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new com My Killer CommentLuv StrategiesGetting comments on your blog is one of the most fundamental things that every blog needs.  Without comments your blog will look uninteresting and pretty lame. Nobody wants a lame blog.

But getting people to comment can prove to be pretty tough especially when you have a new blog.

I’ve been using CommentLuv for a few months now and I’ve seen the great benefits that this plug-in provides. I received more comments on blogs posts than I ever did in the past.


In this article I am going to show you some of the tips and tricks that I use to get maximum exposure to my articles.



Getting setup

There are a couple of things you need to have before you can use these comment strategies outlined throughout this article and they are:

  1. An Avatar  (Gravatar)
  2. CommentLuv plug-in


An avatar is the small picture of you that appears beside your comment whenever you leave one on a blog.

my avatar new My Killer CommentLuv Strategies








You can create an avatar for free at


If you need more information about this subject and how to create one you can go to my blog post here which explains all about it.



You also need to install the CommentLuv plug-in onto your WordPress or blogger website.  I recommend that you use the premium version of CommentLuv but you don’t have to because my tips also work with the free version.

The reason why I recommend using CommentLuv premium is because it has so many different functions and other goodies that every serious blogger should try and invest in this marvellous plug-in.


You can download the free version of CommentLuv here or from your WordPress plug-ins page.

If you have a blogger blog you can learn how to install the CommentLuv plug-in onto your blog here

Now let’s get into the strategies!

The Controversial Title

Now this is one powerful tip which will increase your click through rate a hundred fold. What you have to do is write a controversial post on your website for example.

“It’s proven that backlinks don’t work”

“You don’t need traffic to your site to make money”

“Google panda is a lie”

I know that these titles are quite far out there and maybe untrue but I guess you get the point.

Another example


contovertial My Killer CommentLuv Strategies














Now because you have a controversial or attention grabbing title, whenever you leave a comment on a CommentLuv enabled blog, people will see your controversial title and this will spark curiosity. People will be more likely to click through to your website.

The screenshot below shows you this method at work.


mitz My Killer CommentLuv Strategies








adhi My Killer CommentLuv Strategies








As you can see it is a pretty potent strategy to get people to click through to your website.


Comment Queue Jumping

This is another little strategy I like to use and it works for both CommentLuv and non-CommentLuv enabled blogs, but you would get better results from CommentLuv enabled blogs.

Being the first person to comment on a blog post is very important because everyone pays attention to the first few comments under an article.

But being the first person to comment on an article can sometimes be difficult especially if the article has been out for a few days.

There are a few ways around this, number one being you can subscribe to that blog’s RSS feed and whenever they update their blog you will be alerted.  When you are alerted you can quickly shoot over to blog, read the article and then leave comment.

If you are too late you could just do comment queue jumping!

If a blog post has over 15 comments the chances of people reading your comment and clicking through on your link is quite low.

I have found a way around this, all you have to do is reply to the first comment on the blog and that way your comment will be number 2 instead of number 16.

Now when people come to the blog they will see your comment with your controversial title and click through to your website.


Top Commentluvvers domination

This is one of my favourite ways to get free advertising plus free social proof. It is a very easy technique but you’re going to have to contribute to a person’s blog who has “Top Commentluvvers” enabled.

Everybody likes comments and everybody likes their blog to look interesting and busy. It’s a nice sight for all bloggers to behold when they look on their blog and they see in their Top Commentluvvers widget, people who have commented eight times.

Now this is a method where all you have to do is comment on a person’s blog as many times as it takes for you to get in to the “Top Commentluvvers“.

Another good thing to do is look for busy and highly trafficked sites with high PR then that way your face and Controversial Title will be seen hundreds of times.

There is only one small problem and that is if the blog owner resets the Top Commentluvvers plug-in then your face and Controversial Title will disappear.

I have only seen this on a handful of blogs like  The chances of a blog owner resetting the Top Commentluvvers are low.  If no one comments on their blog for a few days then it makes their blog look dull and boring and this will have a negative effect on their site.

There are so many benefits being top of the “Commentluvvers list“, you get backlinks, people see your face and Controversial Title and that will bring more people to your site.

a. Quick tip

One of the things I do when I want to get onto the “Top Commentluvvers” list is to find a post where people have commented on, then answer their questions or add to their comments.

Say for instance the topic is “traffic Generation” and one of the replies says

“Great blog, some of these methods I have never heard of before”

Then I will just reply

“These methods are really great and they all do work, but make sure that you take action and put them into practice and you will see the benefits in a short period of time.”

This is a bit of a crude example but I guess you get what I’m trying to say.

I have done this many times on one article that has multiple comments on it and I got onto the top 10 list within 10 min.

A word of warning, make sure that you actually add value to the post you are commenting on because if you spam, your comments will not get approved.

Finding blogs that have the “Top Commentluvvers” plug-in installed is very easy all have to do is go to Google and type down in the search

“Top Commentluvvers” or click here

And that’s it.  The majority of the blogs that show up will have the plug-in enabled, give or take a few.


Get Even More Attention

There is a method that I have been using for a few weeks now on how you can get even more attention to your comments.  This tip is very easy to implement and yet very powerful.

Whenever you leave a comment on a CommentLuv enabled blog make sure you +1, Tweet and like the article.  I will show you why this is important.


shear demo My Killer CommentLuv Strategies


















This powerful method has two benefits one of which is, when you share the content your comment will look different from anyone else’s.


comment attention My Killer CommentLuv Strategies

















That leads me to the second benefit of sharing content that is on a comment love enabled blog.

This is what happens in the back end of a blog that has CommentLuv installed.


demo 2 My Killer CommentLuv StrategiesNow if you look at my comment it tells the Webmaster that I have +1, liked and tweeted their comment.

When the Webmaster sees this they are more likely to come and visit your site because they feel obligated.

It happened to me many times as soon as I see that someone has shared my content I go straight to their website and read their articles and leave a  comment.

I feel that because they have taken the time and effort to share my content I will take some extra time and effort to contribute to their website.

Well that wraps up this powerful e-book. If you follow all the points in this article you will be receiving a crazy amount of comments to your blog in no time.


Now go out there and take action!


pixel My Killer CommentLuv Strategies
 My Killer CommentLuv Strategies

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  1. First to comment! Let’s see if this works :) I love CommentLuv, so simple yet genius! Have seen some interesting viral squeeze page scripts lately too.
    Small Business SEO recently posted..The Selling Solution (AKA How to Dramatically Increase Conversion Rates Instantly!)My Profile

    • Robert says:

      hi there, your comment got my attention becuase you +1 and liked if – thanks. I see that you are following my tips :-)

      • SK says:

        I took your advice too, as is evident from my reply to a reply! I also got a Gravar a few minutes ago and am going to subscribe to several RSS feeds.

        Thanks for a very informative post!

        • Robert says:

          Getting your Gravatar set up is one of the beyst thinks you can do as a blogger because it will help your social proof and trust..

    • Ron from Private Label Rights says:

      Haha you were quick on the comment…doing a little research of my own so we will see! Just need to get a Gravatar set up…since I hate any picture of myself I think I will need the wife and kids to pic one out. Hope this works!!
      Ron recently posted..Snoring PLR Articles 2 with Private Label RightsMy Profile

      • Luther from social media agency says:

        You really should set up a gravatar. I have seen blogs not approve comments just because they didn’t have gravatars. While this might seem unfair, other people see it as a way to weed out spam.
        Luther recently posted..The Far-out Future of Social MediaMy Profile

        • SEOGuy from Traffic Team says:

          Having just purchased Comment Luv premium for my own blog I knew this post would be of interest to me and I was right.

          I’ll have to look into how to get that gravatar setup and make sure all is okay. This is actually my very first post through Comment Luv so time will tell.

          However, you MISSED the boat as it relates to social media.

          I’ll agree that it makes your post look more unique but it also makes your social media accounts look more engaging while you drive people to other people’s blogs where your link just happens to reside in the comments. Instead of being a one man band you end up being an informative resource.

          I do have a question though.

          If I Google: comment luv “keyword” I receive a list of places blogs that are enabled with comment luv where I can leave my comments. Does this work the same way for Comment Luv premium searches?

          Oh, and if you find a blog where you want to leave a comment but they already have a ton of comments what is to prevent you from finding another post on that blog which has fewer comments?
          SEOGuy recently posted..Secret Tips On How To Increase Traffic To BlogMy Profile

  2. Hi Robert,

    I really like CommentLuv for my site and for commenting on others sites like yours. It is a great plugin to increase comments.

    It is a great idea to have your gravatar set up and it is such an easy thing to do.

    My Best,
    Stephen Peters recently posted..Promoting Your Blog …. The Secret PictureMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      I hate seeing that Mystery Man on my blog so I most of the time tell the commenter how to set up their Gravatar. But yeh comluv is such a great plugin to have on your blog

  3. Reese says:

    You have given very easy practical tips and I just had a “how come I never thought of that” moment. Commentluv is very nifty tool for online marketers and you have just pointed out ways for a marketer to take the commentluv experience to a level that’s more advantageous.
    Reese recently posted..Spring into a New Credit Card DealMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Thank you for your nice comment Reese, The commentluv tips in this article will definatly help you to get more traffic to your site and help with your social proof

  4. Anny Thomas says:

    Hi Robert thanks for this excellent post… I have very recently read about commentluv and keywordluv… umm yes m quiet new to this whole blogging thing… ur ideas and suggestions will certainly help me :)
    Anny Thomas recently posted..How to Write a Good ResumeMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      hi there Anny, I am happy that you liked the post and that it has helped you. make sure you get your gravatar sorted out ASAP because it will help you with you social proof :-)

  5. Robert says:

    Hahahaha Nice “SPAM COMMENT” remember that google will kick your butt becuase your comment it Dup content :-)

  6. Comment Luv is really great plugin .i also use my site .thanks lot shearing your feeling.

  7. Rob R says:

    I have definitely gotten great results from commenting on CommentLuv enabled sites. And being a humor blog, I always try to have interesting/shocking titles like the one I selected for this post below.

    I often comment over at, mainly because her site is ridiculously popular and I do try to be one of the first commenters if possible, but it’s tough because she gets like 300-500 comments per post. But, I selected the same title as here and I’ve gotten 38 links back to my site in the last 2 days!

    CommentLuv works!
    Rob R recently posted..Rick Santorum’s Crusade against Porn is Making Me HornyMy Profile

  8. Dan says:

    I’m still working out ways to easily find other bloggers who use commentluv with similar interests and content to myself (design etc). I understand that this plugin should help build a friendly community between bloggers, but I do feel that should have some kind of member / site directory as part of its structure. That way its easier to find the type of articles you wish to read or truly have interest in. Instead, we have compiled lists that people have put together instead, (and PR’ed).

    The main risk I see with this is that people may be tempted to just add comments to commentluv enabled blogs with little regard to the content of the article, just to get those links back to their own content. Particularly those with high PR. Is this not, in some ways, a form of spam also?

    I’ll continue to use this plugin for now, but I feel there needs to be an easier way to look for content specific blogs who also use Comluv.

    Dan recently posted..The Dark Knight Rises: T-Shirt Design Contest @ Design By HumansMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      hey Dan thank you for your comment, if anything hope to find relevant blogs like your own to comment send me over your keyword and I will find a bunch of websites for you.

      is quite interesting that you said ” if You comment on other blogs that are not relevant to your website just because I have PR could be a form of spam” it could be seen that way. I never really thought about that before

    • Brian says:

      The ComLuv Network website has a search engine that lets you search blogs with the premium plugin installed. I’ve had mixed results looking there…

      You can also just put “Commentluv” in Google and add some keywords. Most (all?) commentluv enabled blogs have the word “Commentluv” in their commenting templates, so Google will pull up sites that use Commentluv.
      Brian recently posted..What Is the New Max Image Size on Facebook in 2012?My Profile

  9. Karan Lugani from Best Free Anti Virus says:

    Hey Robert, I love your statergies and this the commenting conversion one is phenomenol. I have also written controversial titles, it’s time to use them in commentluv feed. Thanks..!!
    Karan Lugani recently Goes Junglee by Launching Amazon India WebsiteMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Thanks for dropping by Karan, the CommentLuv strategies that are in this article are pretty powerful if you use them all. I’m happy that you found them useful, hopefully it will help to increase traffic and comments your site.

  10. Hi Robert, you have brought up some really good benefits of using Comment luv I knew some of the benefits but I guess I really didn’t know as much as I thought I did.

    I am going to write about this site to my subscribers & use it as a follow up email.

    Toshiba Burton recently posted..Blogging For Business In This Economy Man Please Give Me A BreakMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      hi there Toshiba thanks for dropping by, as they say you learn something new everyday. I really officiates you writing about my site and e-mail it to your list. maybe I can help you out also because I have Tribepro Account and 10,000+ Twitter followers. Just the few URLs you meet promote ;)

  11. jack from Pinterest bot says:

    First time to comment here :)

    I use disqus for a long time but now I’m in love with commentluv LOL!
    Thanks for sharing some great tips. We really appreciated.
    jack recently posted..Pinterest Marketing Tip: Getting your Website “Pin-Ready”My Profile

    • Robert says:

      hi there Jack, a lot of people do use disqus But what I find is that it can be offputting because you have to have an account to be able to leave a comment and most people can’t be bothered to because it takes too long. but I have seen some blogs that use disqus With hundreds of comments and great discussions.

      but I think you can used disqus and CommentLuv same time. Oh yeah try and get a gravatar setup so that we can see your face instead of the mystery man icon.

  12. This is my second visit to this site. Superb blog. I am 100% confident that these commentluv tips will work for anyone and I’m about to go and apply some of them right now.

    Thanks Robert.
    Gareth Morgan recently posted..10 Tips For An Internet Marketing NewbieMy Profile

  13. SEO Perth says:

    I absolutely agree with your commenting strategies. Blog commenting is not an easy technique of seo but comment luv made is easy and after your blog reading it is too easy for me, and an avatar is a new technique after the implement I can understand that this is really so useful for me. Quality blogs with well-written comments can bring a lot of traffic to the website and boost your profits greatly.
    Thanks for sharing Robert.
    SEO Perth recently posted..Driving Profitability For Companies Throughout Australia.My Profile

  14. S M Khan from Free International Fax says:

    Commentluv Plugin is very useful which gives you a great advantage and increases the popularity of your blog, in addition to it helps in fighting comment spam
    S M Khan recently posted..How to Send an International FaxMy Profile

  15. Thanks for the tips, Robert!

    I love Comment Luv Premium and I know that people who follow my blog appreciate the ability to spread the word about their post. It always surprises me when a huge blog doesn’t offer CL and when a teeny blog does. Goes to show that we’re all valuable.

    Kimberly Gauthier, Adventures in Blogging recently posted..A Google Plus Strategy for by a Facebook & Twitter BloggerMy Profile

  16. Comments are a wonderful thing to receive on your blog, the plug-in fetches the feed found at commenter’s site URL while they type their comment and extracts the last blog post title with link and displays it below the comment form. When they submit their comment, the last blog post link gets added on the end of their comment for all to see!

  17. Jeesica from Facebook applications says:

    Hey Robert, Good tips Indeed but don’t people get annoyed when they do not get what they see in your title?

    Silly Question, How can I put my avatar on blogs? If I am a guest commenter ?

    • Robert says:

      No they don’t get annoyed just make sure that the post is about what your title says. You just have to make your title look over dramatic to get the click :-) it works a treat

  18. Smith from seo services says:

    Hey Robert, your all techniques are unique and make you special from this way. Keep going with your all unique ideas.

  19. Halawi from medjool date tree says:

    Wow, those are really some genius strategies. I will be sure to put some of them in action.

  20. Hey Robert

    Nice tips no doubt CommentLuv is an awesome product of Andy by the way I really like your strategy an avatar also give importance and give you unique identity against other commenter.
    Rizwan Sultan recently posted..snow socksMy Profile

  21. tonygreene113 from 113tidbits says:

    I hate having to fill out the dreaded 3 boxes for every commentuv site I visit. Any real web 2.5 ui coming soon?
    tonygreene113 recently posted..Social Media and Trayvon Martin: Why Did It Take So Long to Care?My Profile

    • Robert says:

      used the easy comment plugin for firefox Tony and it will fill out the form for you with one click of the mouse button

  22. What’s the procedure of installing this awesome tool to your blog ?
    Facebook Application Development recently posted..Florida Facebook Application DevelopersMy Profile

  23. Halawi from majool dates says:

    That is very true. Without comments on a blog it will be pretty uninteresting, and therefore it is clever to use plugins like commentluv to direct traffic to your site.

  24. Jim Jenks says:

    You want comments on your blog to grow your community but there are so many spammers out there. This is why I love commentluv and what it offers. Great post thanks.

  25. Althea Young says:

    Thanks for these helpful write-ups Robert!
    Yes, Title can be your key. It’s the first thing that will catch the reader’s attention and eventually drive readers to your post and make them be interested on it.
    Althea Young recently posted..Celebrate Our Australian Heritage with Heritage DoorsMy Profile

  26. Hi Robert,
    I have just purchased the premium version of Commentluv plugin and I can see its advantage.
    It is really awesome plugin.
    Thanks for your killer tips about this plugin.
    sandeep kumar recently posted..CommentLuv Premium Plugin at 75% discountMy Profile

  27. Edward from Xneaker says:

    Hi Robert, this is one of the best Comluv tips I ever read. Because, I think is very difficult to get the most out from blog commenting. You’ve change my mind! Thks

    I just bought comentluv premium at dime sale. Lucky me, very excited to use it.
    Edward recently posted..CommentLuv Premium DiscountMy Profile

  28. SEO Sydney says:

    Nice post Robert, You are putting such nice tips. Now days, comentluv is one of the important plugin for internet marketing. Thank you so much for sharing nice tips with us.

  29. Paul Flood says:

    Thanks for the information Robert. A friend of mine just put up a video on using Comment Luv and I did the search she suggested and you came up on top!

    The tip about leveraging posts with social media icons and top comment luvvers is also a big help.


    PS – Too late for the dime sale. Darn :-(
    Paul Flood recently posted..The Secret to Sales SuccessMy Profile

  30. Becca from Seo Services Melbourne says:

    Comments are a wonderful thing to receive on your blog, with CommentLuv for WordPress and WordPress MU you can give something back to your community straight away by including a titled link for their last blog post or tweet on the end of their comment.

  31. Very frank, i have very less knowledge about plugin, this might be helpful me and i should go for premium version. Handy for Internet Marketing

    A loads of thanks
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  32. vipin says:

    great commentluv enabled blogs list. I was lukin for such lblogs to get some link juice….thnks for sharing
    vipin recently posted..Nokia Lumia 505 Price,Specs,launch date,features,best buyMy Profile

  33. Ryan from Drug and Alcohol Addiction says:

    Thanks for the great tips, I already knew a little about the Comment Luv plugin for WordPress as well as the Top Blogger trick, yet have never heard about the Facebook, Twitter share to drive the readers eye towards your comment. That is a great idea!
    Ryan recently posted..Addicts Before and After PhotosMy Profile

  34. zack goggles says:

    Well personally based on experience blog commenting on commentluv blog will both increase you traffic as well as the search engine rankings! The key here is that you comment must be relevant that will attract readers to click your link!

  35. Comment Luv plugin always come with some innovative ideas.Few days before i have installed social plugin to integrate to social networking site and it’s catually working good.

  36. It is amazing that even after such a long time of writing this post, it seems to garner visitors proves that commentluv is worth its weight in gold. I have been new to this technique but these pointers given in the blog above make sense and will surely be trying them.
    Kathy Phillips recently posted..personal injury lawyers torontoMy Profile

  37. Susan says:

    I am completely agree with this blog post.But it would be more beneficial if people will try to find out relevant blogs and post relevant comments on them.So in that way they can get approval as well as a quality backlink on do follow blog.

  38. Aw, this was a really good post. In theory I’d like to write like this also – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get anything done.

  39. Thanks for your aticle it is especially interesting because last one i have got realized a decent amount on your side there’s no doubt that you might be greatest the most impressive people

  40. Dear Robert i am getting thousands of comments in every blog where comment luv is enabled i want to comment. Will you please told me is it a spamming technique while commenting on comment luv blogs?

  41. Darren says:

    I have recently got CommentLuv working on Blogger and I’m glad to say goodbye to the default commenting system.

    My other tip would be that when you have published a post, google similar blog posts and comment. Not all the CommentLuv enabled blogs will let you choose one of your previous 10 posts, so commenting while your RSS feed is relevant will get that targeted backlink on another person’s blog.

    If you use the “reply” technique you mentioned you could get the visibility and relevance together. The readers will already be interested in your RSS link.
    Darren recently posted..7 Ways to Make Your Small Business Look BiggerMy Profile

  42. Rusty from Rustenburg says:

    I agree with you that commentluv is one of the most powerful tool on the blogging system. I love its plugins and advance features especially when you are using the premium one.. The +1 is also a great way to attract visitors…
    Rusty recently posted..Purple Tree EventsMy Profile

  43. Lee says:

    Hi Robert
    Is comment luv just a word press plug in or is able to be used on any format as I didn’t use word press when setting up my blog which in hind sight may of been a mistake as most plug ins are made for word press. I will go and have a look on the commentluv site to see.

    Great post thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Random Bucket List IdeasMy Profile

  44. Ariel says:

    Yes, comment luv helps. My blog is new and want lots and lots of traffic. Any suggestions?

  45. Dorothy says:

    I love everything about commentluv and I love your post about it. Thank you for sharing.
    Dorothy recently posted..4 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Marketing ImagesMy Profile

  46. Hi Robert thanks for this excellent post… I have very recently read about commentluv and keywordluv… umm yes m quiet new to this whole blogging thing… ur ideas and suggestions will certainly help me :)

  47. Hazel11 says:

    Cover letter mistakes. February 5, 2013 · 1 Comment. Face facts: Some people will never read your cover letter. The rest of the people may trash your resume if it does not include a cover letter. Others will value the cover letter over all other.cover letters

  48. Lewel Brown says:

    Commentluv assists my website to get additional visitors as well as an effective approach to manage remarks and linking. In such a way it’s a great deal in the site.
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  49. Lee says:

    Hi commentluv is definatly the top commenting platform at the moment seems to be going from strength to strength. Just hope in the future that google doesn’t have some silly update to do with commentluv and ruin the whole thing.

    Lee recently posted..Bucket List Ideas for TeenagersMy Profile

  50. Yvette says:

    Hi Robert,
    I am doing some research on the use of Commentluv. I googled “Googles take on commentluv” and the general opinion seems to be that using Commentluv seems to be good for SEO. Yet, while the commenters still get a link to their most recent post, both the link in their name and the link to their recent blogpost seem to be NoFollow. Has Googles take verdict on this plugin changed? I rather know before investing time in installing and testing…. Would appreciate hearing from you.

    • Robert says:

      Hi there Yvette – I think that Google likes Comment Luv because it has built trust over the years and it is not known for Spam. Also the people that use Cooment Luv are usually Genuine people and that is something that Google love. To add to that a lot of top websites with hi PR use Comluv and even Comluv’s website is PR6 so they must be doning something right.

      about the NoFollow that is set by the blog owner, Like for this blog the first comment is NOFollow but is you comment more than twice here at kezanari then you links turn to Dofollow. Comment luv Premium plug in has been aver good investment for me because it attracts and encourages genuine people like yourself to comment on my blog and it also eliminates spam because of the GASP plugin
      Robert recently posted..3 simple social media marketing tips that we can borrow from big brands My Profile

      • Yvette says:

        Hi Robert,
        Apologies for taking so long to get back here. Thanks for your explanation, that totally makes sense. I will absolutely give it a try.

  51. Marion Grant says:

    Commentluv really a big help and a great widget. I can observe my site gain more traffic since the day I installed it.
    Marion Grant recently posted..Equinox NightVision (6×50)My Profile

  52. Just bought and installed myself – let’s see how it goes!

    Ian Brodie recently posted Download Gratis, Aman dan Cepat recently Download Gratis, Aman dan CepatMy Profile

  53. Lisa says:

    Hi Robert!

    Great article! I love that you gave some solid tips on using CommentLuv effectively instead of just listing the features which I have read over and over on other people’s blogs.

    Your “get even more attention” tip is so useful. I didn’t know about that at all and you’ve given me some great ideas how to get even more traffic and attention.

    CommentLuv is a great tool. I’ve also gotten more comments than before – very happy about that and plan to upgrade to the Premium version. Seems much more powerful.

    thanks again!
    Lisa recently posted..How to Make Money Using the InternetMy Profile

  54. Jose Neal says:

    The advantage of commenting on a no-follow blog is the feasible recommendation traffic you get through using a no-follow link on that weblog. And while you are leaving comments on that blog you’re able to observe desire commented with that blog.

  55. Leena Dasot from New Songs 2013 says:

    It so hard to find such good articles on strategies of work. This was nice and informative article on commentluv , really satisfying. Thank you, please do keep writing such great articles.
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  56. Great Apps! I’ll try installing this CommentLuv apps to my site.
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  57. Jonathan says:

    Just on a blog challenge at the moment – loads of commentluv people. Nice tip will come in handy – thanks
    Jonathan recently posted..Could you throw money down the drain?My Profile

  58. Hi Robert,

    I really like CommentLuv for commenting on others sites like yours. It is a great plugin to increase comments and gotten great results from commenting on CommentLuv enabled sites. Thanks for sharing your killer commentluv strategies. Looking forward to reading more informative articles from you.

    Lisa Schwartz internet marketing for small business in San Jose recently posted..Internet Marketing for Small Business – Helpful Tips To Get LeadsMy Profile

  59. Bofe from best buy digital camera says:

    don’t you think that comment luv can overload your hosting …I use free hosting and have only 10gb bandwidth as far as I can see adding this tool to my website will overload its capacity

    what do you think ?

  60. Comment love is the best way of getting backlinks with no problems what so ever.I’ve been using it some time now and the results have been Amazing! Thanks Robert for this blog.
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  61. Dakota says:

    I was smiling ear to ear reading this. Beautiful techniques. Also wondering about the spacing of the article. Must be a test? Have you found that readers tend to stay on the page longer when spaced this way?

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