Top Features of a Highly Successful Promotional Video


stoya 300x191 Top Features of a Highly Successful Promotional VideoHaving the right topic, script, and casting are all essential elements to promotional video making, but they are not enough. You also need to consider the technical side of video making since it also has the ability to detract or enhance a customer’s overall viewing experience.

The most important features that have to do with behind-the-camera work for promotional videos have been listed below to help you get started.


HD Video Quality

Opt for a 1080p HD format as often as possible because this will ensure that your video would play beautifully even in the largest and most expensive displays or screens.


HD Audio Quality

Then again, don’t just concentrate on the image quality of your video. Pay attention as well to its audio quality and, yes, it’s best to make sure that your audio is of HD quality as often as possible, too.

Few people also realize that perfecting the sound of your video is often harder compared to what you need to do to improve a video’s image quality.

Always consider the background noise that naturally comes with any setting and do what you can to minimize it before, after, and while shooting your video. You also need to determine if it would be strategically better to use a voiceover in certain parts instead of letting cast members speak.

Lastly, be careful when adding background music. You need to make sure it’s not too soft or too loud – especially if it will play while there’s dialogue.


A Unique Factor

There must be something unique about your promotional video for it to become an unqualified success. However, don’t just add something new or different for the sake of it.

You need to make sure that a particular unique feature will indeed add value to your video and may even become its competitive advantage.


Altered to Appeal to Your Target Market

So you want to make a funny promotional video. That’s great, but what exactly is something “funny”? When answering, don’t think about your version of funny. Instead, focus on the kind of sense of humor that your target market has and work from there.

It’s what makes them respond effectively to your video that counts – always.


Add Variety through Camera Shots

Finally, it’s extremely boring when you stick with just one angle for the entire video. Play around with different camera shots and angles so that you can capture the most interesting sides to every scene.


Are You Ready to Make Your Own Promotional Video?

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pixel Top Features of a Highly Successful Promotional Video
 Top Features of a Highly Successful Promotional Video

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  1. Okto says:

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    Thanks for the post, I’ll keep note on important things to make promotional video. Eventhough for now I am not ready yet to make one, I am still develop the right product to promote. :)
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  2. richa from social media for business says:

    Hey Kirsty

    Thanks for this great list of features. Creating a promotional video is the combination of a lot of factors. Thanks for this informative share.

  3. Aayna from ubud villa says:

    Hey Kirsty,
    A well organized list of all the significant elements which contribute to a great video. Apart from providing a good quality of the audio and the video, it is imperative to add a certain uniqueness to the video in order to make it go viral. Thanks for this helpful insight.

  4. Fatima from portable buildings says:

    These are indeed great highlights of what should be included in a promotional video to have the desired results. This was indeed an interesting and helpful post; thanks for sharing Kristie.

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  6. Promotional videos are produced for pushing forward new products or ideas to the target markets. It is easily the fastest, most effective and most affordable way of promoting your business.

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