the entire world by sharing what you write on your blog – so let them communicate with you.

It’s the best way to create a community of people around your blog; a strong community will help it run successfully.

You can communicate with them on the blog itself, in the comments. Always leave the commenting section on, because the comments will allow you to get feedback from your readers, and to reply to them (at least to thank them for commenting).

You should also make relationships with your readers via Twitter, Facebook, Google+…  Make it easy for them to find you by displaying like/follow me/Google+ buttons on your website, and when you get them to join your network, do your best to keep them in the long term.

All great bloggers have struggled at the beginning, so don’t let the amount of work required intimidate you; if you truly want to succeed, there are no shortcuts – you have to cover all the bases.

Jeff Gross is an internet marketing expert. Through his company, Jeff successfully leverages social media marketing, SEO, and website development to boost local businesses, like Serije, across the web.

pixel 3 Secret Ways to Create a Popular Blog In A Blink Of An Eye
 3 Secret Ways to Create a Popular Blog In A Blink Of An Eye

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11 Responses

  1. These are tried and true methods that are worth repeating again and again. I’ve found blogging to be full of hills and valleys. I need to keep these tips on on the brain when I’m riding high and when I”m frustrated by the lack of movement in my stats.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Perk says:

    Getting a popular blog in blink of an eye is not an easy task to do. It takes a long time and hard work. Google’s update going to make us start all over again.
    Perk recently posted..Draw Something App for Android and iOSMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      That Google update has completely destroyed some many businesses and so many people have lost their jobs. You just have to stop playing the Google game and start building a list and use more social media

  3. Wanda says:

    I know social media is very important to bring audience to your blog but my facebook page is not good enough to bring any audience, I have been told that it needs patience and persistence I hope it works out some day!
    Wanda recently posted..What Is Hitachi Magic Wand?My Profile

  4. This is blogging, we try our best in the hopes that we get readers, I personally think that a lot of the old promotion techniques are far less effective than they used to be, however you can still get a good following from forum posting and my best source is social media
    Den Nicholson recently posted..How I Use Curation Traffic Theme To Increase TrafficMy Profile

  5. used tires says:

    Good points, Jessica. It is no longer about just jotting down random musings but about providing content that is actually useful for the readers. After all, that is why will they choose one site to frequent over the other unless one gives them something more and on a consistent basis.

    used tires recently posted..How to be proactive about used tire problemsMy Profile

  6. erwin from motoactv says:

    I am not a pro blogger however I still practicing and developing my skill. I agree with perk that getting popular in Google search result isn’t easy job but it’s not possible. Now I consider to improve my social media to get more traffic after read this article and comments.

  7. Basically i also believe that communication with your reader can boost traffic to our website lot. There are other benefits which we can get by communication but i think boost of traffic is major
    Dhheraj from SEO Services recently posted..WEBSITE ANALYSIS BY EXTENSIVE SEO RESEARCHMy Profile

  8. bagaimana says:

    I agreed with you about the 3 secret ways. Thanks for the tips.. :)
    bagaimana recently posted..Bagaimana Mengira Masa Subur WanitaMy Profile

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