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1318881251 link Link Building For Small BusinessesLink building is an essential component of search engine optimisation. Most people who are familiar with SEO are aware of this fact. However, link building is also the trickiest and most time consuming part of the SEO process.

For smaller businesses this can present a major issue. Outsourcing your link building requirements to an SEO agency can be very expensive and it can take many months or even years before you start to see an ROI on your investment. This particularly applies to brand new web based businesses which have launched on a new domain.

The often talked about “Google Sandbox Effect” can sometimes render any link building activity obsolete. One thing small business owners can do to keep their SEO costs to a minimum would be to bring the initial link building work in-house. This does, of course, require the ability to set aside time each week to carry out this work. If you are able to do this, then there are some essential tools you’ll need. Here are 4 essential things you should do:

Install Mozbar

mozbar Link Building For Small Businesses

The Mozbar tool is essential for carrying out on-the-fly link research. It enables you to view essential link metrics about a particular site or webpage instantly, helping you to know whether or not securing a link from that site will help you to rank better in the search engines too.

The essential metrics include Page Authority, Domain Authority and MozRank – SEOmoz’s equivalent to PageRank. PageRank is no longer a reliable metric, mainly due to the fact that it is not frequently updated anymore, whereas the data in Mozbar is updated monthly.

Install SEOBook Toolbar

seotoolbar Link Building For Small Businesses

The SEOBook toolbar also includes a display of PageRank which, although unreliable as a metric, is still useful for comparing scores to MozRank. For example, if a particular website has a MozRank score of 5.2 and a PageRank score of 2, this may possibly indicate that Google has slapped the site with a penalty.

Be cautious of such discrepancies and be sure to run checks on the site you want to secure a link from to see if they rank well on Google for keywords in their title tags. The SEO Toolbar is also essential for quickly gathering essential data about the site you are viewing and hoping to secure a link from.

This includes: the site’s age (older sites are better for SEO), plus the volume and type of links that link to that site (sites with lots of back-links will benefit you more than sites with just a handful).

Run Searches on Open Site Explorer

opensiteexplorer Link Building For Small Businesses


Open Site Explorer is a free tool which is, again, provided by SEOmoz. It’s essential for both analysing your competitor’s back-link profile and for analysing sites you hope to secure a link from. Running a search on this tool can illuminate important warning signs about a particular site.

For example, if a site has a very high MozRank score but a relatively low Page Authority or Domain Authority score, you can use this tool to find out why. If you discover that the vast majority of a site’s back-links are from very low quality, spam sites with low PA and DA scores – cross that site off your link acquisition document (an Excel spreadsheet is essential for monitoring your link building process). Also use this tool to identify your competitor’s top links – you will need a similar link profile in order to compete with them for a top 10 position on Google.

My Blog Guest

myblogguest Link Building For Small Businesses

Finally set yourself up with an account on a guest blogging platform such as My Blog Guest. This tool will help you to find other bloggers and webmasters in your niche who are actively looking for content and will link back to you in return for it. Set aside some time to write some quality articles, submit them to My Blog Guest and wait for the offers to come in.

Then analyse the sites that offer to publish your work using the tools above and select the site which fits best in terms of its relevance, metric scores and its standing with Google – be sure to run some searches on Google to verify whether previous articles the site has published rank well. This is a good indication of whether or not the site will help you to rank too.


These are just 4 tools small business owners can use to bring their link building in-house. Link building requires time, patience and consistency. If you don’t have that to offer then consider hiring a freelance SEO consultant or contract an agency.

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pixel Link Building For Small Businesses
 Link Building For Small Businesses

About James Hubbard

James Hubbard Marketing is a small business SEO consultancy based in Brighton, the UK. James offers a link building service utilizing the techniques in this article.

25 Responses

  1. Justin from Personal Growth says:

    Hi James,
    You provided a wealth of information and resources in this post. I am no SEO expert by any stretch of the imagination but I can definitely improve with using the tools that you provided in this post.
    Justin recently’s Guide 4 New Bloggers eBookMy Profile

  2. Thanks Justin, glad you found it useful

  3. I’m using SEO Toolbar and I think it’s the best and the easiest SEO software so far. It provides all the necessary information

    • Robert says:

      SEO quake For Firefox is my SEO bar of choice it has definitely helped me to find some real golden information about websites including my own.

  4. Radu says:

    I had used SEO Toolbar for a while but i discovered the SeoQuake toolbar which (in my opinion) is much better.

    • Robert says:

      I never used SEO toolbar before so I cannot comment on it but I discovered a SEO quake first and I have never looked back or tried any other SEO tool bar

  5. i have one small business blog and i will build links now..thanks sir

  6. Jenny says:

    Thank you for sharing this post. I have subscribe to seo book and had installed the toolbar.
    Jenny recently posted..By: Promo CodeMy Profile

  7. Ray says:

    The mozbar toolbar is a nice tool that will give you some helpful info for every page you visit. I’ve been using it for a long time now. I run a few sites through open site explorer on occasion. I only have a free account so it’s a little limited, but for free it shows you plenty of stats. The seo toolbar I turn off and on when I need it. There are so many good browser extensions and addons out there, as well as websites in general for seo. Never hurts to try check them out, especially for free.
    Ray recently posted..Google Pagerank Update November 7th, 2011My Profile

    • Robert says:

      I agree with you it never hurts to try out a new SEO toolbar. A word of warning though there are so many different SEO tools at there that it is starting to get here to bit overwhelming and sometimes too much choice is not good. So it’s best to find the best answer you and stick to it.

  8. Lahja says:

    Thanks for sharing these 4 tools. This was valuable information for me. I have had problems with the link building.
    Lahja recently posted..Onko verkossa ostaminen turvallista?My Profile

  9. Matthew from LLC in PA says:

    Great tips here for sure! Installing the free tools located at SEOmoz and SEObook will help many small businesses get started in their link building and SEO efforts.

    Thanks !
    Matthew recently posted..What’s Considered a Small Business Tax Deductible ExpenseMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hey ther Matthew thank for dropping by. I agree because if you are going to do any type of link building you are going to need these tools as a minimum

  10. Thanks for this info! I currently use SEO Rank and then check SEOMoz for competitor back links but wasn’t aware of the other choices that you mentioned. Very much appreciated and helpful!
    Yayson Potter recently posted..Social Media Buttons In The Menu Bar or Header On A Squarespace SiteMy Profile

  11. Melisa03 says:


    Internet marketing is as important for your SEO needs.SEO often been described as complex topic.We really appreciate your effort,Good information here. I really enjoy reading them every day.

    Forum link building

  12. Irina says:

    Searching for CommentLuv also helps :-) Normally, lots of such sites are dofollow, and if not, it is easy to check :-)

  13. Aaron says:

    There’s a lot of people that use the spammy type of bots to automate the process for themselves…I wouldn’t do this though, yeah it saves time but at what cost? You may very likely get sand boxed…plus just annoy the hell out of a lot of people on autopilot, neither of which is good for your brand. It’s better like you’ve suggested to just sit down, find some good quality websites and build your links there manually.

    I hope it’s ok to just add my URL/keywords here instead of using the CommentLuv feature cause I want a specific page shown How Do I Become More Mature. Thanks for the post man, and some great ideas on the tools I’m going to be using from now on :)

    • Robert says:

      Haha most of the people using bot’s are amateurs they just spam like crazy thinking that the links will stick.

      no problem with the link, only because you contributed to the post :)

  14. Rebecca says:

    Great post! As a web design company we’re often asked by potential clients if we can create a site that will be on the front page of Google. After explaining the complexity and work involved in ongoing SEO maintenance– the kind that will land you on the front page-legitimately, the next questions is almost always- “can’t I just pay for a links?” I really like the way you’ve explained the implications of doing so. I’ll certainly be sharing this article with my client list.

    I’ve used a few SEO tools in the past with varying levels of reliability. I look forward to test driving the tools you’ve suggested here.

    Wishing you all the best in 2013 and thanks for sharing!

  15. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. so I could practice
    Bendera Partai recently posted..10 Peserta Pemilu 2014My Profile

  16. Oliver from data recovery for Mac says:

    As I have found some of quality features about link building from this post. The regarding contents and features of this post are extremely looking powerful. Thanks for sharing some great experience about improved SEO.

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