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Damn you google1 SEO Whats The Point?Hi there everyone first of all I not happy! Why? Because I put a lot of sweat blood and tears into this website over the last three months AND -

As we all know Google updated the page rank that they give to websites.  Some websites fell in rank and others increased.

Yesterday I was trying to figure out why Kezanari was still PR2?

Well I have a little check list of the things I done and a few things I could improve on and others I need to do.

But before I start I would like to state that page rank doesn’t really mean anything unless you’re building backlinks.

A high page rank doesn’t guarantee more traffic or sales that part is still down to you.


My Checklist


This is what I did

  1. Guest blogging
  2. Back linking
  3. Blog commenting
  4. Social bookmarking
  5. Blog syndication
  6. Fresh content minimum three posts week
  7. Got tons of comments on posts
  8. Low bounce rate
  9. High page views
  10. High avarage time on site
  11. H1, H2, title tags, descriptions blah blah blah all done


What I Can Improve On

  1. Page load speed
  2. Keyword density
  3. Social interaction
  4. Increase backlinks to my site
  5. Deep linking


What I Need To Do

  1. Extensive internal linking
  2. External linking to authority sites


My Analysis

They could be a few reasons why my page rank didn’t rise and they are:-

  1. Not enough pages/blog posts
  2. Poor interlinking and external linking
  3. Domain name was dormant for two years before I started using it at the end of last year (Sept)


What I Have Learnt

SEO cannot be the only strategy you use to grow your website because at the end of the day who knows what Google is looking for.

You have to use different methods to grow your website like engaging with your audience and making a difference within your niche.


It’s Not All Bad News

A lot of the inner pages within kezanari rose from NA to PR 2 what is quite good. But like I said above the growth of this website is not solely on SEO so if my website ever fell out of love with Google I would still receive traffic from other sources.

Another great thing is that I have helped so many people with their websites and online success that it has been very rewarding.

I must admit I really enjoy answering your comments and queries.


What About The Future

Well I will continue to grow this blog until it becomes one of the main blogging/helpful blogs on the Internet. This can take some time but I will get there in the end with your help obviously.


Has the PR to your site Increase or decrease yesterday? I love to hear your Thoughts

Robert Jones Sig SEO Whats The Point?

pixel SEO Whats The Point?
 SEO Whats The Point?

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52 Responses

  1. Bad luck on not ganing PR, but like you said its not the end of the world, i like your check list, actually like knowing what other people get upto and how methodical they are :)
    Electrician Brisbane recently posted..Commercial Electrician East BrisbaneMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      hi there fraser, it’s always great when blog owners reveal what’s going on behind the scenes because it is always encouraging. It’s not the end of the world because it’s not all about PR in saying that being a PR 6 would be nice :P

      • Robert
        My sites PR didnt rise either, it went from 0-2 with in first 2 months ( must have been a PR update at which time i didnt know alot about SEO) and every PR update since it has never moved, with the exception of internal pages. Im not to bothered by it either. At the moment im just focusing on content, as its what is showing results for me recently.
        Good luck, keep posting your tips, they are very helpful, and im sure your site has a big future :)
        Electrician Brisbane recently posted..Electrical Contractor BrisbaneMy Profile

      • David says:


        Great checklist here. I have 1 website that is PR4, but I never seem to get comments. I am going to take your checklist and start to use it there.

        By the way, I really like your book about CommentLuv and plan to use what you spelled out as a roadmap for future interaction.


        David recently posted..How To Find A RealtorMy Profile

        • Robert says:

          Yipeee :) that’s the first bit of feedback I got about the e-book I created. I’m very happy that you enjoyed it and it does work. I used one tactics in the book briefly yesterday and got 13 visitors and between them they looked out over 98 pages Which is just wonderful.

    • Robert says:

      by the way you need to get a Avatar because it will increase your social proof and brand.

    • David says:


      I too like to see what other people are doing and how they are growing their Internet visibility.

      The checklist is a great place to get going and something I plan to use to help my blog.

      I have also seen that by interacting with other websites in my Niche and asking webmasters for backlinks has been useful.

      Thanks for sharing your approach.

      David recently posted..Buying a Home – Is This The Right Time to Be Buying a Home?My Profile

      • Robert says:

        Hi David, I find that when website owners show their stats It helps you to see what’s really going on behind-the-scenes. Anybody thinks that because you have a website that makes you automatically successful but really we all are in the same boat i.e. we need more traffic, content, readership etc so I guess we should try and help each other out more to achieve our goal.

        So hopefully me showing my strategy or what I want to do to improve this blog has helped you to improve yours :)

  2. Darren says:

    Hello Robert,

    I think Option 3 might have had a lot to do with it. The next update might be a lot better.

    Darren recently posted..Web Presence Builder Integrates With Picasa And DISQUSMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi Darren, that is exactly what I was thinking. Over the next few days I’m going to start to interlink my pages better and add at least one external link to an authority site on each post that I create from now on.

  3. John says:

    Hi Robert,

    Seeing the list of things you already did i am confident the PR will go up with time.

    I have a website that has PR3 , and did much less work for it than the whole list of stuff you did.

    what helped me alot on that webpage was a few backlinks from High PR niche related websites…
    John recently posted..Introducing Chrome for Android BetaMy Profile

  4. Kim says:

    I really like that you shared this with us and offer such transparency on the things that you know work.

    I agree with Darren that #3, meaning, it takes time for a site to gain elderly status with g.

    I am a bit in the same perplexed feeling because my homepage just got a PR1 (after so much sweat, you don’t even wanna know, although given “the book” you responded with on the other post, I believe you understand how much work I did:-) but such is life.)

    And I’m not complaining, but an internal page that I gave about 5% of the work I did for my homepage, got PR2.

    Makes no sense to me how that works out and I’d rather have a homepage PR2.

    But I cannot complain, I just would like to understand what works and how, like you, these inner pages got to PR2 before the home page.

    Thanks for the tips and the message for my avi! will do!

    • Robert says:

      Hi there Kim, the must be the most frustrating things to happen and that is to have an inner page that has a high PR than your homepage.

      I think it’s great to share what is going on behind the scenes of your blog because it is quite encouraging for your visitors. I like it myself when a big blog reveals what it does behind-the-scenes.

      But like I was saying in the article my whole strategy is not solely on Google so even if my PR is a low I’m still getting targeted traffic from other networks.

      thanks for your comment Kim it’s much appreciated

  5. Harriet from MobilePhoneDeals says:

    Yes I agree that its difficult to know what Google is looking for, its especially difficult because Google + is so new… When you figure it out be sure to let us know ;)
    Harriet recently posted..Sony Ericsson Xperia X8My Profile

    • Robert says:

      hi there Harriet, with all the changes that Google makes every other month sometimes hard to keep up. I guess I will just stick with delivering good content and building up a readership to this blog and let Google do whether it wants to do.

  6. Tracyann0312 says:

    I agree to you Robert that it is better to know why your site does not getting any PR level since. At least they can figure out what can be their main problem from not gaining any traffic. As a matter of fact, it is better to improve it earlier than improving it later.
    Tracyann0312 recently posted..Baby EagleMy Profile

  7. Pradosh says:

    Robert, I would not say anything about your SEO strategist but I have something you should read.
    > Forget about PR linking to traffic, they are very little (I think not at all) related.
    > Having more pages will further decrease your PR.
    > I dont know how but this time all pages domain have same PR, for all three site of mine.

    I think you should concentrate in writing like this only. And increase your internal links because comments take your PR.
    Pradosh recently posted..How To Select Perfect Forum For Link Building CampaignMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      thanks for your comment Pradosh, one of the reasons why have having a good page rank as a blogger is because it attracts people to guest blog on your website. So at your website was PR 6 you would attract a ton of guest bloggers.

      That is one of the only reasons why I think having a high page rank is good.

      But like you said I’m definitely going to be increasing my internal and external links from now on. I think that externally linking to authority sites will help anyone site greatly.

      Thanks again for your comment it has definitely given me food for thought

  8. Amanda says:

    Don’t panic) Probably the same situation have the majority of blogs and sites but we can’t do anything with it
    Amanda recently posted..Fashion WordPress ThemesMy Profile

  9. Dennis from says:

    Hey Rob great post man.. Im working on some of the same things you are.. Question… The external linking to authority blogs….Is that like linking to wikipedia? I was on a top SEO guys site and peeped something he was doing.. I immediately copied it. LOL

    Didn’t know the results but I’ve never heard anyone talk about doing it before..
    Dennis recently posted..Are You Bradying When It Comes To Your Online Business Success? (w/ Inspirational Video)My Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi Dennis, Ive linked back to your site form one of my Guest posts on Famous Blogger BUT the post is still pending. their waiting list is LONGGGGGGG!!!!!

      But anyway the answer is yes to the external linking. it seems that everyone want one way links BUT Google want your articles to be informative to the searcher so a good way for them to get a better idear about your site and content they will look at who are you linking to.

  10. Synfidie says:

    I just checked mine and I’m also page rank 2…i find it odd that yours would be the same as mine considering that I think you and one other person are the only ones to make comments on it. :/

    I know I don’t have any backlinks and I have a lot to do on my site, so far I’m just putting stuff on it and haven’t been worrying as much about the rank as that just depressed me. However, I am getting irked at not being able to find it on google search too well. (apparently however, one photo i have on my site has brought in the most results from google..think because it involves the “F” word, lol)

    btw got this error from your comment luv thinger: cURL error 52: Empty reply from server (no captcha or whatever popped up and no article link ability) However, maybe it’s me…

    • Synfidie says:

      Nevermind it’s me…think my host is having issues. :D

    • Robert says:

      Tell me about it Synfidie, it’s a good thing that Your page rank doesn’t determine how much traffic you get your site because if it did I would definitely depressed LOL.

      I receive some traffic from Google for a few pictures I have on my site which is quite good.

      That error you are getting I don’t think is from you because a plug-in was messing up my site and I had to delete it from the FTP.

  11. used tires says:

    Ah, too bad that the PR did not go up despite your many efforts, Robert. Maybe it just barely missed ‘the cut’ and the improvements will be reflected in the next update. I used to worry a lot about the PR but lately I have started to focus a bit less on it and continued to work more toward getting more backlinks and improving my SRPs as much as possible.

    used tires recently posted..Things to remember before buying Used TiresMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Those are my thoughts as well Jean, I’m not too bothered about PR I just thought that the amount of work I put into this site over the last few months deserved at least a rise to PR8 LOL

      But I’m just focusing more on delivering content to my viewers like yourself.:D

  12. used tires says:

    Oh yes, I know what you mean. We work so hard and do everything right and then not seeing the result can be frustrating indeed. It sometimes used to make me question my methods and wonder what the competitors were doing but the differences are probably in a lot of little things here and there that we will improve upon with experience.

    used tires recently posted..Things to remember before buying Used TiresMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      like I always say to Webmasters that SEO is a long-term journey and I guess you want necessarily get Good results in the short term.

      But hey, blogger so for me is all about building relationships with great people like yourself :)

  13. Melissa says:

    That’s great that you decided to share with us even the tips that you’d like to improve. You are on the right way
    Melissa recently posted..How To Start My Own Law Website For Free.My Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi there Melissa, I’m planning on showing some more of my stats in the coming weeks in a hope that it will encourage and help every visitor to his blog.

  14. Prakash says:

    Hi Robert I saw there are lots of new blog without any backlinks and not more than three blogpost got 1 page rank…..I don’t know why this happened…….
    Thanks for sharing it……
    Prakash recently posted..No Waste Laser And Room Temperature LaserMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      that’s because who knows what Google looking for nowadays but sometimes content outranks back links depending on what the competition is like within that niche.

  15. Zeshan Ahmed from udas shayari says:

    Really Very nice dude…! you explained very nicely. I have a query that by gaining more and more backlinks from any way, is called offpage SEO? i am confused, because i have ever seen that people are curious to get more and more backlinks from any way.?

    This is your highness that i’m hare. Because i have found a man in back of this site, not a bot ;)
    Zeshan Ahmed recently posted..Milnay ki gharz ho to chalay aatay hain | Bewafa ShayariMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Creating back links is called off page SEO and Title tags, descriptions, keyword density etc is all classed as on page SEO

      that’s right Zeshan robots around here.

  16. Joe from Pigeon Forge Cabin Heaven says:

    I have just recently gotten involved with SEO and I did not understand it all that well. Your article has helped me understand it a lot more and will be helping me out soon I am sure. Your checklist is very helpful and I will be keeping it in mind for the future when I get more involved with SEO. Thank you for the informative article.
    Joe recently posted..Pet Friendly Pigeon Forge Cabins For RentMy Profile

  17. Zeshan Ahmed from udas shayari says:

    amm,hmmm… Well if so, then i should focus on making backlinks. But one thing i want to know, that i have learn that off page SEO is more important than on page SEO, is it true? My friend asked me that if we don’t off page SEO and just focus on on page SEO, then would we get traffic? please explain me a bit about it, if we don’t do off page SEO or if we do then what would be increament?
    Zeshan Ahmed recently posted..Milnay ki gharz ho to chalay aatay hain | Bewafa ShayariMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi there Zeshan, you have to have both i.e. on page and off page SEO. If you focus just on page SEO your site Will suffer. off page SEO is more important than on page but you have to focus on both to be able to succeed online.

  18. Louis from Food Intolerance Symptoms says:

    When you say high time on site what do you mean? Keeping visitors on your website?

    To be honest, just by the number of blog comments you get I can tell you have a lot of traffic and for me (especially on my ecommerce site) it’s the conversions into sales that matter. I’d rather have a PR0 site with 1000 a day visitors converting 10% into sales than a PR4 site with 500 visitors and a 0-1% conversion ratio!
    Louis recently posted..Dairy Free ChocolateMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Thanks for the Louis I just re-edited “high time on site” to “High avarage time on site” ;)

      It’s so true about traffic, quality is always better than quantity every time. I’ve seen blogs that get 500 unique visitors a day but there bounce rate is 80% which is crazy high.

      My bounce rate on average is only 3% which is very good for a blog but that’s because I get quality visitors like yourself. :)

  19. lists says:

    People says Page rank is not so important. I think working on getting high Page rank is good idea because your main page will give boost to your categories and aslo your posts. This will help you to get better ranking on Google. This is my opinion.
    To achieve this you need to work also on you On-page optimisation.

  20. Malds Menzon says:

    I’m really trying to focus more on SERPS than PR. It is still nice to see a big number though lol. But traffic is what does it for me so I’m really into analytics watching. That’s what really tells me if my SEO work has been working or not.
    Malds Menzon recently posted..How to Make a Website – a step by step guide on how to do it yourselfMy Profile

  21. Search Engine Optimisation or the lack of it can actually make or break your online business. Without an effective SEO campaign in place, you are not likely to get much traffic on your website. No traffic means no sales for you.

  22. Professional SEO can be performed effectively in-house or outsourced. However, there are several criteria you should consider before attempting to perform search engine optimization using resources within your organization.

  23. Lee says:

    Hi Robert
    Seo is like a mine field from what I can see I am worried about putting my foot on a mine and my site being de indexed and it is only just getting ranked. All the stories you here about people being hit I suppose in one way I am lucky as I have only started since the updates so I haven’t got a load of nasty s that will come back and bite me. But who knows how things will change in the future.

    Thanks lee great post
    Lee recently posted..Summer Bucket ListMy Profile

  24. Share valuable and quality contents about your website in high page rank sites, work on standard on page optimization techniques and work on all latest link building techniques. By these methods you can earn more rank to your website. You need to get quality backlinks from high page rank sites to get higher ranking.
    Alex Thompson recently posted..What are the Fundamentals of Web Design?My Profile

  25. mahadi1971 says:

    SEO What’s The Point?-is a nice & informative post for all bloggers. Professional SEO can be performed effectively in-house or outsourced. However, there are several criteria you should consider before attempting to perform search engine optimization using resources within your organization. Really Very nice dude…! Thanks.
    mahadi1971 recently posted..How to Check Duplicate Content Using Online Tools: Disadvantages of Duplicate ContentMy Profile

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