The New Google Update That Kills SEO


The New Google Update That Kills SEO 300x238 The New Google Update That Kills SEOGoogle Google Google here we go again!

Google is going though another phase, it is morphing into a “controlling dictator”.

Google is making me lose confidence in SEO with every new algorithm change.

They are slowly killing anything that gives the webmaster the upper hand.


Ranking Tricks That Are Dead Or Dying

“Keyword stuffing” was all the rage in the early 2000’s and it could get you the top spot within days.   SEO was also the new kid on the block around 2003 and it has been used to get websites highly ranked within the search engines.

The problem has been that from then until now 2012 it has been abused and manipulated to a point where Google is doing something about it.

Many Webmasters were using a variety of different “Automated bots” and unethical methods to manipulate the search engines for financial purposes.

But over the last 18 months Google has slowly started to destroy every single ranking trick or method that marketers have used to get high rankings.

Link wheels, mass bookmarking, multiple web 2.0 creation, mass article marketing, automated back linking etc have all been killed off slowly with every new Google update.


SEO Is Now The Target

I was listening to Matt Cutts at a conference the other day and he was asked a very good question about SEO and over optimisation.  The question is below



Did you hear what Matt said?

He said that there is going to be a new algorithm update that is going to be released that will level the SEO playing field.

It looks like traditional SEO is under fire.

(You can listen to the full 50min audio here)


Traditional SEO

Traditional SEO involves basically having your targeted keyword everywhere on your site.

Correct H and title tags, back links from relevant sites, on page SEO, off page SEO etc the reason why this is being targeted is because many people have manipulated this over the years.

This new algorithm update is like a “two edged sword” it will stop big companies with big budgets from dominating the rankings and at the same time stop SEO savvy Webmasters from getting good rankings within the search engines.

So too much SEO will get your website penalised – “This is getting too much to bear”


Does Google hate SEO?

Well Matt Cutts says no but I beg to differ.  It is like with every new algorithm change the more Webmasters are pushed into the dark.

I Said this in one of my other articles and that is

“There will come a time when you will not have a clue about what Google looks for when it comes to ranking websites”


What Do We Do Now?

This is quite simple all you have to do is stop over optimising your website (whatever that means!) and begin to diversify your traffic.

You have to really concentrate on diversifying your traffic so you are protected from every Google update that is released.

As a blogger one of your main objectives must be to build a list so you have “traffic on tap”

If you cannot do this (try to build up your RSS subscribers so that every time the release an article you subscribers are automatically updated.


Do you think that Google hate SEO? I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject

pixel The New Google Update That Kills SEO
 The New Google Update That Kills SEO

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38 Responses

  1. Zeshan from Urdu Sad Shayari says:

    Very nice Article as usual. I am newbie in SEO, Don’t know much about it, but I think we are trying google to hate our SEOs…
    Zeshan recently posted..KARAM karo yaan sitaMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      hi Zeshan, SEO is always changing BUT remember that you don’t have to know SEO to succeed online

      • Zeshan from Urdu Sad Shayari says:

        Hi, brother you said “you don’t have to know SEO to succeed online” I didn’t understand it?
        SEO is not must for website traffic or to make website search engine friendly?
        Zeshan recently posted..Urdu Poetry | Urdu Nazm and a ShairMy Profile

        • Robert says:

          You can make money online without getting unique visitors from the web.. I was making $300 per month advertising on the Adfly network – I was also earning $200 using PPV (Pay Per View) there are many ways to make money online… even you made $$$$ using the Fiverr network :-)

          • Zeshan from Urdu Sad Shayari says:

            hmmm.. but brother its really very difficult :( I’ve made 24 $ and withdraw 20 $ and I have 18.79 $ in my pp account.. but unfortunately I cannot withdraw from pp and cannot use it :( because I’m from Pakistan, and pp is not available in Pakistan.. although alertpay is available in pakistan but Fiverr dont accept alertpay and there is no person who have both accounts pp and ap and can exchange my money :(
            thats the very big problem brother…
            yesterday I’ve tried to buy a domain name from godaddy but unfortunately godaddy wants cradit card information… and ……
            moreover I’m still under 18 ;)

            and from adfly then how do you make 300$ per month???? It needs a highly popular site trough which people see our ad… can you please tell me is there any method you use?
            Zeshan recently posted..Na Itni Shiddat Se Zindagi Bhar Kisi Se Milna Kaha Tha Main NeMy Profile

          • Robert says:

            Hi there my friend, I had a lot of a Alertpay account and I will help you out tomorrow. You can pay your $24 to My PayPal account and I will pay you the money back through Alertpay if you one.

            You can buy a domain from godaddy using your PayPal account

    • Waqas Ahmed says:

      I agree with you Zeshan..
      But still SEO is very important..

  2. Michel from Social media advertising says:

    It is very true that Google does not want to get predictive. If it does everyone will know how to optimize their website and Google itself will suffer due to this. As a result Google always updates its ranking algorithm and they will continue to do so in near future. But get one thing right, online marketing will always be there as long as there are website, so importance of SEO will not decrease anyway rather it will increase; although Google does not want that to happen!
    Michel recently posted..Social Media Video Marketing Boot CampMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi Michel and thank you for your comment. Google have definitely lost out over the years because their algorithms were easy to work out. BUT since the panda update last year they have got alot smarter and more harder to manipulate.

      For sure Online marketing will always be there becuase there are so many different social networks and websites being created everyday. SEO could increase but you will be in the dark when it comes to how Google rank websites

  3. Has a stench of a slow and methodical destruction of free SEO as we know it and the ripe smell of google adwords being the eventual only way to be on top, or its just business as usual for Google :(
    Electrician Brisbane recently posted..22 Energy saving tips to save you moneyMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Tell me about it, I just think it is time to get traffic from other places other than Google because they are always moving the goal posts

  4. Great post! I think that Google hates us because some of SEO guys are parasites and they are tricky with Google. Google’s mission is to provide something that people need and some SEO’s with their tricks provide something that they need to sell so that why Google is not ok with some of us…and I think that Google is a parasite on webmaster content too.

  5. Sunil says:

    I must agree on this, now the time come for SEO’s update in algorithm, i am so worried.
    Sunil recently posted..Why to Choose SEO Expert?My Profile

    • Robert says:

      Sunil there is nothing to worry about; you just have to be aware of the changes so that you can protect your website from it

  6. abhishek says:

    Well this Google update surely affects the SEO management techniques,and i personally do not think that Google hates Seo.It has just raised the level of SEO management.
    abhishek recently posted..The New GameLord: Alienware X51My Profile

    • Robert says:

      I agree with you about “SEO management” but Google are making it harder and harder to work out what there are looking for when they rank content

  7. Pradosh says:

    I think we should prefer natural optimization rather than making SEO optimized site because Google likes natural SEO.

    Simple is better
    Pradosh recently posted..Battlefield 3 Theme For Windows 7 & Windows 8My Profile

  8. A system that can’t be gamed? Hmmm, sounds great but I’ll believe it when I see it. Keeping people in the dark about the algorithm will certainly result in changes.
    Astro Gremlin recently posted..Blogs News Reviews Writer Wins Blog Engage Gold MembershipMy Profile

  9. Jason Mathes says:

    I don’t know. I’m sort of worried as I’ve been pushed for SEO SEO SEO, and now Google is going to go NO NO NO! and penalize me for it if I went a little overboard?

    I suppose this means you really need to push for having large followings in your social networks (which I’m working on!) and trying to get people to sign up for your RSS feeds and mail lists!

    But – on the plus side this could bode well for the lil’ guy like me might get a little bit more notice without having to worry about keywords – but will need to worry more about the content I’m presenting?

    (Oh, wait – the large sites already have large budgets, and even larger social network followings – I don’t have a chance in hell of getting into the top 10 of Google lol)
    Jason Mathes recently posted..11 Essential Free Tools for the New BloggerMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Hi Jason, I don’t worry too much about SEO nowadays I just tried to create good content for my readers, build up a list and diversify my traffic. So the Google decided to Change what they are looking for when ranking websites it won’t affect me because much of comes from elsewhere.

      I think that this new algorithm update will bring those big sites down a few notches which is a good thing

  10. Zeshan from Urdu Sad Shayari says:

    Hey Brother…… ! brother thanks for your much cooperation… It will be very good if I get money in my alertpay account… brother please tell me where I have to send money of my paypal account?

    and brother How I can buy domain from godaddy without verified paypal account..???
    Zeshan recently posted..Na Itni Shiddat Se Zindagi Bhar Kisi Se Milna Kaha Tha Main NeMy Profile

  11. ishan says:

    i totally agree with you and changing my site’s SEO strategies… thans for the information.
    ishan recently posted..Top WordPress Plugins | 10 must have wordpress plugins for your blog/websiteMy Profile

    • Robert says:

      Thank you for your comment ishan, Google are changing so fast that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all new update. But with each update that Google release you have to change your site So that you don’t get penalised.

  12. Abdullah says:

    Good post! now i think seo copywriting is more important.

  13. LouisC from Self Diagnosis says:

    Hi Robert, Long time!

    Absolutely crazy! Google’s mission is to deliver relevant content on the SERPS but as you’ve said, it’s a double edged sword because although you’ve eliminated those that have manipulated their results it only leaves on page content as the main source for the search.

    But what makes better than if they both write unique content about exactly the same thing?

    I personally think there is more of an ulterior motive here which is that they want to drive more business customers who have been relying on organic search for traffic onto their Adwords program.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if sites which generate revenue from ecommerce, affiliate and advertising start losing their rankings to personal blogs etc..!

  14. Perk says:

    increasing our subscribers is really good point………nice way to maintain our traffic……
    thanks for sharing it……………
    Perk recently posted..Facebook Login Approval Security FeatureMy Profile

  15. Hi Robert,

    Google announced a change to its search algorithm that the company says will impact 35% of Web searches. The change builds on top of its previous “Caffeine” update in order to deliver more up-to-date and relevant search results, specifically those in areas where freshness matters. This includes things like recent events, hot topics, current reviews and breaking news items.


  16. richard from Apple M8570 G4 says:

    I think that if Google isn’t careful, it’s going to shoot itself in the foot with the SEO issue. I’ve been working in the field of design/ development/ SEO for over a decade and seen a significant marked shift in this period. With the advent of Facebook, twitter and other social media as well as information portals (ifixit, Wikipedia etc), it’s possible to derive 50 percent of your traffic outside of organic search. So, when it reaches a point where marketing moves to these platforms rather than search, less traffic will flow through Google’s search engines and they’ll make less money from paid search results. It’s already happening with the changes they made to the cost of advertising through them. Many webmasters switched from Adsense to other PCM/ PPC solutions and Google took a hit in revenue simply because the webmasters saw less/ fewer relevant ads on their sites so a far lower click through rate. I’d like to see the playing-field levelled a bit with Google having less of a monopoly over search. However, I don’t think that’s going to happen for a few years.
    richard recently posted..Upgrading the ram in an iBook G3 and iBook G4My Profile

  17. Gaz says:

    Thanks Robert on all the information on this site. I will keep coming back to go through everything.

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