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big brother 300x300 Top 5 Tips To Find Ideas For Writing BlogBlogging is a great way to let people know how you feel about a lot of different things. Blogs help you to ventilate your feelings and grievances and shows to the world what is going on inside that head of yours.

Writing down personal feelings in a blog post is easy, but coming up with a myriad of topics to write on is difficult. Therefore, one needs to know how to come up with ideas for blogs.


An Idea Log

Writing down what you feel at any given point of time will provide you blog ideas like no other. Carry a small notebook with yourself wherever you go.

Whenever a good idea strikes you, jot it down in your notebook. You can capture ideas for your blogs from the things that you pen down in the notebook. The notebook will be like a treasure trove for your blog posts. Surprise yourself with the ideas that crop up in your mind time and again.


Blog Your Passion

Everyone is passionate about something or the other and you are definitely no different. Exploring your passion is a wonderful way to find ideas for blog entries. When you blog about your passion you can write with no holds barred.

It will come naturally to you. You need not be passionate about something extraordinary to blog about it. If you were passionate about Indie bands in school, you can blog about them.


From Ideas To Themes

Organizing your ideas into themes can be a wonderful way to find topics for blogs. It is not unusual for people to channel random thoughts into themes. These themes can come in handy while writing blogs.

On Monday you can talk about how to complement attires with the right junk jewelries and on Tuesday you can talk about how to make money while sitting in the comforts of your home.

You can write on different themes on each week of the day. The themes can capture the imagination of the readers and they will look forward to the entries.


Your Blog, Your Idea

Your blog is the best place to find new ideas for your blog! Most of the times, it is the readers who provide peerless ideas for blogs. Going through the comment section of your blog might help you to come up with something unique.

Sometimes, questions posted by the readers provoke you to think and penning down these thoughts can be a wonderful thing to do. Spirited discussion among your readers can also be the source of excellent ideas.


Uniqueness Can Bear Fruit

Do something unique and different to garner ideas for your blog. You can organize a contest and give away something handmade to the winners.

You can create a blog post entirely with pictures and give a prize to the nth reader who comments on the post. Participating in blog memes might also help you to come up with ideas.

Other things like reviewing your most popular entries, exploring different kinds of blogs, inviting a guest author to write and being up to date with everything happening around can help you in your quest for ideas for blogs. So, go ahead and start penning down your thoughts.


About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Nokia n9 attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on britney spears perfume.

pixel Top 5 Tips To Find Ideas For Writing Blog
 Top 5 Tips To Find Ideas For Writing Blog

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Kelly is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and blogging. She contributes in Regal Cigs

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  1. I’m laughing so hard, because I just scheduled a similar post on my blog. Great minds think a like.

    I find blog post ideas through forums, my followers, and my life. There’s inspiration all around us and even if we’re all talking about similar subjects, what makes it different is that we’re bringing our perspective. I love what you said about uniqueness and blogging our passion. That’s what really stands out for me and that’s what’s brought me loyal readers!

    Fantastic post, Kelly
    Kimberly Gauthier, Adventures in Blogging recently posted..Sharing Easy Blogging Tips | An Interview with Black Bloggers ConnectMy Profile

    • SEOGuy says:

      Another way I find blog ideas is by doing a search on Google Keyword Finder to see who is looking for what within a given topic. I’ll then take the results to a service like Ezine Articles and search with the words “tips” or “steps” included. This gives me an idea of who has been writing what for whom from which I can springboard an article idea from. Works very nicely as does a service I use called I Writer when I want to outsource the content of a particular project.
      SEOGuy recently posted..Viral Marketing Strategies For The WebMy Profile

  2. Kelly,

    You are right on time. I was just having a discussion with someone about creating a blog schedule. What I came up with was this:

    Monday: Technology
    Tuesday: Health & Fitness
    Wednesday: Higher Education (Pursuing the Doctorate Degree)
    Thursday: Management
    Friday: Personal Development
    Saturday: Fatherhood
    Sunday: Inspirational Message (Living Blogging From Church)

    What do you think?

    Damond Nollan recently posted..Be More Proactive Using These Four TipsMy Profile

  3. June says:

    Simply talking to people about your niche is a big help too. Talk to people who know a lot and also people who know very little. Take note of the questions they ask and particular aspects they show the most interest in. It’s key to write for a broad spectrum of readers, and not just people who are on the same broad knowledge level as you.

  4. David says:

    Hi Kelly, Good thoughts on blogging topic ideas . Sometimes I think it is good to branch out to other topics even if you do happen to have a niche blog. It makes it more fun and I don’t think regular readers will mind too much.
    David recently posted..The THRIVE Movie – A Story About Personal TransformationMy Profile

  5. shahbaz Khan says:

    Hey Bro,,How to Check Backlinks to my Website??
    i created backlinks from your website tool but why it no appears in Alexa?
    shahbaz Khan recently posted..Oxford Picture Dictionary (OPD)My Profile

  6. jack says:

    If you make a list of keywords for your blog, you would better stay focused on the topic you are writing about. It will be easier than you blogging all things that come into your mind. If so post your topic will appears on the front page of Google.
    jack recently posted..How to Get Dramatic SURGES of Pinterest Followers and Re-pins (Part II)My Profile

  7. I would also suggest some case study topic for the blog it can help a lot to generate ideas for some next posts. We need to wright the topics that can be useful for our target auditory.
    Alex from webhosting recently posted..Blog CommentingMy Profile

  8. Paul from Cheap leaflet printing says:

    Hi Kelly,those are nice blogging tips there…thanx for your insight and great and easy-to-comprehend presentation! No wonder you are a blogger,you have all the tips ;-)
    Paul recently posted..How To Save Money In Your BusinessMy Profile

  9. I feelng focus is the key while writing.YOU need to have a clear vision of your target market with persistance and determination as your hands
    Andy recently posted..Make money doing forum posting | Post and comment : The FUN leading to MONEY.My Profile

  10. juwik says:

    I am agree, we have passion to our subject for writing, so it will make easier to write fast
    juwik recently posted..Parfum MobilMy Profile

  11. Go with fresh topics. You’ll most likely to drive more people to your blog if you write something that is recent and newsworthy. Instead of rehashing the articles you’ve written before or instead of talking the same topics over and over again.
    Internet Marketing recently posted..3 Ways We Help Customers Increase Their Rankings & TrafficMy Profile

  12. George from Working From Home says:

    Hey there this is a great post with some really good ideas to get started with blogging which i belive could potentially be a good way to make some part time income i found some of your tips useful as i found i got alot of good ideas while going around doing my business but never had anything i could record my ideas in.
    George recently posted..3 Work From Home OpportunitiesMy Profile

  13. Go with fresh topics. You’ll most likely to drive more people to your blog if you write something that is recent and newsworthy.

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