The Death Of The Link Wheel

0 The Death Of The Link Wheel


Link Wheels

Link wheels were one of the most powerful ways to get high rankings in the search engines. But over resent years they have totally lost their power and are no longer used by savvy internet marketers.

What Are Link wheels?

Below is a diagram of a simple link wheel

link wheel in 300x225 The Death Of The Link WheelSo basically you would create lots of high page ranking 2.0 properties (Blogs) on free platforms like Blogger and WordPress and then link them together with you main website as the hub as show in the diagram.  This would then increase the power of your site because Google see’s all of these high page ranking sites linking to your main site.  Google would then raise your site in the rankings because it thinks your site as an authority site.

What happened?

This linking technique worked very well from around  2008 – 2009, you could even buy software like SEnuke and EVO2 that would automate the whole process for you.   But Google got smart and started to deindex or totally over look any site that was part of a link wheel.

When did the link wheel start to die?

In late 2009 many online marketers started to notice that their link wheels were not getting indexed by Google as quick as they used to and to add salt into the wound some 2.0 sites like WordPress started to delete one page blogs that had more then two outbound links on them.   Google also started to deindex articles that looked like they had been spun or that did not have enough unique content on them.

So these sites that were part of any link wheel started to drop in rank or totally disappear overnight.

Link wheels today

Since late 2009 to early 2010 there have been a few link wheel hybrids that marketers are using and they have had some success.  But most of these newer type of link wheels are just too complicated and hard to create and other are just dumb and a waste of time.



The link pyramid has been for most internet marketers the link wheel hybrid of choice because it is simpler to create and easy keep track of.  Also there is a low chance that Google will not delete or de-index this type of linking structure because they are all one way links and they do not link together like a traditional wheel and it look’s more natural and not so man made.


Link wheel flaw

There is one big flaw with link wheels and it is this, if one of the links in your wheel are broke i.e get’s de-indexed or deleted as spam then all of the other links that are connected to it fall apart.

Final word

Let’s just sum this all up and let me tell you what you should do.  Forget about using link wheel hybrids like pyramids, clusters, pushers and other link wheel name that someone creates, they are a waste of time.  If you do chooes to use a link wheel then use the pyramid and outsource it on fiverr or odesk.  If you decide to create them yourself don’t bother as it is so time cosuming you could waste weeks and your site may still never rank that well

From my experience just create a website with solid content on it and people will naturally link to it because it is useful.  With every new Google up date all of these little loop holes are getting closed but good useful content always seems to hold its own in the search engines.



pixel The Death Of The Link Wheel
 The Death Of The Link Wheel

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25 Responses

  1. Great posting about Link wheels, didn’t realize their were so many other hybrid types out there!

  2. Tyrone says:


    Been browsing through your site as well.

    I have also added a link on my blog to yours.

  3. Joan Pounds says:

    A few weeks ago, I attended a high dollar conference that was taught by a very well known Internet Marketer Multi-Millionaire and the link wheel approach was exactly what he was teaching!

    I do agree with you that original, quality content is king!

    Joan Pounds

    • admin says:

      The funny thing is that someof these “Internet Marketer Multi-Millionaires” are just there ultimately to sell you somthing. So a lot of them just tell you about methods that don’t work but most new people are not aware of this.

  4. Rahul Gupta says:

    Very Nice ! Thanks for Sharing>
    But i am wondering if it is really possible to improve rankings using google’s wonder wheel.

    • admin says:

      Yes it is possible because the Google wonder wheel give you lot’s of great LSI keywords that you can use in your articles and posts to improve your overall website or blog rankings

  5. Elizabeth from IfsheCryOut says:

    Nice to see some common sense in the SEO world. Unfortunately, the preaching of link wheels and other “tricks” will continue to have traction because mechanical techniques are a lot easier to teach than strong content creation policies.

    Effective content creation, takes good writing, an awareness of one’s market, and a focused editioral policy. We all know that, but developing effective ways to teach those skills is a challenge. Not all SEO consultants who preach the content gospel realize that the gospel isn’t of much value without a way to implement it.

    Another issue is convincing clients of the importance of those skills. A certain percentage of SEO customers want a solution that does not require internal investment in skill building. To help them see why this is important, I think it is important to integrate SEO into the larger picture of corporate/non-profit/self-promotional market communication capabilities.

    Perhaps as you explore your own editorial policies you will consider moving beyond SEO itself and consider articles on some of the broader issues?

    Good luck with your blog and consulting work.

  6. Rad Seo says:

    Was searching for some information about Link wheels and I found this great post.
    Hence LW dead already so what works best nowadays ? Angela & Paul ?
    What works the best for link building ?

  7. sains says:

    well tanks for your sharing…. what about link excange with other blogger ? this can be called as link wheel too ?

    • admin says:

      No because you have to have more than three links for it to be called a link wheel, So you are safe with two way link exchanges BUT one way links would be far better

  8. Queenlin says:

    Thanks for this info. I almost bought a link wheel gig from fiverr. But now I won`t do it. Thanks again.

  9. This is a bit why I am glad that I don’t focus on SEO methods too much. The game just changes too often and too drastically. What the big guys are chasing is quality content and search results. So I just provide that on my website and let everyone else worry about…linkwheels and stuff. If my site is quality, they and the world find me.

    Just my two worthless cents!
    Thomas O’Hearn recently posted..Google Plus Changes Social Media PRMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Haha it took me two years to work that out, so that is exactly what I am doing. Over the last two months webmasters seem to be linking to my content naturally and I seem to be ranking for 100′s of different keywords

  10. nadazka says:

    Hello..thanks visiting my web site :-)
    nadazka recently posted..Affiliate ProgramMy Profile

  11. Lordes says:

    Thank you for sharing this info. No wonder why my site is not moving ranking in google.

  12. nabilfitness says:

    It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.
    Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.

  13. Asad says:

    nice article but one my question! when i post in my forum, then i share link the post on facebook, linkedin/groups, +goole,,,, is this link wheel?
    Asad recently posted..dalda ka dastarkhwan september 2012My Profile

  14. andrew calwert from leather jackets says:

    I think if you post the unique content in each and every blog and linked to each other then it worth to create link wheel.

  15. SEO Bolton says:

    Why spend time writing a 1000 word article on then post it on a free blogger account or squidoo?

    I have found linkwheels to be worthless.

    You are really just creating content for third party websites.

    Concentrating on you own quality on-site content will bring far better results.

  16. Shalin says:

    Now is the age of social media. The same thing people did with link-wheels can be done with social media. Link wheels were a good method to create do-follow links for sure. But as you said Google started ignoring these useless sites and ultimately some authority sites payed the price
    Shalin recently posted..Free Organizational Chart MakerMy Profile

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