Most Common Blogging Mistakes Made by Newbie Bloggers


259365  clock work 300x200 Most Common Blogging Mistakes Made by Newbie BloggersIn this technologically advanced modern age, where most people are glued to their computer monitors or busily caressing their iPad screens, blogging is the ultimate way of connecting with people from all over the world.

Having a blog is as essential as having a Facebook, twitter or Instagram account. Much more it offers all the best features of these three combined.

Blogging offers an endless possibility; it can be used as a source of entertainment, information and for those blessed with the marketing acumen of Mark Zukerberg, financial income.

Almost everybody and anybody have their own blog;A sanctuary where they can unleash their innermost thoughts and ideas for the whole world to see. And there lies the problem, with over Seven billion people and half of it is connected through the World Wide Web.

There are many factors that separate a great blog from a total disaster.

When it comes to blogging mistakes, there are a lot to talk about.  Blogging mistakes don’t just involve the typical spelling and grammatical errors. (Although these are very important)it’s actually much simpler than that sadly it’s the most abused mistakes made.

Here are the top three Mistakes that Bloggers Make:


Quitting Early

For newbie bloggers this is the most prominent and irksome mistake, why? Because it’s inconvenient for people who actually stumble into your blog looking interested only to find out that it’s already inactive.

It’s a just disappointment and not to mention a waste of cookies. So when you start to blog make sure you finish it or at the very least delete it properly.

A Cell Phone Expert once said that always finish what you’ve started for it’s not only a waste of energy but as well a waste of time.


Repost: The Art Of Copying & Pasting

Blogging is not as easy as stringing a few sentences together and posting pictures of instragram photos. Content is important but not just any content.

In the blogging world, Originality is the key factor to having a successful blog.As a newbie blogger it’s easy to be tempted to just copy from another site and  just add some finishing touches to it, but bear in mind people are not easily fooled and copy pasting is an absolute no no!


The Ultimate Blogging Rule!  Just Because You Could Doesn’t Mean You Should!

This statement says it all actually; just because you are free to create your own opinion doesn’t mean that you are entitled to put someone down.

Through the years there are many blog sites dedicated to humiliating and degrading public figures, celebrities and even just normal average people who mind their own business.

Yes, it’s funny to see their humiliating photos and even dirty little secrets about their lives but keep in mind these things are not actually beneficial to anyone.

Blogs like these are often riddled with hate speeches and are very harmful not only to the people whom they target but to the creators as well.

So when you are bursting to dish out about someone, remember to keep the negativity to a minimum. Let’s face it, not everyone would like to see their blogs shut down just because of Justin Beiber.

Author’s Bio:

Krystine Joy Sitjar is a freelance writer who is knowledgeable on internet topics as well as a writer about online business solutions. As a multifaceted writer, Krystine is also an expert on software applications.

pixel Most Common Blogging Mistakes Made by Newbie Bloggers
 Most Common Blogging Mistakes Made by Newbie Bloggers

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  1. Aayna from gold calculator says:

    Hey Alex,
    Blogging is a great platform to gain the popularity as well as make the world read your thoughts. But indeed some mistakes can ruin the entire blogging process and can even bring bad name to the blogger. The mistakes mentioned in the post are apt and bloggers who are especially new to this field must avoid these mistakes. Thanks for sharing this valuable post.

  2. richa from wordpress file upload plugin says:

    Blogging is something that requires patience, so one should just not make the mistake of quitting it early. These are great points that you have made here. Thanks for the share.

  3. Fatima from Leadership training Brisbane says:

    Blogging is in itself an art that one learns and masters over time. A quality content that does not contain direct or indirect offence to any school of thought and a lot of persistence are the key ingredients to become a successful blogger. Thanks for highlighting these useful tips.

  4. Kristine from Bankruptcy Lawyer Orangetown says:

    When one is new in blogging it can be difficult to understand that success will not come overnight. I went through the same frustrating stage when I did not know how to manage my expectations wisely and I was almost on the verge of quitting. Thanks for these reminders Robert :)

  5. Joy from cash for diamonds says:

    To get past this confusing and challenging phase a newbie must learn the value of persistence and dedication. You must be able to withstand the test of time in order for you to maximize your full potential as a blogger. Thanks for the enlightening share.
    Joy recently posted..Cash for Gold Scams OnlineMy Profile

  6. Abhishek from massage school in california says:

    Blogging is not a easy task. As a newbie, it becomes all the more important to write quality and informative posts so as to attract visitors. Blogging does require patience and a lot of commitment and only quality articles with a bit of SEO can ensure that blogger succeeds in the long term.

  7. Malds says:

    Great info. Quitting early is fairly common especially for people that don’t get that much, or no traffic at all. So I think one of the most basic things that every blogger should learn is how to market your blog through SEO and/or social media.

    Even just gaining 1-5 new readers a day will make you feel that you’re getting somewhere.
    Malds recently posted..The internet has a lot of part time jobs for students in the PhilippinesMy Profile

  8. These are fantastic! Such great reminders that really keep it all in perspective. Thanks for the tips- I’ll be linking to this post.

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