What Domian Extention Is Best .Com .Org or .Net?


What Domian Extention Is Best?

This is a question that is always asked but not always answered in the simplest way but it will!.  Below is a small list of some of the most popular domain that are used, there are more but I have just listed the most used.

1.       .Com = Company

2.       .Org = Organisation

3.       .Net = Network

4.       .Info = Information

5.       .Co.uk = Uk Country Domain

6.       Mobi = Mobile Site

7.       .Gov = Government  (non purchasable )

8.       .Edu = Education        (non purchasable )

As a rule of thumb the only domain worth using are .com, .org then .net in that order BUT this is not always the case as country domains get preferential treatment when it comes to local search.

If you live in the UK and you are looking for a local builder the search results will always show more website domains ending in .co.uk then any other domain extension i.e. .com .org etc.  Also you will notice that depending on where you are in the world you search result will be a little different.

This brings me to my next tip, if you only want to target people from the UK for example, it would be best to get a .co.uk than a .com but if you are targeting a worldwide market it would be more beneficial to purchase a .com, .org or maybe a .Net extension.


Domian Extention – Hyphens or not?

The only time you should use hyphens is if the domain name that you want is not available and you have exhausted all other rich keyword domain names that are relevant to your business.  The jury is still out on if hyphens effect the overall SEO power of your domain name from experience I find that it is best to avoid them all together unless you have know choose for example

If you have a shoe business selling hush puppy shoes from Amazon this is how I would choose my domain name

www.hushpuppyshoes.com, org, net

www.hushpuppyshoesonline.com, .org, .net


www.hush-puppy-shoes.com, .org, .net

Then any other combination that make sense like


www.hushpuppyshoesshop.com etc..

Suffix Or Prefix

A quick tip, always use suffix instead of prefix so www.hushpuppyshoesonline.com is better than www. onlinehushpuppyshoes.com.  Also as stated earlier do not bother buying .info or .us etc as these do not have not much authority as the other extensions named in this article.

Hopfuly this short article has given you a better understanding of domin extentions in all their glory

pixel What Domian Extention Is Best .Com .Org or .Net?
 What Domian Extention Is Best .Com .Org or .Net?

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    depends on what you want to achieve
    for regional requests better to use .de // .fr // .lu etc
    this is considered in Google ranking

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    Domian Extention – Hyphens or not? thanks for this question.
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