How To Get To Number 1 In Google Organic SERPS


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If you have a SEO blog, the chances are you are fighting significant competition in the SERPS. Unfortunately, most people consider the top ten results to be authority sites, whether they offer value and relevance, or not.

While paid optimization methods, such as Google Adsense, can certainly strengthen your position, they can also be horrendously expensive. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to push your site to the number one spot organically.


Develop an SEO Strategy

Obtaining a powerful and sustainable position within search engine result pages requires the development and implementation of a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Organic techniques can yield remarkable results as they help direct a steady flow of traffic to your site naturally. Unique content should be at the core of your strategy.


Create Relevant Content

Google craves relevancy, which means you need to produce high quality SEO content that is relevant to search terms people use to find sites like yours. If you can maintain relevancy, you will effectively provide search engines with the food they require to keep your site at number one.

In addition, your content will attract backlinks, which allows you to preserve stronger positioning for longer. SEO content is simply content optimized for your targeted keywords.


Be Consistent

Many website owners throw in the towel too soon, giving up when they fail to see results. Making it to the top spot is not going to happen overnight, so it is crucial to be consistent and continuously implement your SEO strategy.

Additionally, you need to understand that posting one or two articles a month will not yield the results you desire. You have to post and share valuable and engaging content frequently. We refer to this technique as content marketing.

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Use Content Marketing

Besides increasing your site’s exposure through the number of backlinks you attract, content marketing helps you generate leads, retain the attention of your readership, improve your website’s accessibility, boost your customer retention rates, and maintain long-term positioning within Google’s SERPS. Ultimately, this leads to an increase in direct sales and your revenue.

Implement Local SEO Tactics

Local SEO can offer results similar to content marketing. Internet users are refining their search criteria, adding specific locations to their main search phrases.

Therefore, it is vital to optimize your SEO blog with keywords that include your business’s location. Even if you work purely online, customers want to know they can buy products and services within their immediate area.

Google Places and business directories are just two of the many tools you can use to amplify your online presence. The main benefit of local SEO is that the right keywords will deliver Internet users who are actively searching for your offering directly to your site.


In Conclusion

Essentially, you cannot go wrong with an SEO strategy that consists of both local search marketing and content marketing. If you implement your strategy correctly, you not only attract a steady flow of organic, qualified traffic, but you create a competitive advantage that will help you outlast your competitors. These organic techniques also work for you constantly, which ensures your website benefits 24/7.

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pixel How To Get To Number 1 In Google Organic SERPS
 How To Get To Number 1 In Google Organic SERPS

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  1. Amanda says:

    To my mind, the number of ways and opportunities that are aimed to improve SEO today is so huge, that everyone of us can choose the most suitable and the most appropriate for the sphere in which we work
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  2. abhishek from Enneagram workshops says:

    Quality content is always the key though one cannot ignore the importance of SEO. Additionally, presence on social media also plays a very critical role these days and cannot be ignored…

  3. Excellent material is always the key though one cannot neglect the value of SEO. Furthermore, existence on public networking also performs a very crucial part nowadays and cannot be ignored…

  4. Kristine from seo agency says:

    It’s very disappointing to see top ranking sites that are not exactly of excellent quality, more often than not these are the sites majority of surfers look into first. Thanks for sharing your tips, hopefully more bloggers will consider practicing these to achieve their desired blog rankings in an efficient way.

  5. I hope that every blogger will make an effort to impart more valuable insights to us instead of the usual selling techniques that they utilize. It takes a great deal of dedication and perseverance to be on top and to deserve being there.

  6. Aayna from diamond calculator says:

    Hey Robert,
    Content is the king! A relevant and appropriate content is one of the essential requirements in the process of generating organic SERPS. Readers visit the site only when they believe that the food for thought which the blog will provide will be of quality. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips, these are very helpful for new bloggers.
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  7. Vinod Kumar from free itunes codes says:

    Completely agree with you Robert.Consistency is the key for a successful campaign.Slow and steady always wins the race.
    Vinod Kumar recently posted..Method to get 100$ Itunes Codes Absolutely FreeMy Profile

  8. richa from massage school california says:

    Having a good strategy is very important for ranking high. Content as they say is the king and developing quality content regularly is a requisite. thanks for these great tips.

  9. To my thoughts, the plethora of possibilities and possibilities that are targeted to enhance SEO these days is so large, that everyone of us can select the most appropriate and the most appropriate for the area in which we work

  10. aimee says:

    I agree with Richa that a good strategy is important. You should really take the time to develop this thoroughly before approaching any aspect of it.

  11. Meena Kros from Free Xbox Live Codes says:

    However we do have the consider the cost factor Robert while developing SEO strategy.Using content marketing it very vital but content is also the costliest part in any SEO campaign.I think one has to go out of box and find cheaper ways to rank.Anybody with big budget can rank the site but the question how can your rank the site in least budget.
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  12. Colin Boyd from Quickbooks Training Center says:

    SEO requires time and a lot of effort. By all means plan your keywords and optimise your site, but the main focus must be on great content, if your site / blog is worthy and well written it will rank, people will visit and you’ll get back links and with the value of social media increasing in Google’s eyes you’ll soon find you’re out ranking your competitors. Focus on the content.

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