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panda bear  san diego zoo 300x200 How To Get Out Of PandaGoogle has got two new algorithm updates on the block, the Panda and the Penguin. Panda 3.5 was launched on April 19 and already hit many sites on the Google block to extinction. So what happens if Google puts your site inside the Panda jail? How do you get out of Panda? Read on.


Evaluate Ranking Sites

If your site has been hit by the Panda, the first thing that you need to do is to check and re-check the search queries that you have lost traffic for.

Then initiate a search with 10-15 of these queries and examine the top ranking search results that land up subsequently on the Google page. Check the security measures they implement and the way they include ads in their pages.

You may need to lower the Ad-to-Text ratio in your page, as it is confirmed that Panda lashes back if it finds more of advertising than content on your pages.

Seo experts who analyze site quality aspects have done researches on the same and come out with one observation – if 16% of the total sites ranked on Google have been hit by the Panda, 95% of these are related to commercially motivated terms – product names, travel locations, services, household appliances and most importantly tech blogs.

Panda has struck these systematically and quarantined them from making appearance.

Your next step would be therefore to examine the ranking sites that are doing it all right, against the same search queries as yours, and formulate your website(s) in their line.


Content – Quantity Also Matters

Content quality and quality content – if this is what you have always paid attention to, now is the time to focus on the quantity of it too. Why? Because Panda is seen in general to hit sites which have “thin” pages, pages which sometimes contain no more than 50 words.

While these had worked to pull traffic earlier, Panda, on its arrival, has wiped them out.

So if your site has been put behind the bars because of too less content, bulk it up with the most current updates for moving on.

We suggest that you also no-index pages having high bounce rate or high exit rate on your site. Also wipe out pages that have not experienced traffic footfall for quite some time.

To repair a low bounce rate, you should try to make sure that your site pages match the search intent optimally with relevance and value.


Repair Your Link Profile

Google hates low-quality links. So if your site has an abundance of that, as also links from sites which Panda has put behind the bars, remove them. You must also try to grow links naturally by improving your reputation and proficiency in the SEO world.

More about how to get out of Panda? Increase the value of your content by-

  • Adding relevant video
  • Adding images
  • Adding authority links
  • Lessening ads
  • Enhancing quantity
  • Reducing duplication

Done rightly, all these will contribute to pull your site out from the Panda jail. Panda is all about quality and when it finds that in your site, it will release it right away.

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 How To Get Out Of Panda

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  1. Amanda says:

    Of course, adding some interactive information can help you to increase number of site visitors, can make it more popular
    Amanda recently posted..Photography WordPress ThemesMy Profile

  2. With the Google Panda update, many sites have seen their page rank and visitors decrease. It was basically created to wipe out all the duplicate content, low quality content websites from the search engine rankings.

  3. erwin from teeter hang-ups says:

    I actually hate the panda but I think it’s better to make friend with it. I don’t my web get hit again by it.
    erwin recently posted..Horizon TreadmillMy Profile

  4. With the Search engines Panda upgrade, many websites have seen their pr and guests reduce. It was generally designed to destroy all the copy material, low quality material websites from the serps.

  5. Aayna from Enneagram workshops says:

    Hey Robert,
    A friend of mine who is the owner of a website, just loathes the Google Panda in all means. She lost a considerable number of visitors because of it. But in my opinion, this new tool from the giant Google is not bad. It’s just that it is misinterpreted, the aim of the panda is not to reduce the traffic on the website, instead, it aimed to reduce the duplicacy present in the web.

  6. Abhishek from seo services says:

    A lot of people have suffered from the panda and penguin updates and the pointers mentioned in the article are really helpful….even though repairing link profile is a time consuming process but the same cannot be avoided…..

  7. Joy from corporate social network says:

    I guess a lot of internet marketers have really reacted, and suffered in the process, since the release of panda and penguin updates. I believe, however, that if we try to look at it in another perspective, we can find ways to go around it and learn a few important lessons to make it work to our advantage instead. Your pointers are very helpful — thank you very much. =)

  8. Kristine from seo services says:

    I stand by growing links the natural way and this is a great method to employ to get yourself out of panda. I also make it a point to consistently share relevant and quality information that my readers will actually benefit from.

  9. sudhir from getfreewiipoints says:

    I feel as long as one maintain good quality in the content then most of these site will not get effected by Google panda. But even after taking all the necessary steps and if the site is effected by panda then one should try really hard and also request google to recheck the site.
    sudhir recently posted..How To Get Free Wii Points Codes?My Profile

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