The Future of SEO


dr who 300x300 The Future of SEOThe crazy part about technology is that no matter how great an invention seems, it will become outpaced eventually. Something stronger, faster, and more efficient will take the reigns at some point down the road.

SEO is no exception, Google is constantly looking for new ways to rank websites, but SEO is not exclusive to Google. Other search engines are also coming on strong.

The tricky part about this process is putting a time frame on this replacement. Almost all people of modern times would agree that the internet has been the most revolutionizing and impactful invention of late.

As of today, not much has come close to replacing it, nor is there much on the horizon with potential to do so. The internet has become a platform for development and turned in to a vital part of today’s society.


Search Engine Optimization

Following the creation of the internet, the worldwide web needed a method of organization for the thousands upon thousands of sites that sprouted up.

This need for order spawned the first wave of early search engines, and a decade later we live in an internet world dominated by the one and only, Google. As the development of the search engine continued, a whole new science was born.

This marketing science was termed Search Engine Optimization and referred to the processes used to bring a site to a higher page in the Google search result rankings.


SEO and the Future

As stated previously in the article, there will be a point in time when the internet is outpaced by another landmark invention; however, that day currently seems far off in the distant future.

For the time being, Search Engine Optimization is only getting stronger and more complex as the world’s dependance on search engines deepens.

Google’s algorithms are becoming more and more complex while the search engine optimization companies are simultaneously becoming more knowledgeable of how to crack them. This ongoing battle has potential to continue far in to the foreseeable future.


What To Expect

Obviously, no one can know for certain what the future entails—if they could, they would either end up on a reality TV show or get assassinated by the Illuminati, but even I can’t predict that 100%. That being said, I think the following 5 factors will change as SEO develops:

  • More impact from social shares and social reach
  • Customized search results with search plus your world
  • Links will weigh less, in favor of social data
  • Content and freshness will play an increasing role
  • Traditional link building tactics will be devalued

No One Knows The True Future of SEO

However, I can make a logical assumption of what we will see in the next three years. The SEO industry is currently a niche practice, with only around one-thousand companies actively working in the optimization field.

As we move along in to the upcoming years, SEO has the opportunity to break out in to a large occupational field, as more and more aspects of our global society transition to an online base.

SEO has the inherent potential to become a highly demanded practice for every company, and as long as no invention comes out to replace the internet, SEO will be around for a while.

Many SEO Experts and industy leading professioanls are sure that organic SEO is the way of the future. Companies like SEOmoz, Distilled, and SEER focus on building natural links. Organic SEO is tough, but it will soon be the only way to rank websites.

Connor Accurso

Head Content Writer and Organic SEO Advisor at Rank Executvies, an Orlando SEO agency.

pixel The Future of SEO
 The Future of SEO

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  1. Okto says:

    Hi Roberts,

    SEO is interesting for newbie. Because it can provide huge amount of readers if used correctly. As I post on my latest monthly report, biggest traffic referal to my blog is through organic traffic, so it’s just as you said, SEO is getting stronger and complex.

    And other platform of social media (fb, twitter, linkedin etc) has given some spark to make readers come back and read. I guest SEO will stand strong as long as Search Engine is needed by people.
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  2. Malds says:

    Personally I need to work more on my social media stuff. I’m used to doing SEO on page and through linkbuilding but social media is something that I’ve only just recently been getting in to.

    With the way it is now, social media will def impact SEO in some way sometime soon.
    Malds recently posted..The internet has a lot of part time jobs for students in the PhilippinesMy Profile

  3. Dave Deib says:

    In last few years, SEO practice in current way is common to all companies and it goes to more competitive. Upcoming years SEO practice line can be changed and new ways can be invented though here Author said about organic SEO for future but it stands on the myths.
    In next days,we are also waiting for organic SEO which will bring a new era in marketing of online business.
    Dave Deib recently posted..Internet Marketing Services | A Necessity in Modern BusinessMy Profile

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